Meeting Your Ex-Boyfriend Or Ex-Girlfriend? Your Guide To Handling Ex Lovers

Meeting Your Ex-Boyfriend Or Ex-Girlfriend? Your Guide To Handling Ex Lovers.

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When There Is A Hole In Your Boat…

Ship In Sea Battling Through Storm

When you have a hole in your boat and you are in middle of the sea, row your boat.

For sure, the water is filling your boat and it’s getting heavier on you. All the burden of the water from the sea would make it impossible for you to row as you would do otherwise. The storm right behind you makes things worse. Continue reading

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The Man That Laughed On Others

Man Laughing - Haha

He was standing right by the palm tree on the Clausogear Beach having strokes of laughter. Sometimes he just smiled, sometimes he giggled and sometimes, boy he was so crazily laughing that someone would have called the Rehab Centers.

I went up to him and asked, “What are you laughing at?”

“I am laughing… that man *pointing to a man in water* who is trying to surf…… I have been watching…… him for about an hour now… He can’t f***ing surf and he keeps …… falling and hitting the water…..What a failure.” He answered my question with several breaks of laughter.

Indeed there was a man in the water who kept falling from his surf board among some professional surfers. He kept falling and falling in a lot of flips and turns, crashing on his face and on his back.

I couldn’t  find it funny at all so I walked away to get home while the man continued to laugh as the noob surfer failed.

Several months later, Continue reading

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Women Are All SuperWomen Inside… Dare To Switch Roles?


You get up in the morning to find that she is already awake. She gets up an hour earlier to make breakfast and lunch boxes. Soon as you get dressed and reach the breakfast table, she serves you with hot coffee (if you like hot, otherwise she will make sure its warm enough for you) and the breakfast of your choice.

While you are sitting on the chair, reading a newspaper and having breakfast, she is still running up and down the house getting you your wallet, belt, briefcase, tie etc.

When you get up and start walking towards the door, she has her eyes locked upon you, waiting for you to turn back, and say “I love you honey” to brighten up her day.

And you do turn back, only to say, “Honey, can you get me my blue file. I forgot it on the dressing table.”

She runs to the bedroom and brings you back your file and then you leave without a simple “Thank You.” Continue reading

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God’s Ways Are Mysterious But Not Invisible

Mystery Filled Mysterious Image In Blue Touch

Having been an optimist for most of my past, guiding people to the same and pulling them out from their dark hole, I was somehow being dragged into pessimism, into the dark hole.

Of course I am just a human, my wills are weak and my strengths flicker with the tides of bad time. When the strongest tide of bad time hit me, I was pulled out from my grounds of optimism like a young sapling from the soil is gushed away in the rain.

I have been trying hard enough to keep myself intact, I was slowly breaking out, falling weak and trembling. A little push, a small tear and the slightest of weakness would through me into the arms of the devil .

I will proudly say that the only reason I am intact is because I had faith in God. Had??? Yeah I had faith in God. Only it has grown stronger now.

How? Continue reading

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