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Creations Of Subconscious Mind

Hello There,

Since a few months I have started writing about how your Mind is capable of doing things much more than you can even imagine. Now I am planning to go step by step through my blogs.

To start off, your mind has the power to make things happen. There is nothing such as coincidence. Everything happens for a reason and there is a reason behind everything. Your mind, your thoughts and your believes play a vital role in this.

If you notice within your friends circle, there will be someone who will always complain about being sick and ultimately you will always find him sick with fever, flu, cold etc.

On the other hand there may be a person who does not believe in Ghosts and ultimately he will never see one while his wife will keep complaining of having seen ghosts in the house.

You see what you think and you believe.

That’s the basic of Mind Power. The following are life changing blogs that I have done in details and the blog plans I have for the same :

1. How To Actually Get Everything That You Want – Introduction

2. How To Actually Get Everything That You Want – Part 1 ( Open Your Mind Right Now)

3. Housecleaning Your Mind To Better Life In Three Steps:

My Mind Power Story : How I Changed My Hair Color Just Through My Mind Power

4. Meditation – The Easy Method Of Reaching Alpha Stage Of Mind

5. Negative Bubble – Reason Why Your Mind Power Is Slow Or Not Working

6. Fight Off Negativism. Make A Shield Bubble Around You

7. How To Actually Get Everything That You Want – Part 2 – ( Power Of Your Thoughts)

8. Make Your Own Mind Power Song

9. How do you know you’ve reached the alpha stage?

10. The Perfect Trick To Making 100% Effective “AFFIRMATIONS”

11. Mind Power To Heal Others & Yourself

Raise Your Vibrations In 10 Minutes ( Coming Soon )

The Key To Happy Successful Life ( Coming Soon)

You Are The Solution To Your Own Problem ( Coming Soon)

More Blogs will be added as my study continues…. 🙂


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  2. If you’ve always dreamed of living in the magic and mystery of life, gaining mind power and your natural ability to influence reality for your benefit, for your friends, family and those you care about most

  3. Thank you for the wonderful post. All is frequency and our thoughts affect reality. We all are using our mind consciously or unconsciously. Learning mind power is learning to influence reality consciously. And that’s when we call it power 🙂

  4. Hey aisha, i’ve read the mind power page from point 1-3(abc) 🙂
    I’ve no words how clearly you’ve explained everything.
    All that you have written is something so good for the ones who feel down, who are always sad.
    Keep it up. 😀
    And i also wanted to ask that when are you posting the next blog. point 4. ? 🙂 I
    Im waiting.

    • Yeah point 4 has been delayed for a very long time. I will try getting it done in this month inshaAllah.

  5. Hi Aisha, I am very confused as to how I will go about using mind power to get what I want, because I read a report saying that I have to send out good vibrations and not to visualize what I want because I mkst likely will not get it. I am very confused, please help. 😦

    • Don’t be confused. When I asked you to meditate, I did tell that it will bring positive energy in you and around you. Positive energy = Good Vibrations.

      That is why I recommended that you meditate first. This will help you achieve that state of mind in which you will have control of your mind and a handle on your emotion which is important in Mind Power.

      After you have achieved that state, you get to pick and test which methods of Mind Power work best for you. Whether visualization works for you or reinforcement or affirmations are things you will have to test on yourself.

      I can only assure you one thing…This works. It just depends on how much time and dedication you are willing to put in it.

  6. hafsamujeebgorayah27

    What is the best way to meditate aisha? And what is the best time for it you think?

