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Superlatives Of Life

Superlatives Of Life - Pencil Sketch

1. Its bad when you have to fly in economy class, worse when you get the middle seat and worst if both the seats next to you belong to fat man.

2. Its terrible when you wait an hour for the sleep to come, more terrible when you want to pee exactly when you got sleepy and most terrible when you have to leave your bed and walk to the bathroom knowing that the sleep is gone again. Continue reading

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I Have Fallen In Love A Million Times… I Am Still Falling

Fallen In Love Couple Kissing

They say you fall in love once
That’s what they keep telling you
But let me tell you something folks
None of this is really true

I, for once, have been in love
Not once, not twice, not thrice
Oh I have lost count of it already
Let’s say I have fallen in love a million times Continue reading

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The Door To My Heart

Haunted House

The door to my heart
Shut, Closed, Sealed
With million little locks
And a metal shield

I have put on the road
Thorns, pricks and grenades
With fire all around
In case someone invades

Sign boards that make
Very clear understanding
“Visitors will be shot”
Absolutely “No trespassing” Continue reading

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Where Thou Remember Me Not, I Forget You Not…

Roman Woman Reading Love Letter

O Romeo, Romeo,

Wherefore Art Thou Romeo
If I Shall Not Be With Thou, Then Where Shall I Go?
How Strange And Helpless Has This Time Got
Where Thou Remember Me Not, I Forget You Not

How shall I forget our first spring ball dance
Where thou held me locked by very glance
Oh those music that flee through my ears
Thou pulled my soul past my own fears  Continue reading

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How To Actually Get Everything That You Want – Part 1 ( Open Your Mind Right Now)

Open Your Mind

How To Actually Get Everything That You Want – Intro ( This Can Change Your Life)

In the Introduction, I have spoken to you about how our mind is divided into two parts and how things work for us. So basically the working of our mind and how our own mind works to give us what we want is explained in the introduction.

If you haven’t read it, please do read it because I will be constantly using terms assuming you know it from the previous blog.

Okay so lets begin.

As I said earlier, that our subconscious mind gives us whatever we think/want. This may raise three questions/ thoughts:

1. If we get everything that we think, Wouldn’t people do bad stuff to others just by thinking?
2. If we get everything that we think, Why do we get pain, sickness, problems, sadness etc. No one would think about getting them.
3. If we get everything that we think, Why am I NOT getting what I am always thinking about or what I desperately want?

In today’s blog I am going to talk about the first 2 questions. I will open your mind to the silly common mistake we all make in thinking and how you actually are getting exactly what you are asking for UNCONSCIOUSLY.

The third question will be a separate dedicated blog, so that I can tell you clearly how you should think to get what you want.  Continue reading

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