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Superlatives Of Life

Superlatives Of Life - Pencil Sketch

1. Its bad when you have to fly in economy class, worse when you get the middle seat and worst if both the seats next to you belong to fat man.

2. Its terrible when you wait an hour for the sleep to come, more terrible when you want to pee exactly when you got sleepy and most terrible when you have to leave your bed and walk to the bathroom knowing that the sleep is gone again. Continue reading

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We Have All Become So Comfortably Numb…

Walking Over The Dead Body

I remember my school days listening to Linkin Park
This one song my favorite of the dark
I would scream out loud “I’ve become so numb”
Until my mom got scared of what I had become

As time passed and life happened
Things turned out rather more darkened
Sitting with my dad sharing his blues
As we watched the daily news

Slides moving : Earthquakes, Disasters, Murder
Money provokes a son to kill his father
162 die in a plane crash near Kentbury
A major bomb blast kills another 133 Continue reading

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The Road Not Taken Is The Road Much Thought About

Mysterious Two Roads

The Road Not Taken – By Robert Frost

I remember having read this poem when I was in 6th grade, I did not understand the meaning of this poem until it was in my bachelors course of literature and I did not truly understand the beauty of its meaning until just now when I am standing at the exact place as Robert Frost describes to be in the poem.

Now I know how beautiful this poem is and more than that I know how meaningful the sense of the poem is.

Being one person, who has to decide which road to take, I am standing before the two roads for more than 48 hours now and yet haven’t decided which road I will take.  Continue reading

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Blaming You, Cursing You & Yet Loving You

Sad Eyes Crying Blood

After what you did, yes I am broken at heart
With you I walked ahead but now I am at the start
There are many, oh so many different rough lane
& I am really not sure if I should start all over again
Even if I do, I don’t know my life would take me where
The only thought of a new life shudders me with fear
I am right where you left me, alone & ready to fall
No one hears my screams, no one answers my call
I am looking up at my future, searching for myself
But I have already lost me… Lost in yourself Continue reading

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I Have Fallen In Love A Million Times… I Am Still Falling

Fallen In Love Couple Kissing

They say you fall in love once
That’s what they keep telling you
But let me tell you something folks
None of this is really true

I, for once, have been in love
Not once, not twice, not thrice
Oh I have lost count of it already
Let’s say I have fallen in love a million times Continue reading

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