  7. Melissa

    Hi Aisha, I have a question for you regarding the hair color change. I am someone who does believe your mind and your thoughts create your reality however, you are not the only person who has mentioned being able to change your genetic biology with your mind…. I am a natural blonde and much like you, I hate my blonde hair. I have no clue why I hate it so much, but I have never liked my blonde hair and have always (ever since I was a little girl) wanted brown hair. I am not wanting my hair dark brown I just want it brown. I have dyed my hair several times in the past and my hair just does not seem to hold color. There is one trick I was informed to use which I have not used yet but I am going to. However, there is a guy on the web who claims he used mind control to change his eye color which I find freaking amazing. However there are people who say they have successfully changed their genetic biology after reading these stories but a lot of them say that the change is not permanent, that it’s only temporary. Have you at all experienced that because I would love to finally have permanent brown hair but it would be heartbreaking to me to find out it’s only temporary. It already breaks my heart when hair dye fades out on my hair more quickly than it does on others and it also breaks my heart when people tell me “oh, just accept your hair for the way it is”…. I’m sorry but when I look into the mirror and see my hair is blonde it almost feels as if the wrong hair color is on my head…. that might sound wierd but that’s just how it feels to me so any advice or help is appreciated….

    • Melissa, the results depend upon the person and how they continue using mind power. When I tried to change my hair color, they were getting lighter and lighter to a point where I had to tell my mind to stop changing the color. Its perfect.

      As for your question about temporary and permanent. The results are permanent, unless you unconsciously start thinking that your color will reverse back, in which case, it will. So what you need to do is, once you think that your color has changed, keep affirming that its the perfect color that you always wanted.

      I would also want to add that since you are trying a major change from blonde to brown, it will take time. So, what you should do it, dye your hair to the color you want and then start tricking your mind that it is your natural color and it is permanent. Also, take several pictures of yours and put them where ever you will see them most.

      Let me know if there are any more questions 🙂

  8. hi Aisha! So i was wondering…would you be able to change your hair texture through mind power? like for example, if you have curly hair but want more wavy hair. would what be possible? thank you!

    • Definitely yes. You can change the texture of your hair. You know, once you get your mind in your control, you can change hairstyles within a few days, it gets that amazing.

      • Wow!! That’s incredible! I totally believe in mind power and I know that there are amazing things that can be done with mind power but sometimes my subconscious starts doubting so I have to work on controlling it and stopping the doubts. Thank you!

        • You should try meditating. It helps you soothe your inner self and have a control on your mind.

      • Can you even change your hair length? From medium to long for example or does it take a certain amount of time?

        • Yes you can. What you can do is manipulate your hair growth rate. What I do when I want my hair to grow long, I tell my mind that my hair grows about an inch to as far as 3 inches every month. That about does the trick.

          But you have to be very focused and persistent into believing that your hair are actually growing quicker. Stop checking the length of your hair everyday and instead just look into the mirror and “make believe” that your hair are longer than yesterday.

          Along with such affirmations, I also try to give my mind some “logic” to stick on to because the conscious mind needs logic. I google out some tricks that grow your hair longer. I do those tricks to satisfy my conscious mind while affirmations trick my unconscious mind.

          I hope that helps you.

          • Yes! That helps me out so much! Thanks so much 🙂

            • Oh wait!! If you don’t mind me asking, when chanting “every day in every way I am getting better and better” this is said during meditation or do you recommend saying it any time?

              • Also (sorry to bother you) will you be able to change the shape of let’s say… Your nose with mind power? For example, if you want to make your nose just a liiitle more slimmer without having to have surgery (because I hate needles with a passion) with mind power? Because if you could that would be amazeeballs!!

                • Oh!!! And one more thing (haha) can you desire more than one thing at a time? What I mean is after you are able to reach alpha stage when desired, can you tell your mind that you have more than one such thing at a time? For example: I have perfect eyes and I have grey eyes? Would it still work or is it better to just focus on one thing at a time?? Thank youuuuuuuuu!!!!!!

                  • Yes you can. What I used to do was, I made a list of things I wanted in life or wanted to change in me. I by hearted that list in the same manner and repeated the list at least thrice in Alpha stage. The things that I wanted in priority, I put them more in my list.

