False Advertising – Do Not Be Fooled


1. Johnson Baby Shampoo – No More Tears

So I was sad a few days back and I was crying a lot. Like tons of tears and that’s when I remembered this very famous brand. And I was like, oh why didn’t I think of that before.

I took one bottle and straight off went to the shower. I was still crying at that time. I took some shampoo and poured it on my head. I massaged the shampoo on my hair and waited 5 minutes for it to start working. But you know what. I was still crying. What the hell did they mean by NO MORE TEARS. Well hello, I am still crying.

I thought, may be my pain is too much so I emptied the entire bottle on my head, I waited 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes but my tears didn’t stop.

CLEARLY this is false advertising. Anyway, I did end up with very soft, smooth and beautiful hair afterwards but that’s not the point.

2. AT & T – Reach Out & Touch Someone

I was going to work the other day and I read this slogan on a billboard and I am like, oh that’s a nice slogan and I must do it. I reached out and I touched someone. I got a very harsh stare from that someone.

I thought I must be doing it wrong you know. This time, with more spirit, more optimism and with more love, I reached out and touched someone again.

Well, let me tell you AT & T, I did this a couple of times on my way to work and apparently reaching out and touching someone does not give you good responses. I do not know why you would give us such strange advises. Continue reading

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Positive Shield Bubble & What You Can Do With It


Words cannot explain the power of positive shield bubble better than this picture.

People, please wake up. Do not give yourself away to negativity that’s oozing and multiplying around you. FIGHT IT. We can remove negativity from around us. If each one of us can make a shield around us. Do you know what you can do with it?

Once you are in control of your shield, you can expand your shield and bring your children in it. Your family in it. People who are always around you. Your shield has that much power.

Spread this shield further. Take your neighbors in it. Then take your entire community in it. You would think that’s bizarre. Why would I want to do that. WHY NOT? Remember when you have positivity around you, it becomes much easier to be positive.  

Here is what you have to do :

Continue reading

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How To Actually Get Everything That You Want – Part 2 (Power Of Thoughts)

Power Of Thoughts Hi everyone. This has been the long awaited part 2 of How To Actually Get Everything That You want. I am honestly very surprised at the sort of feedback I have got on my previous blogs. And I am also happy that some of the comments have been stories of success. I know many of you are still struggling with achieving the Alpha stage or getting their mind focused on positive. It takes time to clean up a messy library and organize it into a clear order. So please don’t give up. I know you can do it. Anyone who has the will and courage to take this step into a happy life, can do it. In today’s blog we will be talking about POWER OF THOUGHTS. I have been talking so much about having positive thoughts. Thoughts that will change your reality. Thoughts that will give you what you have been thinking.

So how do you achieve your desired goals?

The only way to alter your reality, turn thoughts into action and get whatever that you want is through a connection with the universe, the universe that runs everything. As a religious person, this universe is what we all consider as GOD. Let me explain. The universe or the force that makes your reality/future, has a frequency. In order to make a change, you have to reach that frequency. That frequency is what we call The Alpha Stage. Sounds simple isn’t it. You would think it’s difficult to do but it is as simple as it sounds.

And how do you connect with the universe?

Continue reading

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I Am…

I Am

I am a pebble on a land of stones
I am a mountain over the valley
I am a shell in the ocean
I am the endless sea

I am a beautiful smile
I am a tear of sorrow
I am a strong bargain
I am decision too hollow Continue reading

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Fight Off Negativism. Make A Shield Bubble Around You

Fight Negativism With Positivism

Please read my previous blog on Positive & Negative bubble. As this blog continues with that reference.

Now, I have already talked about fighting off negative thoughts inside your mind through the CANCEL CANCEL CANCEL technique. It is a simple yet very powerful technique to fight off your inner negativism. Trust me, this simple technique is all you need to fight off negative thoughts that keep coming to you. It is explained in details HERE.

Sure this is simple because all you have to do is cancel your inner negative thought and replace it with a positive thought. THEN WHY ARE WE ALL STILL UNDER NEGATIVE BUBBLE?

The reason most of us are still under the negative bubble is not because of the inner negativism. Inner negativism is easy to fight off. It’s because of the outside negativism that makes our negative bubble stronger and stronger everyday, without us even acknowledging it.

Outside negativism include constant pressure, constant let down feeling, being told you can’t do it, being told you are not good enough, being FELT that we are nothing and being FED that we have no existence.

What do you do with the negativism of other people and negative energies all around you?

Fight Negativity

Suppose a friend/colleague/relative comes to you and says, it is a gloomy, sad and terrible day. Nothing has been going right. This is the worst day ever.

What do you usually do?

90% of the time you just agree with them. Not because you agree with them, but it seems like the ethical reply to give. Even if you have something good going on, you tend to agree with them because the other person is miserable. So you put on your miserable face and just go with the flow.

Sometimes, you don’t even have the time to talk back so you just agree to shut the fellow up.

Am I right? Do you do that? Continue reading

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