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You Know You Are A Pakistani When – *Market Shopping Edition :)*

Pakistani Women Shopping In Market

After a previous version of You Know You Are A Pakistani When…., The “You know you are a Pakistani when” is out on the streets and into the market 🙂

You know you are a Pakistani when,

Your Ammi (mom) spends 40 minutes in a shop looking for her specific choice item and choosing between the things and then walks out of the shop empty hand because the shopkeeper wouldn’t reduce the price from Rs. 500 to Rs. 450.

You know you are a Pakistani when,

Every time you are in a market place with your mom, you meet any of your mom’s relatives or friends and they spend 20 minutes talking about what they got, what you came to the market for, which item they got at a good bargain, how their husbands were, what exams their kids are having etc etc.

You know you are a Pakistani when,

Buying something as simple as a salt & pepper shaker takes about 20 minutes to decide. Continue reading

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You Know You Are A Pakistani When….

Face Palm Cartoon Girl

There are a lot of stuff circulating around about Asian people. I didn’t experience them much having born and lived abroad, but being a Pakistani ( like you didn’t know that eh?), there are many things that I found humorously true once I got to spend time in Pakistan.

I previously wrote TIDU : Things I Don’t Understand About Asian Parents and then there was Criminal Life Of A Brown Girl…Because Every Brown Girl Commits A Crime.

Today I am going to get specific. Here is my version of “You know you are a Pakistani when”, coming from my experience.

You know you are a Pakistani when,

You are watching a movie with your family and there is a sudden silence and uncomfort in the room when there is a swift hot romantic scene Continue reading

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The Big Bad But In My Face

Boy With A Butt Face

All my life I have lived with a “but”. Yes that butt as well, thanks for pointing out but I really am talking about the but with a single “t” right now. You never know you might get a blog on a but with double “t” in future…. Who knows.


I am sure you have all felt the same way at some point of your life and if you are as lucky *sarcasm* as me, then you must have felt like carrying a but with you all the time and no matter where you go, what you do and how much you pray, this but is always going to be with you like a real BUTT. 

My life revolves around this but and trust me, this but is as bad as it can be. Again this “as” is with a single “s”.

Continue reading

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We Are Puppets In The Hands Of Puppets

Human Puppets

Have you ever wondered?
We are merely just puppets
Standing on a huge stage
In front of an audience

But the biggest question is
Who is holding our strings

Yes of course, God
But do you know our strings
Are in the hands of everyone else
Except for our own hands Continue reading

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I Have Fallen In Love A Million Times… I Am Still Falling

Fallen In Love Couple Kissing

They say you fall in love once
That’s what they keep telling you
But let me tell you something folks
None of this is really true

I, for once, have been in love
Not once, not twice, not thrice
Oh I have lost count of it already
Let’s say I have fallen in love a million times Continue reading

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