                    Example : If I wanted XYZ more as priority. My list was :

                    1. I have a perfect xyz.
                    2. I have better abc.
                    3. My 123 is getting better each day.
                    4. I have a perfect xyz.
                    5. Everyday I succeed in life.
                    6. I have perfect xyz.
                    7. I have reached my aims and goals.

                • You can do whatever you wish to. My nose had a peculiar slant earlier. But after having chanted the words of perfection, my nose slant has got better. So you can do whatever you wish to do with your mind power.

              • You specifically do it in meditation. In the alpha stage to be precise. But even in the day, whenever you feel like a negative energy is entering you or somebody around you is talking negative that might put negative seeds in your sub.con., you can say these words 3 times or as many times you feel good after.

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  10. How would you use mind power to get straight A’s??

    • If you are looking for a short cut that you do not have to study and mind power will just help you get straight A’s, well wouldn’t we all just love that. Haha. But it doesn’t work like that. You need to put the force into action and that required some work, some effort.

      Here is what you do. You start with going into your alpha and saying “My mind is very sharp. I have a very good memory. Everything I read and learn, I will remember it during my exams and forever later. I have a photographic memory. I will now study and I will remember everything.”

      And then you start studying. Even before you begin your exam, you can go in Alpha stage and say “Whatever I have learned, I will now remember. I know the answers to all the questions in this question paper.”

      That’s what you can do.

      • Thats brilliant!!! Haha I know many of us would just like to have good grades without trying but I understand that that’s not the way it works. Thank you so much because I have been struggling a little bit 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. Alonso

    Hello, I have a question that maybe you can help me with. I am able to feel peoples emotions and read them or their energy not sure which one of those two or if both. I can tell when someone is lying about 90% of the time and I am able to give people messages that come to my mind somewhat like thoughts for which they confirm saying that I am right and that there was no way i would know that because I really don’t know them. Normally this is for people who are stuck in their lives and want to move on or they want confirmation about what is going on in their lives. I’m able to talk to them and tell them the thought’s or ideas that come to my mind about them and what they need to move on or understand what is going on in their lives or make things clear for them. Sometimes messages come in dreams as well. I can also predict some things before they occur. NOW to my question:) Another thing that occurs is that when someone does something to either hurt me in one way or another and I feel extremely frustrated and disappointed to see what people do sometimes something happens to them within a couple of days of the incident. Sometimes its been within hours. Some of the things that i know that have occurred are from their electronics failing or braking to them twisting their foot or being injured in that form. For what i have seen the people that this occurs to is people who are service to self and not in service to others. SO MY QUESTION is as you can imagine, why does this happen? Is this something that I am doing or is this dealing with their own negative energy they are putting out that is coming back to them? THANKS 🙂

    • Okay, I have understood what you are saying. First, I would like to say that you are a gifted person. You have a gift that can be a good thing as well as a bad thing. To sort your confusion, let me explain to you about higher frequencies.

      All the thoughts, power of thoughts, prayers and mind power tricks work at a higher frequency. All my blogs about mind power are about reaching the Alpha stage. Alpha stage is the high frequency stage.

      So, you have been gifted with reaching the Alpha level without having to work on it. That’s a very good gift but it comes with a very high risk that I would like to tell you about. It might scare you a bit but it is important that you know. The 3rd dimension world (the world of the spirits, the higher energy world) also exists in higher frequencies. You can easily attract these energies specially when you are at a high emotional stage, when you are very angry, very happy, very disappointed etc.

      Having said that, I know how easily you can surrender yourself to feeling that you are the cause of other’s pain. I know because there was a time when I blamed myself for having killed a person. Trust me, it is not your fault but you need to take care of your gift. You need to keep it on the positive side, control it, tame it and be the master. If you do not do this, your gift will take control over you causing harm to you and others.

      I hope I could be of any help. Contact me, if you have any other question.

