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I Use Mind Power For Cooking, Parenting…Heck Even In Subway Surfers

Hello guys…

Here is your long awaited blog on mind power. I hope you enjoy it ūüôā

So ever since I started writing about mind power and how it can change you, almost everyday I get comments and emails asking me if they can use it to change their hair or eyes or nose or color or personality or creativity or any other aspect of life.

I have been replying everyone with YES YES YES YES AND A BIG HEARTY YES…

Mind power works with everything and on everything, provided you use it correctly and with believe that it will happen. Yeah I keep emphasizing on ‘believe’ because 100% of mind power works on believe. What you believe is what comes back to you.

That being said, Today I would like to share the areas where I use mind power and a little of how I use it. Continue reading

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The Physics Behind Mind Power, Scientific Explanation.

Hola Peeps,

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything on Mind Power but there was one topic that had been on my mind ever since. I received an email ¬†sometime back and after I replied to her, I decided I would do a full fledged blog on it so that this question will clear up to everyone else as well.

Leena Khan,

im fascinated by how something as simple as thinking about “i have light brown hair” or “i want hair the way i imagine it” can do something so beyond our imagination; whats the physics behind this or biology? I dont understand this “All frequency and our thoughts affect reality.” how?

The physics/biology behind this is simple. Or I like to keep things simple, may be. Continue reading

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How, When & What To Use As Subliminal In Mind Power.


Hello my wonderful readers.

Here’s hoping and believing that you all are as wonderful as you all are in my mind (seriously in my mind, you ¬†are really cool and awesome).

I get a lot of queries from people who are too stressed/depressed/tensed in life that it makes practically impossible to relax. Most queries ask for information on Subliminal so I thought it’s time to guide you through this topic as well.

I don’t usually recommend the use of subliminal as many of my faithful readers know but here everything you need to know about it.

You can use subliminal to give a kick-start to your mind power.

One of the most common complain I get is feeling locked up in a negative bubble so much so that any positivity coming towards you either bounces away or turns negative. Your negative bubble can be anything. It can be a bad job, bad grades, bad health, joblessness, failure in love, under appreciation or loneliness. It can be a mix of all.

Now, being relaxed and being free are two major components of positive living. If you are not relaxed and you do not feel free then you will never feel happy and positive. Which also means you are never going to reach the alpha stage.

You try meditating, but since you are so locked up in your negative bubble you cannot relax. This becomes a very difficult situation because you are unable to relax even in your meditation.

This is where you can use subliminal audio and videos to at least get the ball rolling. Continue reading

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The Perfect Trick To Making 100% Effective “AFFIRMATIONS”

maxresdefault (2)

Hello everyone.

I have been telling many of my readers in the comments or emails to make affirmations or chants or mantras, whatever you wish to call them. So I decided I should probably do a detailed blog on it with the correct trick that is 100% sure to work. Before I begin,

Affirmations…What exactly are these?

Linguistically speaking it means the process of reassuring or confirming something. Declaring something. In the same sense, affirmations in mind powers is a practice of having a positive lifestyle, thinking and attitude by using daily positive sentences. 

Positive forceful sentences that you can repeat everyday to maintain a positive look on your life and thoughts.

The method and way of affirmation I will be talking about today is my own personal way of making affirmation that has helped me a lot specially because I am not good with visualizing. So I use affirmations quite a lot.

There is 1 step to making an affirmation which is to say your desired result in a statement, like “I have green eyes” or “I have brown hair” but, to make 100% effective affirmation, you need to make a good affirmation, use it correctly and apply it in 2 ways. ¬†

First, let’s make an affirmation.

How to make affirmations for something specific?

Suppose, you want to change your hair color to brown, have grey eyes and be beautiful. Write your affirmation down on a paper. Be open and use good words instead of just the basics.

Example :  Continue reading

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Mind Power To Heal Others & Yourself

mind heals body - chakra pyramid universe - meditation

Hi scrapyarders and my mind power blog readers.

I have been wanting to this topic for a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy long time. (See what I did there. Did you see. I used multiple “y” to show I meant a really long time. I am such a genius, isn’t it. *sarcasm intended for self*)

Okay, now that I had my bullshit talk (Why does there always have to be a stupid bullshit paragraph in each of my blog. Gotta learn how to do less of that..Or may I do not have to..who knows).

Okay Okay. So on with the blog.

Healing yourself and others with mind power.

To start things off, I have spoken about how you can change your life and physical attributes with Mind Power. I have also spoken about how you can attain contentment and a good life (job, happiness, beauty, money), basically everything, with mind power.

What I did not emphasise in all my blogs was how you can use your mind power for healing purposes. I feel bad now because this is something I should have mentioned in all my mind power blog, but better late than never. Here I am today, ready to devote all my time to talk about healing with mind power. 

Do you remember when you were a child and you got hurt, your mom/dad would kiss the paining area to make you feel better? Somehow that make you feel better? Continue reading

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