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11 Questions Asked By 2 Fellow Bloggers

Hey folks….

So I am going a little out of way… Well a lot out of way actually but hey these people tried to pull me down in a deep hole and there was no way out from it… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Alright, I know I am making no sense (oh don’t you dare you “you never do”)… Let me clear it up….

It went something like this : I got an award…. I nominated my favorite bloggers for that award…. In return for my good favor, they nominated me back….Exactly… I mean is there no good left in this world? You give someone an award and the next moment, they are throwing their sharp daggers at you :P…

I didn’t want to nominate those people again, so I am going the other way round.

Thank you Amira and Ahmed for nominating me back for the award… I still don’t know whether you guys took revenge or was it coz I deserved it… ( Deserved to be put in the same situation aha, I KNEW IT).

They both asked 11 questions as the custom of the award puts it. So here are my answers to them . Continue reading

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I have been Tagged And You Will Be Tagged Soooooon :P

You Have Been Tagged

Ooooooooooooooo *just as Dee Dee does it when she sees a red shiny button which says DO NOT PRESS*

I have been tagged, I have been tagged, I have been tagged.

Yup I sang that out loud in my mind and also did some dance moves with a smile. Yay.

So one of my favorite blogger on WordPress, Shira tagged me today with a very funny and enjoyable game. For all those people who want to read some brilliant humor on everyday life, The Way I Live Naturallyย is what you need to read. Her blogs will talk about simplest of things from a whole new level.

So whats this game? Continue reading

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Random Stuff/Questions I Am Usually Told/Asked By People

Random Questions Fairy

Today when I was asked another out-of-the-blue-strange question by people (strangers), Friends (none) and Foes (everyone), I decided I would do a blog about it. These are random stuffs that people keep telling me or ask me (IDK WHY).

Sometimes I answer them, Sometimes I insult them and sometimes I just ignore them depending upon who the person asking me is.

Here I go, Continue reading

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How Would It Feel To Be In A Grave

Dark Gothic Emo Night Image

How would it feel to be in a grave?ย 

I would be all alone…

There would just be empty walls around…

It will be utter Dark…

There will be complete Silence…

No one would hear my cry…

No one would come to my help…

No one would bother thinking about me…

No shoulder to rest me head on…

The floor below me would be hard as rock…

But!!!ย  Continue reading

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Freshly Baked Questions – Dare To Answer?

Grudged Question Mark - Dare To Answer Aisha

Here are my question….. Dare to answer ? ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

1. People who have the habit of biting nails when they are tensed; ย if their nails are already bitten and they are tensed, would they bite someone else’s nails and will they have the same pleasure?

2. If I was a guy with the same attitude, would my name be something that could be nicked as “ash”?

3. Question number 2 + Would I have a blog named “ASH SCRAP YARD” ?

4. If all of us instead of walking, crawled like a baby even when we grew up, would it cut the height of our house ceiling to half and would we have double the number of flats in a building?

5. Why do parents use silly names for objects when they talk to babies as if that is the only way they will understand?
Water = MamMam
Cat = Maoo
Hot = Happa
Ghost or anything scary = Bhowwa

6. Every second person I see on the street is using cell. Only 20% are actually making an important call or a message, the rest are just fidgeting with it as if they got it the first time in their hand. Does it annoy you as well or is it just me being so abnormal to this behavior?

7. Does network providers pay people (people who know me and have my number) to forward jokes, poetry etc to me even though I don’t like them?

8. Why do people get the urge of saying “Meowwww” when they see a cat?

9. Burping isn’t a crime. Then why do people feel ashamed of burping out loud?

10. Why are you even reading these questions which are making no sense at all :S ?


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