      • Alonso

        Thanks it is helpful. Its hard to find others to talk to about it and be open about because they do not or may not understand and see it as being crazy etc. I have learned and trained my self to not say certain things i see about people and also not to be in service to self. I was raised by great individuals who always put the well being of others on top priority and who would lovingly give to those who were there to receive or in need. I have learned that sometimes I do need to protect my self and not allow to be abused or used by others any longer. I have been called a light worker as well and have been told I have lots of LOVE to give. In terms of protecting my self I do not keep or stand on the way of those who choose to throw or give their negativity by abusing or using me or other individuals. I have helped them knowing who they are and their intentions but because i chose to help them and be there not because they manipulated me or so they think. All i do to protect my self which is what i explain to people who are ready to wake up is to imagine its a car or a bus coming towards you(the negative energy, bad intentions from others etc.) and that you are moving out of the way. Even though the individual did something to them imagine that what they did is this so that you do not absorb the negative intent from those on working on service to self and the damage intended will not be there for long or will not occur at all or it will not manifest as intended. THIS is WHEN what the individual who is service to self and their negative energy or negative intentions through manipulation might come back to them and manifest to them in different forms.

        NOW what i talked about previously with my questions is when I do get stirred up and KNOW or feel sure they are manipulating and forcing to make decisions for their own benefit which means they want to control things to take away your free will, those things have happened.

        The other thing is that i have noticed that I can help people feel better by just being around. Their emotional pains and even physical pains tend to go away for some time.

        NOW YOU SEE WHY I DO NOT talk about it to some people.

        What do you think??

        • I totally get you. I will recommend that you use my antivirus trick and put that in practice to avoid such things that may put your conscious at guilt.


          Now you also mentioned that people find their pains go away when you are around, or they feel better. That’s not just your thinking but it actually is TRUE. Just your presence can put negative energies away from people around you.

          Let me tell you one more thing about you. You are a shield. This might sound crazy (or may be not to you) but you put away evil spirits as well. Evil spirits can’t come to you. And the reason people feel better when you are around is because any evil spirit that may be staying with them, move away when you are around them.

          Do I sound crazy now?

          • Alonso

            Hello again:)
            NO you don not sound crazy. I understand what your saying. I use to be able to do other things when i was younger as well. I use to be bored out of my mind so I would meditate for hours at night. Meditation is a must.

      • Alonso

        *post deleted*

      • elliecutte

        Wait, Aisha, I thought you couldn’t harm people in Alpha state?

        • Yes you can’t. But some people have a gift which they are not aware of and when not in charge of their own gift, might cause harm to them or others. These things work on the unconscious level that is why it works when you are HIGHLY emotional. That’s when your mind stops consciously thinking.

          Such people might just have an unconscious thought about something, and it will happen. (That makes them think that they have caused the harm). But if such people, consciously try to harm someone by thinking bad, it will never work.

          This gift is very complicated. I can say so, because I have been trying to deal with it, control it and understand it myself. It comes with a lot of risk and responsibility.

          Have you ever come across a person who is considered as “black tongue” because anything he says, happens. That person is same gifted.

          Now, coming to your question, In Alpha stage, you work with positive energies. I wrote in my blog on meditation, that if you want to reach Alpha stage, you have to meditate to get rid of negative thoughts. Why is that? Because Alpha stage only works when you do not have negative energies. So in Alpha stage you use positive energies ONLY. The moment, a negative energy comes to you, your Alpha stage breaks up.

    • elliecutte

      WOW that’s so cool. I wish i had that gift, you’re very special :3

  12. Alonso

    Hi Aisha. Can you please delete my last post with the email address. It was put by accident. I don’t know how i put it there. Its an email I copied from another site.


  13. Alonso

    Hello Aisha, how are things going ? 🙂

    • Things are going great. And I am quite enjoying the results of my mind power 🙂

  14. elliecutte

    Hi Aisha! I’m glad things are going well for you, especially with your mind power 🙂 🙂 I was only wondering, when we begin to meditate during week 1, we count from 100 to 0, right? thank you :3

    • Yes, 100 to 0 during the first week. Take deep breaths and as you count backwards, relax your body and soul.

