I Am…

I Am

I am a pebble on a land of stones
I am a mountain over the valley
I am a shell in the ocean
I am the endless sea

I am a beautiful smile
I am a tear of sorrow
I am a strong bargain
I am decision too hollow Continue reading

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Sometimes, I Just Want To Be Meeeeeeee


Sometimes I wake up in the morning,
Well better call it afternoon.
And feel like I want to do nothing at all
Nothing that really soon.

I don’t want to brush my teeth
I don’t want to bath today
I don’t want to do anything
That’s how I want to spend the day Continue reading

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Girl Trapped In Pain & Torture

I am tired…

Tired of pleasing
Tired of  breathing
Tired of grieving
Tired of pleading

I am tired

Tired of being tested
Tired of being suspected
Tired of being insulted
Tired of being expected Continue reading

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A Truth… That Has The Power To Destroy Everything You Ever Had

Freedom Butterfly

If there was a truth that could possibly put an end to everything you ever had or have, if it was so destructive that it could break your relation, if it was so dangerous that it could destroy your love, What will you do?

Will you hold on to a truth inside you or will you let go of the lie to the one you love?

A truth…
A sweet, tender truth
That promises smiles
That makes relationship stronger
That multiplies trust

But a truth…
From the past
Can change everything
Can destroy everything
Can crash everything
That you ever had Continue reading

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Writer’s Block Is Writers Blocked Behind The Walls Of Words

Writer's Block - Text Cube

In the life of a writer, there are moments when you words are just overflowing. You pick your pen and 2 minutes later, you have an amazing poem. Then there are those times when even writing an essay on “My Favorite Color” seems like a rocket science.

This poem is a classic example.  I mean if you read it, it’s very simple but you have no idea how many times I wrote, cleared, wrote, edited, cleared, wrote this poem. 

Writer’s block sux 😦 Continue reading

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