I Changed My Hair Color – Success Story By Hafsa Mujeeb


Hey people of the universe. I hope you are all as awesome as you all are in my imagination ( even much more). Today I am sharing a success story by Hafsa Mujeeb who has used Mind Power to change her hair color.

This is her exact email.


Hi everyone.

I want you all to read this. Because it’s gonna make you believe in the ultimate power within you. You really can achieve anything you can imagine. The only limit is you. I want to share my success story of changing my hair colour just through my mind power. Continue reading

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Share Your Success Stories Of Mind Power

Hello everyone…

First of all, a big huge thanks and appreciation to all of you for your love and support that is coming to me through emails and comments. I am happy to see that you all have implemented Mind Power magic in your life.

I am right here, to help you all with all your queries, so all those who have sent me long emails with guilty hearts of flooding emails with questions, those are the emails that made me smile. I have loved answering all your emails, I will continue to love it in future too. 

Today, I would like to make a request to you, which does have a good motif behind it.

I want you all to share your success story or even your progress stories if you have started seeing the change. Many of you have shared your progress/results in comments or privately on chat/ emails.

What I would like is, Please share your stories of Mind Power, through an email which I will post in a blog.


This will help others learn from your experience. It will also make them believe in it. It will give them hope. Because if a few can do it, so can others. There are some who are still struggling and your stories will help them a lot.

Let’s make ourselves better and the world, a better place.

Send your positivity, because others need it :)


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How The Universe Works With Your Mind Power

creative mind - brain

I have been talking on and on and on about Mind Power, telling you that your thoughts make actions, anything you think triggers an action in the universe to get you what you have thought of. And I have been telling you how you can change your physical self with Mind Power and basically get everything, all with a simple thought.

I get a lot of questions asking if you can get perfect eye sight with Mind Power, if you can get a clear skin with Mind Power, if you can lose weight or increase weight with Mind Power, if you can change your teeth or grow a teeth with Mind Power.

To all these questions, I say, YES, YES and YES.

Practically or logically thinking, many of you will doubt it. I don’t blame you. How can you grow back a teeth with Mind Power, right?

Today, I want to show you how this all works out. How does your Mind Power bring about major changes?

To begin with, Here is an example that I give all the time.

Continue reading

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I Was Busy Getting Married :)

UNITED STATES - CIRCA 1950s:  Woman with surprised look.  (Photo by George Marks/Retrofile/Getty Images)

UNITED STATES – CIRCA 1950s: Woman with surprised look. (Photo by George Marks/Retrofile/Getty Images)

I have been a month away. And I owe an explanation especially to those who asked me where I was. Thank you sooooo much for remembering me and noticing my absence. It really means a lot to me.

Where was I?

To begin with, I had fallen ill. I normally have a low blood pressure and for some reasons my blood pressure was falling way below my normal low. Which was causing me dizzy spells and weakness. I think I was stressing a lot too so I took a break. Tried to work less and rest more. Give my body the rest that it needs.

But that’s not the only reason.

I was busy getting married. YES YES YES. I am a Mrs now. It’s hard to digest. I am still not able to get over this fact. It’s all so new new but nice nice. It feels different, I feel different. It feels like life just got even more beautiful. I feel like I fill someone’s life with my existence.

As a blogger, It is my duty to write the experience down. I have been taking you on a Pakistani Wedding Journey from the start. So if you want to read my latest journey, Its HERE.

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Pakistani Wedding Journey – Nikkah



Stage 1. Journey Through A Pakistani Girl’s Wedding – “The Attention Tention”

Stage 2. Journey Through A Pakistani Girl’s Wedding – The Rasam

Before I begin. What exactly is Nikkah?

Nikkah is the legal contract in Islam that declares two people as Husband and Wife. It is followed by RUKHSATI aka FAREWELL (the girl leaves her house for the groom’s house). Some people have their Nikkah on the same day as Farewell. Some have their Nikkah years before (because may be the Groom is abroad and needs documents for visa or perhaps because it’s far more virtuous than an engagement).

So I have not had my Rukhsati yet. I only had my Nikkah done, legally a wife now.

My Journey Of Nikkah

Brides, Pakistani Brides, take a lot of time and thoughts planning what they would be wearing and the jewelry and the shoes and where they would be ready from and the MEHENDI (henna). The day of Nikkah is decided at least a month back (AT LEAST) so that everything can be prepared.

But my Nikkah. Well it was a little bit different. IT WAS WAY DIFFERENT.

My Nikkah was decided within 4 days. SERIOUSLY, what the hell. My Dad was flying to Pakistan and he called and said, well I am coming and I want to have this Nikkah. I had 4 days in my hand in which I had to prepare everything.

4 days to get my dress stitched, mehendi (Henna) on hands and feet, jewelry, shoes, facial, hall, food, invites, photographer and PARLOR. Alhamdulillah (Praises to Allah), even though we were short on time, everything was arranged.

Although, they say that the bride must get her beauty sleep and ample rest because she has a big day ahead but well, this bride, she ain’t getting no sleep or rest. As the Nikkah day approached, everything seemed to go out of hands. My house will look like there had been a tsunami in it. Everyone was screaming on top of their voices because nobody could find anything.

Literally, like there would be a wall and yet you wouldn’t be able to see it.

My dress came in my hand a day before Nikkah and to my horror, there was a fault in it and the tailor would be available next day at 3 and my parlor booking was at 5. Be late and you get charged for extra hours. YOU CAN IMAGINE MY HORROR. I didn’t sleep all night worrying what if the tailor can’t fix it. What will I wear then?

29th Of May – The Day Of Nikkah.

I got up earlier than usual. Why? Because I can’t keep calm. I already am worried for the big day, I hate attentions and today all eyes will be on me. I can’t handle that. I am sweating more than I usually do. Continue reading

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