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11 Questions Asked By 2 Fellow Bloggers

Hey folks….

So I am going a little out of way… Well a lot out of way actually but hey these people tried to pull me down in a deep hole and there was no way out from it… 😦

Alright, I know I am making no sense (oh don’t you dare you “you never do”)… Let me clear it up….

It went something like this : I got an award…. I nominated my favorite bloggers for that award…. In return for my good favor, they nominated me back….Exactly… I mean is there no good left in this world? You give someone an award and the next moment, they are throwing their sharp daggers at you :P…

I didn’t want to nominate those people again, so I am going the other way round.

Thank you Amira and Ahmed for nominating me back for the award… I still don’t know whether you guys took revenge or was it coz I deserved it… ( Deserved to be put in the same situation aha, I KNEW IT).

They both asked 11 questions as the custom of the award puts it. So here are my answers to them . Continue reading

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This Is No Tweeting

I was just tweeting on Twitter ( I think tweeting itself complies to Twitter service?) one of my blog, Hip Hop Loses A Gem – Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch Passes Away when a thought occurred to me.

This thought hit my like a wave of water full of iron nails and every nail that hit me, shattered my very existence.

The world (90% that I know of) is a maniac over Twitter (no?) and how could I not know anything about Twitter :S :S :S (not that I ever cared to know). But seriously, this is such a point of disgrace and shame to me that I do not even know what twitter really is

(Damn it Aisha… You’re going to hell, I tell ya).

I was watching this movie called “What’s Your Number” and there was the character of a Father and his girlfriend obsessed with twitter that even when he was having dinner with his daughters he was like tweeting (I guess that is what you call it?). And then he says, “Oh i must post that to twitter” and then he is like being up to date or something through twitter.

:S :S :S Continue reading

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I Sure Do Love Getting Awards… Em A Awardoholic :)

YipppppyyyyyyyyyyInspiring Blogger Award

*Dances like a maniac* 
(Probably like the jungle tribe people would…. OR WORSE)

*Annoyed with the small hair strands from bangs that keep coming on her face*
*Too lazy to get up and pin them up*


So Art Epiphany gave me a chance to have the red indian dance once again by awarding me with “Very Inspiring Blogger Award.” Thank you so much for giving me a reason to dance. And more than that, thank you for a wonderful award that is going to get displayed in my collection of awards 🙂 🙂 🙂  Continue reading

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The Ultimate Blog Yard For All Bloggers… How Far Will You Go :)

I have come up with a Blog Page based on group blogging.

Basically, we can have bloggers from around the world who are willing to be a part of this blog page.

I am in quite a hurry right now ( just rushing through words) because I have so much work to do. There are articles that are pending. Got to judge the contest too. Haven’t been able to post a valid blog on AshScrapYard. Need to assist an aunt with shopping. have to get my eye sight checked. Lol

Not to forget, my “Mind Power” blog that I had initiated….Well, its been so many days since I posted Part 2 and I haven’t got the time to post further on that matter 😦 . It is killing me inside. Anyway, (here I go again with talking)…

The Ultimate Blog Yard, is a place where we can have a group of bloggers on wordpress who want to be a part of it. The blog page will have blogs from different bloggers hence we would be able to give people the ultimate blog reading experience as they will find a lot of blogs on different matter. Continue reading

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Contest “Tide Of Time” Has Been Extended…

So my second contest “Picture Worth your Words Contest 2 : Tide Of Time” has been extended till the 10th Of March.

At first when I got just one entry when the deadline came, I decided something.

One one moonless night, when the wolves are crying (whatever that they do), the winds are rustling and the entire place is dead asleep, I would get up from my cozy bed, look left and right to make sure no one was around and then…..


I would close the contest and no one would ever know.


But then 2 bloggers suggested that I extend the date so I said to myself, Oh shax, well I guess my evil plan won’t be needed anymore :P.

So people, Picture Worth Your Words Contest 2 : Tide Of Time is still on and really on this time. Hop in, participate and send the link to as many bloggers you know. Reblog the contest page, so that your followers would know.

Don’t disappoint me baby or else, My shovel is ready and the next moonless night, It could be YOU 😛

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