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We Are Puppets In The Hands Of Puppets

Human Puppets

Have you ever wondered?
We are merely just puppets
Standing on a huge stage
In front of an audience

But the biggest question is
Who is holding our strings

Yes of course, God
But do you know our strings
Are in the hands of everyone else
Except for our own hands Continue reading

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The Power Of Meditation Can Sometimes Scare The Hell Outta You

Girl Lying Flat On The Grass

Few days back I wrote about The Strange Vision In Darkness While Meditating, It had totally freaked me out.

Since then I have been meditating. Sometimes all I see is darkness, sometimes stable light, sometimes the darkness and light dance in slow motion in Swirls like a Yin Yang and sometimes this dance will be in the speed of thunder. Sometimes I see sparkles of light coming from infinity which is very wonderful to watch.

For those of you who are wondering what has happened to my Lucid Dreaming, It is kinda on hold now. Its like at first I was only trying to see an object in the picture but now I am trying to see the entire picture. Once I know how to see the entire picture, then looking at the smaller objects would be easy as eating a cake.

Anyway, chopping down my blah blah blah.

2 days back, Before going to sleep, I put myself in Alpha mode and started visualizing. As always, while I meditate, I have realized that I can have a clear understanding of whats around me. Continue reading

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Each Time You Give Another Chance…

Bleeding Wrist Of A Girl

“You should give it another chance you know.”

How many times do you hear this statement in your life when you resolve to close yourself on doing what you always do. Like closing doors on your friends, Locking yourself from the world, Declaring not to make up with the guy who shattered you, Stopping yourself to care about others because no one actually gives the same back to you and more blah blah blah.

Well basically what I am trying to say is, in life, you face situations where you give something or someone a chance and it or they totally blows it off. So then you make a resolution to yourself that you wont give it/them another chance.

That’s it.

You are done.

But people… GOSH!!! They just don’t understand anything, EVER.

They keep telling you that you should give it another chance. urgghhhh.

Sometimes, you yourself find loosing the grip of resolution, Because you feel that may be you are being too hard. Not hard on others. But being too hard on yourself. Punishing yourself for the faults of others so there you go.

You break free your resolution and give it another chance.

Only to find, Continue reading

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Waking Up With A Heavy Head…

Girl Full Of Thoughts In Her Mind

Reading books over books and filling my brain with new stuff to process. Remembering to remember the reality checks and practicing it all day. Looking at my area around with new awareness.

The things that I used to see before with ignorance, I now look at them with full awareness, like the smell of my moisturizing cream, the feel of the water on my skin, the mountain sight from my balcony, the sound of the cars going by and the taste of the mustard sauce.

errrr mustard sauce?

Well, I read that Mustard sauce helps facilitate the Lucid Dreams and to my luck I had that Failed Lucid Dream exactly the night I had Mustard sauce. So now I make sure to have it before I sleep. (Don’t worry I love mustard sauce although I have found to be allergic to it. haha)

Okay then there are more google searches and more articles to read and I realize oh it’s already 4AM. I better go off to sleep (Lucid Dream).

So I go to my bed and keep my mind awake while trying to put myself to sleep. Keep telling my mind about Lucid Dreaming and keep telling it to stay awake and keep telling it to WORK because there is no sleep for you HAHA.

That’s basically the entire weeks routine and I realize my brain has been working and processing all the extra burden Continue reading

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My First Deliberate Attempt On Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming - Girl In Sleep

Lucid Dreams….

I have had Lucid Dreams before (once or twice) but I never really knew that there was a term for it. Just knew that there was a dream and in my dream I knew that I was dreaming. lol

Yesterday I read up “Lucid Dreams – Gateway To The Inner Self” by Robert Waggoner and boy oh boy did I enjoy that. Hell yeah. There were so many things happening around and I don’t even know that. Now how bad is that.

Oh for those who don’t know, Lucid Dreams are the dreams in which you are aware that it is a dream. You are conscious and hence you are awake in the dream and can control yourself in the dream.

LOL. Sir Waggoner is gonna look at that above statement and scream ” I spent days and nights writing a book about Lucid Dreams and she tries explaining in 2 sentences.” LOL haha. Sorry sir. I am in a rush. lol.

After having read that book and knowing that I have had one or two lucid dreams before (short period of course) and also knowing that you could deliberately have them,  I decided to attempt to have a Lucid Dream. Continue reading

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