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I Need An Inspiration To Write, To Work & TO LIVE

Hey people…

It’s been 2 months and 2 days (yes, I counted) since I published a blog on scrapyard. Does that mean I stopped writing? How about I tell you I have about 40 drafts, some with only titles, some with only images and some with a few paragraphs. Does that explain anything?

It certainly doesn’t make any sense to me, at all.

Why would I have 40 incomplete and unfinished blogs? Why would I start something and not finish it? Why would I even begin writing a new blog when previous is lying half dead.

And you know what, I am uncertain if this current blog is going to find its way to the “Publish” button or will it end up with “save draft.”  Continue reading

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What Happens When You Have To Give A Huge Presentation

So you have a huge project on your shoulder for which you must do an outstanding presentation and the boss is having high hopes from you. Screw your boss, you are having high hopes from yourself.

You spend one week staying awake at night, surviving on energy drinks and extra strong coffee. You work your ass off on the presentation.

The big day finally arrives.

How you enter the meeting room :

Nerds Turn Into Super Hero

Continue reading

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How I Spent My Birthday…

Yesterday did not just mark another year in my life but yesterday also marked an entire one month in Pain, Pain & Constant Pain and being on bed or just lying around in the house like a vegetable.

I got 5 tooth extracted on the 26th of December and since then Extractions Hurt… Braces Hurt… EVERYTHING HURTS… For one month I have been awake all night and sleeping all day and acting weird and loosing weight.

Lets go back to 12 A.M yesterday, an exact 26th of January when the phone rang. okay I think you should go back 10 minutes earlier to 12 A.M because thats when the phone had rung. This call was important and no matter how much my braces bruised and rubbed against the sores and cuts in my mouth, this call was worth all the pain.

Why 10 minutes earlier?  Continue reading

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Ooo Let Me Do This… Oh Man How Will I Do This… OMG I Did It…

Confused Nerd Emoticon

Sometimes I put myself in so much rush into things I have never done before or have no idea about and then later I feel like slapping my own face and saying, “WHAT WERE YOU EVEN THINKING AISHA?”

It goes something like this for me :

*** an idea pops***
***I rush to turn the idea into reality***
***regret having got involved coz I have no idea***
*** do well with the idea***
***be happy that I did it***


I will admit I am not much of a deep thinker at all. When I think about something, I do it whether I have experience about it or I have no clue about it. It’s like swimming. You don’t know how to swim but you jump in the pool. Eventually you struggle to come to the surface as you swish swash your arms in water but when you keep doing it, you learn how to swim.

That’s how I do it in my life. Continue reading

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That’s How Trained Robots We Are At Multitasking

Sometime’s while working, I happen to have quick moments of giggle and appreciation at myself. Why? you’ll know soon 🙂

If I asked you to do an accounts audit with one hand while making dumplings from the other hand, you would say I am crazy and that it is impossible. Perhaps a robot would be able to do that if he was programmed that way?

Let me tell you, It is possible for you too because you are a robot yourself and a very trained one too. You may ask why em I passing such vague theories. May be it’s the work load, a head injury or may be its my medicine (that I forgot to take today?).

But here is what makes me say all this and I know many of you will relate to it. Continue reading

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