Freshly Baked Questions – Dare To Answer?

Grudged Question Mark - Dare To Answer Aisha

Here are my question….. Dare to answer ? 😛 😛 😛

1. People who have the habit of biting nails when they are tensed;  if their nails are already bitten and they are tensed, would they bite someone else’s nails and will they have the same pleasure?

2. If I was a guy with the same attitude, would my name be something that could be nicked as “ash”?

3. Question number 2 + Would I have a blog named “ASH SCRAP YARD” ?

4. If all of us instead of walking, crawled like a baby even when we grew up, would it cut the height of our house ceiling to half and would we have double the number of flats in a building?

5. Why do parents use silly names for objects when they talk to babies as if that is the only way they will understand?
Water = MamMam
Cat = Maoo
Hot = Happa
Ghost or anything scary = Bhowwa

6. Every second person I see on the street is using cell. Only 20% are actually making an important call or a message, the rest are just fidgeting with it as if they got it the first time in their hand. Does it annoy you as well or is it just me being so abnormal to this behavior?

7. Does network providers pay people (people who know me and have my number) to forward jokes, poetry etc to me even though I don’t like them?

8. Why do people get the urge of saying “Meowwww” when they see a cat?

9. Burping isn’t a crime. Then why do people feel ashamed of burping out loud?

10. Why are you even reading these questions which are making no sense at all :S ?


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2 thoughts on “Freshly Baked Questions – Dare To Answer?

  1. Moiz Sheikh

    1. i dont bite my nails when m tensed. its just a habit …yeah yeah i know its bad habit but it is mine 😀

    2. hahaha obviously not…then all would call u dash..u know dash, not dashing one but this one “____”:D

    3. maybe

    4. ahm ahm ahm seems like u are not happy with this 😀

    5. hahaha i have no baby i have no idea about it..

    6. eeeeeeeeeee same as mine thinking… before that i always thought that maybe that m alien with unique thinking.

    7. haha i rarely send text msgs 😀

    8. :O

    9. ahm ahm there is something called manners as well.

    10. Because m free now otherwise i dont waste my time on all these things 🙂

  2. uzma

    only one answer for all……just chill yar dont burdened ur mind with such useless worries!!

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