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The Sort Of Dreams I Have At Night

Girl Sleeping

Today, I am talking about my dreams because my future “Get Your Physical Treatment In Your Dream (Experimental Idea)” blog depends on it. In that blog, I will be laying an entire Mind Power Experiment based on a dream I had.

Here goes….

You see most people would see things they have already seen or have in their memory. Well, of course I am those people. What did you think, Em a psycho? 😛

Anyho. Apart from having these “normal” dreams, I once in a while get strange dreams. Dreams that show me a path, sometimes future, answer my questions and sometimes they give me ideas.



I recently started my shopping for my wedding (lalalala, there I said it MY wedding) and as our tradition goes, the bride gets to buy whatever the hell she wants to buy. As a fashion freak, I always design my own dresses, and for my very own wedding, I am going head over heels. So 15 days back I got a dress dream. I saw this very gorgeous dress that I have never ever seen before. A blue floral print dress with 3 blue ribbons on both sides.

When I woke up, I knew that’s the dresses I want to make. Continue reading

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When Memories Strike You (Contest Poem – On Demand)

Tortured Hand Breaking Out

I was asked by my Contest Contestants (sorry dolphin memory, can’t remember the names) to write a poem on any of the picture from the my own contest “Picture Worth Your Words Contest“. So I thought I should better do it before I start with another contest.

Please know that its been months since I have given up writing poems (just a phase where I can’t seem to write any good poem) so this is going to be very raw and comparing to the entries I got, lol this doesn’t take a stand. Lawl.  Continue reading

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Are You Really “Awake” When You Are Awake?

Girl Dancing In The Dark

Are you really “Awake” when you are awake?

Before I begin showering my expert ( sarcastically said) opinions on this question, I would like to take you through a few moments of your life and I want you to think upon it.

Instance # 1 .

When you get up in the morning and head to the bathroom, you reach for your tooth-brush, pick the toothpaste, apply the toothpaste over the brush, and start brushing our teeth. Now think back for a moment and honestly tell me, Do you instruct your mind to take actions or does your body automatically performs those actions?

Most of the times, we are thinking about the million other things while our body is automatically taking actions. If someone asked you what color brush you have, you would take a minute to think about it even though you use it everyday.

Instance # 2.

While driving to your office/college/workplace, do you think about which road you have to take a right on and which road you will be taking the left on? Or do you find yourself thinking about everything else while your body is automatically working?

Let me proof this point. Suppose you are going somewhere which is halfway the same route as your office/college/workplace. Do you have those moments where you reach accidentally reach your office/college/workplace instead of the place you wanted to go and then upon reach the place you realize that you had to take the RIGHT TURN from the bridge.

SO WHAT IS YOUR POINT AISHA?  Continue reading

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The Power Of Meditation Can Sometimes Scare The Hell Outta You

Girl Lying Flat On The Grass

Few days back I wrote about The Strange Vision In Darkness While Meditating, It had totally freaked me out.

Since then I have been meditating. Sometimes all I see is darkness, sometimes stable light, sometimes the darkness and light dance in slow motion in Swirls like a Yin Yang and sometimes this dance will be in the speed of thunder. Sometimes I see sparkles of light coming from infinity which is very wonderful to watch.

For those of you who are wondering what has happened to my Lucid Dreaming, It is kinda on hold now. Its like at first I was only trying to see an object in the picture but now I am trying to see the entire picture. Once I know how to see the entire picture, then looking at the smaller objects would be easy as eating a cake.

Anyway, chopping down my blah blah blah.

2 days back, Before going to sleep, I put myself in Alpha mode and started visualizing. As always, while I meditate, I have realized that I can have a clear understanding of whats around me. Continue reading

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Oh I Burnt My Hand…Oops Burnt It Again… Urggg Burnt It AGAIN

Silly Girl Pulling Her Ponytail

So I opened the hot water tap and a little of cold water tap yesternight (it takes a little while for cold water to run out and hot water to join in), While I waited I was engrossed with different random thoughts in my mind.  I hadn’t written down the details of 2 previous night’s dream in my Lucid Dream Journal. Also I definitely need to change my routine. I have got to get up early every morning. Need to practice more on lucid dreaming.

And while I was engrossed in my thoughts, I forgot that the Tap was more of the hot water and…….. Well you know what happened next.

So my hand became all red and I was like DARN IT. Need to put cold water on my hand.

Closed one of the tap.

Put my hand in the water again.

aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh Continue reading

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