  15. Alonso

    Glad to hear your gifts are coming to fruition 🙂 Enjoy:)

  16. elliecutte

    hiii Aisha 🙂 to change your hair texture, is it okay to just visualize your desired hair texture? :3

  17. Hey how can you change your eye color, like step by step?? I really want green eyes.

    • Like should I pretend that they are already green or see my eyes as brown but changing to green I don’t know what to do

      • Imagine them green. The color that you want. Each time you look into the mirror, make believe that you have already started seeing a change in your eye color. Visualize and use affirmations as much as possible. You don’t always have to sit and go into alpha. Just use affirmations whenever you think about your eyes.

        But meditation helps a lot in every aspect of mind power.

        • Thank you so much for responding so fast! So should I tell myself they are changing, like in the process and steps of becoming green (lighter and greenish)? or think that they are already like totally green. Because I have a hard time looking in the mirror and thinking that they are actually green when I can see that they aren’t… Oh btw I wear green contacts should I pretend that’s my real eye color too?

          • The thing about mind power is that it understands simple of the words and does huge wonders. You don’t have to describe in details, you don’t have to explain the process. Just tell the end results. A simple sentence “I have perfectly beautiful green eyes that I love.” And yes, make believe that you already have green eyes.

  18. Mira

    Hi Aisha 🙂 it’s me again! 😀 okay so if you have eyes with blemishes in them (such as redness or brown spots or such) and you want blemish-free perfect eyes with all the redness and spots gone, but you also want to change your eye color, would it be best to picture a perfect and blemish-free eye with WITH your desired eye color as well? So for example, could you imagine a perfect eye with no blemishes that is also the color hazel and tell yourself, “i have perfect hazel eyes?” Thank you 🙂 it means a lot.

    • Mira

      Also, could you change your whole skin color with mind power? Like by visualizing what your desired skin tone is? :O

      • Yes you can do that too. But I keep saying one thing. You have to be satisfied with what you are. I mean instead of asking to change skin color, you can say “I have perfectly beautiful skin tone”.

        If you don’t like your body, you can say ” I have perfectly beautiful body.”

        In this sense, you do not imply to yourself that you HATE what you currently are. Rather you are just beautiful as you are. And in the end, you will get the same results in much much much better way.

        I hope you understood what I am trying to say. Sometimes my mind speaks faster than words.

    • Yes, absolutely yes. You can just say “I have perfectly beautiful hazel eyes.” That should do it.

      • Mira

        Oh thank you so much, Aisha. Thank you thank you ❤ I can't wait to get perfect, blemish-free hazel eyes. And I also understand what you are saying that I should not indicate to myself that I hate my skin color.

        Also, when I say that I have "long wavy hair" and I imagine myself running my fingers through my long and soft and silky wavy hair, and I manifest that through my mind power, am I able to do anything I want with my new hair? Can I wet it, wash it with shampoo, can I even straighten it? Is it mine, or will it just STAY only wavy? Thank you so much.

        • Yes you can do anything with your hair just as you do with your natural hair. If you straighten them with a hair straightener, they will go back to being wavy once they are washed, but if you straighten them using mind power, they will become straight for long.

