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I Joined Twitter For My Kids… Yes, I Actually Really Did

Angry Twitter Bird - Cursing

Few days back I joined twitter.

Now if you all have been through my blogs, I wrote a blog by the nameSHAME ON YOU AISHA… I AM DISAPPOINTED IN YOU TODAY!!! where I wrote the shameful truth about me not knowing anything about twitter.

Then I wrote a blog My Dear Grand Children (Feb 05, 2075) which I wrote picturing myself in the year 2075 (if I live that long) and how the world would have been.

After having wrote this blog, A little thought occurred to me. We as youngsters do laugh at our parents because they do not know how to use touch screen phones, they don’t even know what FB or Twitter is and they can hardly understand the socializing sites because it’s too complicated for them.

**well I am sure some of your parents must be pro in this, but most parents really are not.**

Soooooo, I just thought, that is going to be us in a few years time. When we have kids and we get busy in raising them while they are out in the world of technology that is advancing with every second, WE WOULD BE THE OUTDATED PARENTS. Continue reading

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It’s Been 4 Months…Where The Hell Have I Been???

Girl In Middle Of The Desert Alone

Haha funny question. Well not that funny I guess.

First, omygosh did you totally forget who I was. Here is a reminder. Do you remember that silly, stupid, goofy, paranormal n crazy girl who talks about ghosts all the time because she has seen them?

Oh no no no that’s not me…Now why in the world would you think like that. I am that innocent, smart and absolutely and totally normal girl you have ever come across in the whole wide world *nose increases 10 yards long*


So I had been out of country visiting the rest of my family and boy what an awesome time I had. Mostly because of my 1.5 year old nephew who has just learnt to walk and calls me Sittta instead of Aisha. He is like the most adorable kid (to everyone their own kid…I know I know..)  Continue reading

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Women Are All SuperWomen Inside… Dare To Switch Roles?


You get up in the morning to find that she is already awake. She gets up an hour earlier to make breakfast and lunch boxes. Soon as you get dressed and reach the breakfast table, she serves you with hot coffee (if you like hot, otherwise she will make sure its warm enough for you) and the breakfast of your choice.

While you are sitting on the chair, reading a newspaper and having breakfast, she is still running up and down the house getting you your wallet, belt, briefcase, tie etc.

When you get up and start walking towards the door, she has her eyes locked upon you, waiting for you to turn back, and say “I love you honey” to brighten up her day.

And you do turn back, only to say, “Honey, can you get me my blue file. I forgot it on the dressing table.”

She runs to the bedroom and brings you back your file and then you leave without a simple “Thank You.” Continue reading

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The Man In His 50’s…

Father Son Bonding

With all due respect, I don’t know if I should be writing this at all but if I didn’t write it, it was definitely going to kill me. So to whom this concerns and related, my apologies before hand.

A while ago, I saw this man in his 50’s. He was someones Husband, someones Father, someones Brother and someones Son. To me he was a complete stranger just as the rest of the people in this world are.

Yet there was something about this man in his 50’s. Continue reading

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Freshly Baked Questions – Dare To Answer?

Grudged Question Mark - Dare To Answer Aisha

Here are my question….. Dare to answer ? 😛 😛 😛

1. People who have the habit of biting nails when they are tensed;  if their nails are already bitten and they are tensed, would they bite someone else’s nails and will they have the same pleasure?

2. If I was a guy with the same attitude, would my name be something that could be nicked as “ash”?

3. Question number 2 + Would I have a blog named “ASH SCRAP YARD” ?

4. If all of us instead of walking, crawled like a baby even when we grew up, would it cut the height of our house ceiling to half and would we have double the number of flats in a building?

5. Why do parents use silly names for objects when they talk to babies as if that is the only way they will understand?
Water = MamMam
Cat = Maoo
Hot = Happa
Ghost or anything scary = Bhowwa

6. Every second person I see on the street is using cell. Only 20% are actually making an important call or a message, the rest are just fidgeting with it as if they got it the first time in their hand. Does it annoy you as well or is it just me being so abnormal to this behavior?

7. Does network providers pay people (people who know me and have my number) to forward jokes, poetry etc to me even though I don’t like them?

8. Why do people get the urge of saying “Meowwww” when they see a cat?

9. Burping isn’t a crime. Then why do people feel ashamed of burping out loud?

10. Why are you even reading these questions which are making no sense at all :S ?


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