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Letter # 2 : Dear Little Bundle Of Joy

Dear Little Bundle Of Joy,

I have been complaining about my severe back pain specially in the sleepless nights as I toss and turn in bed to find a position that would pain less. I tie rolls of bandages on my legs because otherwise my legs hurt me to tears. I hate going to the hospitals with screaming pains only to find that now I have to do several tests and exams.

I suddenly came under depression. I thought I cannot go through all this. I thought I cannot do this. I thought I would crash soon.

But you know what???

Yesterday, for the first time, I felt your movement very clearly. I felt it once. Then again and then again. My pure little angel, those 3 distinct movement, I cannot express to you how wonderful they were. They were so distinct and so clear and I knew it was you.

Today I felt you move again.  Continue reading

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Journey Through A Pakistani Girl’s Wedding – “The Attention Tention”


cute couple

Hello Everyone…

In my previous blog “Journey Through A Pakistani Girl’s Wedding – The Rasam, I took you along with me to a Pakistani girl’s rasam i.e a pre-engagement event. So what next?

Before I tell you what happens next, Let’s introduce the stereotype of Pakistanis being married within the family.

Now you must have been meeting this guy and their family since your childhood as they are your relatives. You must have been practically been raised by his parents and don’t even start me on the fact that as kids, you both played hide and seek and HE ALWAYS PULLED YOUR PONYTAIL FROM BEHIND LIKE IT WAS HIS GODDAMN PURPOSE OF EXISTENCE ON THIS EARTH. 

You hated him for doing it.

You both stayed up late nights playing board games while your parents chit chatted in other room, you both had millions of fights and you little miss not-so-innocent always sneaked up for his candy……


You become his fiancée. His parents become your in-laws. And now, everything changes. All the matrixes of your life changes. Continue reading

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Sad Song – Where Love And Wounds Remain Forever Fresh

Sad Love - Woman With Heartbreak

This poem is in response to Sad Song by AhmadKhalifa


How do I let you know
How do I make you understand
This choice isn’t easy on me either
I am only taking my chance Continue reading

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I Am But Your Shadow…

Prince Meeting His Lady Love

Where are you my Romeo?
Where are you my Prince Charming?
I stand every night in my balcony
Waiting for you to come
Waiting to be rescued

Oh I wonder if I have to be
Oh I wonder if I should be
Beautiful on the outside
To make you see that I exist
To make you fall in love with me

Is my beautiful heart not enough?
Is my beautiful soul not enough?
I guess not as enough as should be
To deserve your unique love
To deserve your utmost care

Do you not see how much I love you?
Do you not see how much I want you?
Certainly you do not, else you would know
I belong where you are
I belong in your arms

– Aisha

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And when you touched me on my lips….

Girl Swinging In Garden - Fantasy

And when you touched me on my lips
After so many days of desperation
I felt like fireworks cracking around
I felt stars twinkling in my fantasy

From my lips to my mouth
Lingering smoothly on my tongue Continue reading

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