          So in a nut shell, your wavy hair will be the natural texture. You can do whatever you want with them 🙂

  19. Tinker be

    Hi Aisha! I hope you are doing well, because I am!! Recently I’ve discovered by myself that our mind has the power to influence reality. Then I found your blog and I do everyday, allday, what you wrote. Let me express my experience to you.
    So, I like this guy and I started thinking of him everyday that he thinks of me and wants me too. I wished to see him more often. Suddenly chances come up to see him more often, and hang out with him. We have common friends with who we hang out every now and then. Possitive things happen toward to this desired direction: Make him want me too.
    A room became available in his student house, and as I am interested to move in a house in the same neighborhood which my temporary house is in too, I sent an email and they invited me for an interview. I am constantly thinking everyday to be accepted in that house and live with him. I already imagined that I’ve been accepted.
    Also, we played a game with our friends and we picked cards so we were a couple in that game, which was placing our mouths to the two ends of a spaggetti and eat out most of it.. I couldnt believe that. I also have a picture of us doing that game.
    This Friday we are going to a formal party with our friends. I’m looking forward to what else will happen. I hope everything goes as I want to. As my mind wants to. Any advise from you is more than welcome, and I cant wait for the part 2 how to get everything that you want.

    • Hi tinkerbell.

      I am so happy to hear good results from you. And I absolutely believe you will have an awesome party. Just keep doing what you are doing. Do you meditate? Because meditation helps remove toxic energies from inside you. So when you have no negative energies inside, you start attracting more positive energies.

      Once this ball gets rolling, positive energies will attract in large numbers.

      Take care and have a blast.

      • Tinker bell

        Yes I started meditating with the 7 weeks program you suggested. I am sure I will manage my goal. Hope you are also doing well with your life.

  20. Alexis
    Thank you so much for responding so fast! So should I tell myself they are changing, like in the process and steps of becoming green (lighter and greenish)? or think that they are already like totally green. Because I have a hard time looking in the mirror and thinking that they are actually green when I can see that they aren’t… Oh btw I wear green contacts should I pretend that’s my real eye color too?


  21. R

    Keep posting more blogs.. can’t wait to read

  22. souad

    Hi aisha I’ve been reading on how to use my subconscious mind please Aisha I need to talk to u in private here is my email XXXXXXX@live.com (removed by admin) please contact me pleaaase 🙂

    • Hi. I have emailed you. Please feel free to ask your queries.

      P.S: I am removing your email ID so it won’t be misused.

  23. hello aisha !! i read your blog and it is just wonderful .. i have faced a problem in my life wherein my best friend had befriended me .. i want him to come back and we be together just like we were .. so what do i exactly do ? think about all perfect scenarios .. what i actually want .. and if i visualize about him missing me .. will that work ? i desperately miss my friend and want him back in life ..

    P.S. started using my mind positively already 🙂

    • can we please talk in personal ?
      .. i need to ask u many more questions ..

      • Hi… I have created a contact me page. You can contact me and I will be happy to reply 🙂

    • Hi. What I mostly (actually always) recommend my readers while using Mind Power is, stay SIMPLE… Don’t stress/burden your mind with detailed thoughts or words (unless it’s an image you are making). So if you want your friend back, use affirmations like “We are friends and we always will be.” Or something along the lines of “I have my best friend in my life.”

      These affirmations will either return you your best friend or in course of time you will find a best friend who will make you feel special and fill that gap in your heart.

      If you are visualizing, think happy thoughts. You both happily going to the movies, eating ice creams, laughing on jokes etc etc.

      • hey aisha i tried contacting u but it says the email id does not exist. how can i get in touch with you?

        • That’s strange. The ID is correct and working. I have sent you an email with the same ID. Please check your spam.

  24. Ruby

    Your blog is wonderful! If you ever find you are too busy to continue it please don’t delete it! Please leave it up for others and us to refer back to it. Thank you!!!

    • Hi Ruby. I will delete it. I hope I can continue but in case I can’t, the site will always remain and I will make sure to maintain it’s existence for everyone.

      Thanks for your encouragement. It means a lot.

  25. Tatiana

    Hi, Aisha. There’s a few minutes I read some articles on your blog. And I’ve always tried to change my physical appearance through mind power. I’ve achieved subtle changes a time ago but when I’m sad or not encouraged, I just lose all my progression. If you could email me, I would love to talk to you.
    I don’t know if you’re into astrology or even believe it, but in a analysis of my birthchart a woman told me I had great mind power and could influence my reality with that. I’ve tried a few other things like seduction through my mind and had success but I’m stagnated when it comes to change my appearance. Could you help me? I’ve also read articles about people who could manage to change one’s appearance almost instantly.

