24 Hours Of Gratitude – Do This Experiment

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Hi everyone…

As a part of Mind Power journey, Today I will be taking you to a next step. But rather than my usual BLAH BLAH BLAH of how good this is and how this will help you, I am rather going to give you a task.

This is an experiment that I want you all to take. It’s very simple and you will see the results yourself. And if you do find time, share your results so that others may find inspiration and encouragement from you.

24 Hours Of Gratitude – Experiment

For 24 hours, All I want you to do is BE GRATEFUL. For anything and everything. Be thankful, be grateful, be graceful.

How to do it.

Step 1 : Reminder.

Set your alarm with the title “DAY OF GRATITUDE”. This is just to give you a reminder because I know how hard it is to get up in the morning. You barely remember your name (exaggeration much).

So when your morning alarm rings, you will be reminded about your Gratitude experiment.


Most of us whine every morning because we have to get up early to go to work. Why can’t we just sleep a little more. But today, be thankful that you have a job to go to. There are thousands of people who wish they had a job like you and there are thousands who wish they get ANY job.

If you have to get up early in the morning to go to work, BE GRATEFUL.  Continue reading

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Prayer & Thoughts – How Fast & Strong This Power Works



I pray your power of thoughts is realized and increasing with every moment of life.

I used the term pray because I would like to tell that prayers are actually positive thoughts. When your mother blesses you, what is she doing? Those blessings are positive thoughts. When you say “best of luck” to someone going for interview or exam, it is a positive thought. When you pray for the health of your friends and relatives, you are sending out a positive thought.

When you send a positive thought to the universe, The positive thought is a prayer and the universe is the God.

Today, I just want to tell you about a little yet a very strong incident that happened to me yesterday. It will give you an idea of how power of thoughts/ prayers work in mysterious ways and it also will show you the time it takes to make your thoughts turn into an action.

Please do read it and share it. Continue reading

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How Do You Know That You’ve Reached Alpha Stage?

Subconscious Mind - ConsciousnessSo, I posted a blog sometime back. Well, okay not sometime, a few days back, okay a month back, OKAY OKAY a few months back. HAPPY? Now stop staring at me like that.

So again. I posted a blog Mind Power – What Would You Like To Know Next? or if you had a question on which I could do a blog and elliecutte asked me a rather fascinating and important question,

When you reach Alpha stage how will you know exactly? Will you feel sleepy, very calm and peaceful? or will you just *know* *know* ?

Thank you elliecutte, for asking this question. I am sure this will interest many. Here I am and here is the blog.

How do you know that you’ve reached alpha stage?

It’s hard to explain. How do you explain a feeling? A feeling that is so pure and profound, one cannot express it in words or even if one did try to explain it in words, words wouldn’t be able to justice to that feeling.

Alpha stage, is a magical world of peace, calm and happiness. Something you can experience anytime you want through meditation and positive thinking. Reaching the Alpha stage will give you a certain feel.

Everyone has a different experience of it. Some will feel exactly the same as 80% other people while some unique 20% will have a very different and unexplained experience. Is that 20% bad? Not at all. Those 20% are having an experience that’s unique to only them based upon some special power/ability/feature that they posses.

We will talk about that later. But if you are one of those 20%, let me know your experience.

Alpha Stage Experience In Meditation :

When you are meditating there comes a time when you reach Alpha Stage. How do you know that you have reached that stage? Here is what you might feel or see : Continue reading

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False Advertising – Do Not Be Fooled


1. Johnson Baby Shampoo – No More Tears

So I was sad a few days back and I was crying a lot. Like tons of tears and that’s when I remembered this very famous brand. And I was like, oh why didn’t I think of that before.

I took one bottle and straight off went to the shower. I was still crying at that time. I took some shampoo and poured it on my head. I massaged the shampoo on my hair and waited 5 minutes for it to start working. But you know what. I was still crying. What the hell did they mean by NO MORE TEARS. Well hello, I am still crying.

I thought, may be my pain is too much so I emptied the entire bottle on my head, I waited 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes but my tears didn’t stop.

CLEARLY this is false advertising. Anyway, I did end up with very soft, smooth and beautiful hair afterwards but that’s not the point.

2. AT & T – Reach Out & Touch Someone

I was going to work the other day and I read this slogan on a billboard and I am like, oh that’s a nice slogan and I must do it. I reached out and I touched someone. I got a very harsh stare from that someone.

I thought I must be doing it wrong you know. This time, with more spirit, more optimism and with more love, I reached out and touched someone again.

Well, let me tell you AT & T, I did this a couple of times on my way to work and apparently reaching out and touching someone does not give you good responses. I do not know why you would give us such strange advises. Continue reading

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Positive Shield Bubble & What You Can Do With It


Words cannot explain the power of positive shield bubble better than this picture.

People, please wake up. Do not give yourself away to negativity that’s oozing and multiplying around you. FIGHT IT. We can remove negativity from around us. If each one of us can make a shield around us. Do you know what you can do with it?

Once you are in control of your shield, you can expand your shield and bring your children in it. Your family in it. People who are always around you. Your shield has that much power.

Spread this shield further. Take your neighbors in it. Then take your entire community in it. You would think that’s bizarre. Why would I want to do that. WHY NOT? Remember when you have positivity around you, it becomes much easier to be positive.  

Here is what you have to do :

Continue reading

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