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I Need An Inspiration To Write, To Work & TO LIVE

Hey people…

It’s been 2 months and 2 days (yes, I counted) since I published a blog on scrapyard. Does that mean I stopped writing? How about I tell you I have about 40 drafts, some with only titles, some with only images and some with a few paragraphs. Does that explain anything?

It certainly doesn’t make any sense to me, at all.

Why would I have 40 incomplete and unfinished blogs? Why would I start something and not finish it? Why would I even begin writing a new blog when previous is lying half dead.

And you know what, I am uncertain if this current blog is going to find its way to the “Publish” button or will it end up with “save draft.”  Continue reading

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Contest # 3 : Forbidden – RESULTS !!!

Hello awesome writers and contestants of Picture Worth Your Words Contest # 3 : FORBIDDEN

Please accept my apology for being so late in declaring the result. No really please accept it because this is the most humble I am ever going to be, after that, ema just gonna say “SO WHAT….I  WAS BUSY…. MAY BE I WAS LAZY… SOOO WHAT!!!”.


So when I say accept my apology, appreciate the sweet humble girl inside me and just accept it 😛

Anyway, the reason I got delayed with announcing the results was because I wanted to go through every entry and give out my detailed opinion about each entry along with the results.

I just got 3 entries this time. But these 3 entries were worth this contest put up for. Each was so unique and amazing.

Here are the final results of Picture Worth Your Words Contest # 3 : FORBIDDEN

Continue reading

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Writer’s Block Is Writers Blocked Behind The Walls Of Words

Writer's Block - Text Cube

In the life of a writer, there are moments when you words are just overflowing. You pick your pen and 2 minutes later, you have an amazing poem. Then there are those times when even writing an essay on “My Favorite Color” seems like a rocket science.

This poem is a classic example.  I mean if you read it, it’s very simple but you have no idea how many times I wrote, cleared, wrote, edited, cleared, wrote this poem. 

Writer’s block sux 😦 Continue reading

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Brainjam Words – Words I Always *Mispell*… (I Am Sorry Maa :()

Words I Always Mispell

I may not be a good artist, but I sure as hell got the worst handwriting ever 🙂

I don’t know what’s with me but I seem to spell a few words wrong. It’s not a few times or random typo error, it’s always, no matter what. And it’s not like I haven’t tried to, you know, learn them. So many times have I stopped myself while writing those words and taken the time to learn how it is spelled correctly.

Believe it or not but I have even sometimes spend a few minutes trying to rewrite those words with different combination of alphabets but nooooooooooooooooooo, that stupid stupid stupid red zigzag underline will never go away.

It’s like cracking up a safe code or something when it comes to these words, sometimes.

Anyway, so when I give up, I move my hands away from the keyboard to the mouse pad, click on the word, let the suggestions ( I just did what I am talking about right here while writing this word haha) pop up and then click on the correct word. Continue reading

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We Are Puppets In The Hands Of Puppets

Human Puppets

Have you ever wondered?
We are merely just puppets
Standing on a huge stage
In front of an audience

But the biggest question is
Who is holding our strings

Yes of course, God
But do you know our strings
Are in the hands of everyone else
Except for our own hands Continue reading

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