    • I don’t believe in astrology, for religious reasons only. However, I do not refuse/deny it. But, I do believe what birthcharts say about a person. Like mine says, I am a shield. I protect the ones who love and when some danger/harms comes towards them, I stand in front of them to take all the impact.
      Anyway, Since you have tried and already seen subtle changes, you do know that mind power is working for you and you have controlled it.

      The only problem lies in MAINTAINING that control, which you seem to lose.

      Have you tried meditating? Also have you read my blog titled antivirus for your brain? I have explained a very simple method to keep away negative thoughts and negative emotions.

      You can contact me from my page, https://ashscrapyard.wordpress.com/contact-me/
      I will be happy to help you.

  26. is this even real?

  27. iat

    hi Aisha i really want to contact you if you don’t mind. i sent you an email already like a few days ago but it seems you didnt see it or sth idk. anyway thank you for sharing inspirational stuff and being kind ❤

  28. Hi aisha.i just recently read your blog.i want to learn more about mind power.do subliminal beat or binaural beat from youtube can help you achieve goal?

    • Honestly speaking, these beats only help to soothe/calm your nerves and give your body a rhythm and focus. Meditation is one good way to achieve that. But if any beat from youtube is helping you achieve that goal, then no harm done. Just don’t get “used to” to that beat. Because going into alpha stage should come naturally to you.

  29. Thank u for the reply!!you enlighten me with your blog.I really believe in mind power.my only problem is my consious mind is so active finding negative things that lead me to doubt my goal.I want to be consistent with this positivity thanks to you.you are a blessing.hope u continue writing

    • Yeah I know the conscious mind keeps finding negative things. To help overcome this, I am working on a blog that actually explains the physics/biology behind mind power and what is the science behind its working.

      The conscious minds needs proves and I will provide it soon. Keep yourself in the loop 🙂

  30. Thank you!!ill be waiting for that!!

  31. Hi Aisha,
    i wanted ask you can your energy cause negative things to happen. E.G if someone was jealous of someone and they thought about them looking nice and wishing they could have that would that give nazar and cause harm to the other person? like maybe there clothes ripped or something. but sometimes that person doesn’t realize its causing harm and how should they stop it from happening even though they don’t want to cause harm to others. can it cause harm if the person feels angry towards that person for various reasons.


    • Zahra, mind power is all about think good and get good. So if someone was jealous of someone THEIR OWN NEGATIVE THOUGHTS will bring harm to them and not because of the person they are jealous of.

      We cannot harm others. Only our own minds harm us.

      • Thankyou soo much for telling me that. I feel so relieved. I pray for her to find peace and happiness.

        You are doing an amazing job 🙂
        I send yu lots of positive energy from me xx


  32. also when I do get annoyed and think or feel sure someone is manipulating and forcing to make decisions for their own benefit which means they want to control things to take away your free will, then things might happen to the other person but theyl say im jealous of them and causing negative energy. i cant speak about it to anyone or that person because they do not like being in the wrong or being proven wrong always think theyr right because sometimes they have been. shes a very kind and lovely person but has some negatives things about her due to her mental illness. she always blames me for ruining her life but i dont know how to stop and feel awful about it and im at the point where she always says it so i just dont want to be in her life because shes negative but she needs my help and i cant turn away from her because i could never to that to anyone no matter how they treat me.


  33. Nafas

    Hi dear aisha thanks so much for your so useful web😍
    Can i use my mind to pass entrance exam?and if i can,wt should i do?and how meditate?and can i use it to get rid off extra hairs??
    Pleeeeeeez help😪

    • Yes you can definitely use it to pass your exams. Not just pass it, but pass it with great grades. All you need to do is meditate and then use affirmations. Having said that, this does not mean mind power alone will make you pass it.

