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How I Changed My Hair Color Just Through My Mind Power

Power Of Thoughts Quote

So if you have checked out or just gave a glance without bothering to click on “Mind Power” section of my blog page ( yes it’s that tiny little section in my menu), you would know that I do talk a lot about mind powers and what it can do.I have a few blogs written on the subject already and feel a little guilty for not having the time to write the rest of the blogs I planned to.

Actually it kinda needs to have my full focus when I am writing on such subjects so that I can put down all information without missing out anything and lately I am not finding that focus. 

Today while talking to a friend of mine ( you would be shocked that I have a friend but I just called her a friend coz I know she will read this LOL), I told her how I changed my hair color through my mind power. 

That’s when I realized, I should have shared this success story of mine with all of you. To show you what your mind can do. What powers you hold and what your thoughts can do for you. 

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I Finally Meet My Stalker Ghost For The First Time… For Real

Cloud Of Smoke In Human Figure

First, I want to apologize to all my fellow bloggers for not being able to read your blogs or comment upon them even though I have been so tempted with all the emails I received when you posted the blog. I will be reading them very soon when I catch my breath from work and other stuff going around.

Second, sorry I have been so off from making blogs as I have been juggling work, shopping for travelling & supernatural stuff.

It’s been a very very very crazy week for me and a lot has happened.

One of which being my encounter with a ghost for the first time. Previously in “Paranormal Being, Hallucination Or Effects Of Meditation… You Decide” I told you that every night at a certain time there is this one place outside my work room where I feel someone is standing.

Well I am honored to tell you that I have met that someone. Continue reading

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My Very First OFFICIAL & COMPLETE Experience Of A Lucid Dream…

Girl In A Lucid Dream

Omagosh you have no idea how excited I was this morning when I woke up. Although honestly, I was completely blank and confused at first. Nothing was coming back to my memory about my dreams and I started wondering if the Lucid Dream was real or did I just dream about having a lucid dream Lol.

Anyway, so here is my first ever 100% experience of a Lucid Dream.

I wake up in a house (I say wake up coz you usually just wake up in a dream 😛 ) and I have my family in that house. We are purchasing some electronic machine from a man who has come home to install it.

Quickly I realize that I am dreaming (although I do not know how. I didn’t even use my Totem. Would have been happier if I did 😦 ) and I start getting all excited about it.

I am not a selfish person so I decide to share my happiness with my family (projections) :P. I tell my mom that I am dreaming, this is all a dream but of course she wouldn’t listen to me. That’s so typical of our dream projections. Haha

While purchasing the machine, my mom has this feeling that the machine has faults and she asks the salesman to which he says that it’s absolutely fine.

To prove that the salesman may be wrong, What do I do then?


I go over to the machine and say, “Hey you ( no I didn’t really say that. It sounds rude), Do you have any faults in you? Continue reading

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Download “Antivirus” For Your Brain To Protect It From Negative Thoughts

Internet Stone Age Antivirus Program

How To Houseclean Your Mind? (Introduction)
Step One :  Turn Your Mind Into A Neat, Orderly And Well Arranged Library Of Information
Step Two : Keep Your Brain System Free From Malwares And Viruses

Step Three : Download “Antivirus” For Your Brain To Protect It From Negative Thoughts

Now that we have successfully arranged all the information in our mind and we know how to easily access them and also we have removed all the malwares and viruses from our mind, the next and last step would to protect our mind from having negative thoughts.

Because honestly, negative energies never stop coming to you. They keep coming back as they are always around you.

“I am gonna be sick. I can feel it.”
“I have a feeling my presentation will not be good tomorrow.”
“I think I am gonna fail in the exam.”
“I really can’t stand that cousin of mine. He is annoying and speaks boring.”

These are all negative thoughts. And the more you have negative thoughts, the more your subconscious mind is going to make those things happen.

So to avoid this, I have a simple ANTIVIRUS which will take care of all your negative thoughtsContinue reading

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Keep Your Brain System Free From Malwares And Viruses

Brain System

How To Houseclean Your Mind? (Introduction)
Step One :  Turn Your Mind Into A Neat, Orderly And Well Arranged Library Of Information

Step Two : Keep Your Brain System Free From Malwares And Viruses 

Rule Of The Computer – Defragmentation of computer & removing unwanted software and programs.

So what happens to your computer when you keep downloading software and programs and along with which you have a lot of viruses and malwares in your computer system? Your computer feels heavy, its processing power becomes slow and you have to literally wait a few seconds for your browser/folders to open. It hangs up frequently. Restarting takes forever.

And what happens when you defrag your system and reboot it to get rid of all the junk? Your computer feels light, works efficiently faster and restarting is a matter of seconds.

Apply the rule to your mind. Continue reading

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