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My Top 5 Most Viewed Blogs Of All Time

I Did It For Love

Yeah baby you are the star…

WordPress site stats made my day today because I decided to check which of my blogs got the highest views and what the highest view was. I am happy with what I saw and so I decided to share my Top 5 blogs.

I know my views must be way less than most of you must have got upon your top blogs but heyyyyyyy!!!!! to a baby a candy is enough to make her happy πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I was hoping you guys could do something like that as well so everyone could know which is your Top 5 blog. Here are mine : Continue reading

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Sunshine Award… A Sunnilicious Award

Sunshine Blog AwardWhat’s with all these award? No seriously. No matter how many I get and how many times I get, they never EVER fail to make me as happy as a child having an ice lolly in his hand.

Here I am jumping once again, Thanks to Art EpiphanyΒ who has given me a sunny little Sunshine Blog Award.

Go check out the blog page for all the nitty witty fun in words that will give you ample of good reading stuff. Make sure you follow, subscribe and like. That way you wont miss any updates and all the good stuff waiting for your eyes to read and mind to understand πŸ™‚Β  Continue reading

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Aisha’s PicYard Is Up And Ready :)

Well, I had made AshPicYard long back but I guess I gave more attention to AshScrapYard. So today I set up all the menus, texts and theme for it. Frankly, I love AshPicYard’s theme more now :(. Its fresh and its very colorful.

Some of you may have noticed that I have been changing AshScrapYard’s theme a lot lately. I don’t know if this is just me but I just seem to love this “Grunge” theme of WordPress so much that no matter how many other themes I try, I end up having this one.

But really I am so bored of this theme. Its getting on my nerves because it feels lifeless. I want to change it. And I do change it. But the new theme hardly stays a few hours or a day (if its lucky enough) then I am back to grunge. *sad*

Anyway, So AshPicYard‘s theme is very apt. It’s fresh, has colors and has life.Β  Continue reading

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The Call Of Duty? Nah. It’s “The Call Of Daddy”

Father And Daughter Relationship

One morning I was woken up way earlier with the happy screaming of my mom.

My dad gave us a surprise visit this week. Although he has come for a week only, The happiness to find him unexpectedly outside the door one morning was very delightful. The surprise visit was more of a shock πŸ˜€ .

Damn I wish he had told us before hand so we could prepare ourselves.

Prepare for what?

Well, my Dad is like that Major General of The Army. He works by the clock and expects everything to be in perfect order. If there is a broken tap in the kitchen, it is a MAJOR CRISIS. A terrorist attack. A trap to destroy the entire world. A huge propaganda against humanity and unless we fix it, WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE. Continue reading

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I have been Tagged And You Will Be Tagged Soooooon :P

You Have Been Tagged

Ooooooooooooooo *just as Dee Dee does it when she sees a red shiny button which says DO NOT PRESS*

I have been tagged, I have been tagged, I have been tagged.

Yup I sang that out loud in my mind and also did some dance moves with a smile. Yay.

So one of my favorite blogger on WordPress, Shira tagged me today with a very funny and enjoyable game. For all those people who want to read some brilliant humor on everyday life, The Way I Live NaturallyΒ is what you need to read. Her blogs will talk about simplest of things from a whole new level.

So whats this game? Continue reading

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