      Your affirmations should be something like ” whatever I read, I will remember it during my exams. My exam will be very easy for me. I know all the answers to the questions in the exam. I have focus and a good mind.”

      And you will repeat this same affirmation each time you start to study and you will repeat the same affirmation before starting your exam.

      Yes you can get rid of extra hair too.

  34. Vidya

    Can someone please help me how can I make my mom to accept for my love marriage. She is not accepting I’m trying very hard I’m disturbed a lot .I want to change her plzzz help me frndz

    • You can use affirmations and visualization.

      Visualize a scenario where you are happy. Your mom is happy too. Visualize that everyone is congratulating you on your engagement with the one you love. That your mom is happy with you.

      You can say the affirmations for the same.

  35. Vidya

    Thnkuu aisha can you tell me what affirmations I hav to do so that I can make my mom to accept for my marriage with my love

  36. Casey Miller

    will i be able to change my eye color and hair color through mind power? will people around me notice the changes if the color changes?

    • Yes, you definitely can and if you visualize people complimenting your exact feature, you will be surprised with the results.

  37. Zahi

    When is your next blog gonna come….waiting for it!!!!

  38. Zahi

    Hi Aisha!!!
    Its been a while im trying this and im not getting any results. I donna wat am i doin wrong or wat is holding me back….but i really belive in tis stuff and i hv don almost everything to make tus wrk…can u pls hlp me?

    • Did you try meditating and cleansing your body of all the negativity before starting working on any objective?

      • Zahi

        Since i came to know about this for last few 6-7 months i started searching everything related to this and i found everything i wanted including your channel nd it all proved tat this wrks….
        Aftr knowing about this i hav always been positv nd tried meditating using affirmations for 1 month nd mor. I hv also been listening to subliminals bcoz i hv found out it wrks frm som books i hv read about subconcious but what turn me negative is when i don find any change in what i want .
        So this is the affiramtions im using rit nw-
        Im getting superfast subliminal reslts
        Im getting complete subliminal reslts in one month
        I hav clear fair skin
        I have light brown eyes
        I hav thick silky healthy choclt brwn hair…
        Nd i hvnt got even a slight chng😓
        Everytime i feel down i take ur blog nd start reading the cmmnts
        Thankyou soooo much fr replying
        Nd ill be waiting fr ur reply🙂

        • Hi There,

          First of all, the first 2 affirmations should be altered from “i am getting” to “I AM”… You always want to say the end results in affirmations, like its already there…

          Second, it takes time. Keep repeating your affirmations and keep mediating. One of the best way to get results is to keep the consistency… So if you are mediating, keep mediating and dont switch to subliminals… Also, have you read my blog on how to make perfect affirmations?

          Yake care and good luck.

      • Zahi

        The only time i feel negative is wen i try tis fr a month or mor nd i don even see a slight change….i hv searched every thing abt subconcious frm the tim i came to know about this like 6 -7months back nd tis really wrks. Even subliminals wrk fr ur subconcious nd im trying them too but its nt wrking fr me
        I lost my exams bcoz of tis but im still trying bcoz i cant go back lik i was befor aftr knowing about this
        Its my dream to get fair skin nd brown eyes
        This is wat i affirm while meditating
        Im getting superfast subliminal reslts
        Im getting complete subliminl reslts in one month
        I have clear fair skin
        I have light brown eyes
        I hav a perfect body.
        But not getting any change
        Wat am i doing wrong😓
        Thnks fr ur reply🙂

      • Zahi

        Srry fr replying too much i couldnt see my first reply tats wy replied 2 times jst consider the first one

      • Zahi

        Did you delet my reply!😪

  39. Thuf


  40. Thuf

    Hi Aisha😍
    Can we bcom rich with mind power!!
    If so can you tell me an affirmation😊

  41. Thuf


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