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Meditation – The Easy Method Of Reaching Alpha Stage Of Mind


First of all, I am definitely very happy that my Mind Power blogs are helping so many people. I pray that everyone can find peace of mind and true happiness in their heart with what they have in their life. Being content is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

Today’s blog is going to be about meditation because many comments have pointed towards it.

Why meditation, right?

I want you to take a pause right now. Stop what you are doing. Just sit back and think, when was the last time you felt “Elevated.” Without the drugs of course 😛

I am talking about that moment when you were not in a hurry to go somewhere, to be somewhere. A moment when you were only you and not someone somebody else wanted you to be. The moment when you didn’t bother to check your mobile for any social update as if one second delay would cause a nuclear world war. A moment when you didn’t worry about cooking, or assignments, or projects or love, or family or money.


Non of us can remember that time because we have become robots in the hands of time, time which we do not have enough of. Everyday, we are trying to run as fast as we can. Running behind work, money, happiness, family, friends, love and what not.

Meditation gives you that moment. My experience of meditation cannot truly be explained in words. I felt like I was above the ground. Floating in the clouds. I had nothing to worry about. I was not running. I was absolutely CALM. My body was relaxing. My mind was full of peace and my heart felt that sudden warmth of contentment.

Now, personally, I am a type of person who cannot just sit in one place doing nothing which makes meditation all the more a tough task for me. I want something quick, easy and fruitful. If only there was an app for that haha 🙂

I read many books on meditation and I loved one method the most. It helped me focus, was simple and did not bore me at all. And I would like to share that method with you all to help you reach that state of mind so you can experience the same contentment that I did.

This is a 7 week program. And after these 7 weeks, you will be so trained and in control of your mind that you will be able to reach your ALPHA stage of mind within 10 seconds. Continue reading

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I Am An Evil Blood Sucking Monster

Girl Looking At Reflection In Mirror

I live under your skin
Under the skin of every human
A blood sucking monster may be?
May be I am a demon

I have my red eyes fix on you
And it goes where ever you go
I watch your actions profoundly
And note whatever you sow

Where ever you go, whatever you see
How so ever you are striving
I have an evil plan in mind
And know that I am writing

And when I have watched enough
It’s my turn to play a game
You have no idea what I can do
What I can proclaim Continue reading

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The Rumors About 2012 – How True Can They Be?

Christ Consciousness - A New World

Umm, its been a few days since I haven’t posted anything (some of you were happy, isn’t it 😛 LOL), The reason being that I was consumed with reading a lot of books on different subjects of Mind Power, Lucid Dreaming, Power Of Thoughts etc. All these books have given me an insight on how things work around and have made me see what world really is and what is coming ahead.

Before I begin, My knowledge is very less and of course without doubt True Knowledge lies with God. Only He knows when what shall happen. This blog is simply what I have studies and realized so don’t start throwing tomatoes at me. Lol

Also I do not say that this is going to happen in 2012, but this is (may be) how it is going to be PRETTY SOON. 

This world will end pretty soon, may be in few days, weeks, months or years, but it wont actually end, it is going to shift to another world.

Since I do not myself have a science background, I will try to explain things in the simplest of words. Continue reading

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Random Stuff/Questions I Am Usually Told/Asked By People

Random Questions Fairy

Today when I was asked another out-of-the-blue-strange question by people (strangers), Friends (none) and Foes (everyone), I decided I would do a blog about it. These are random stuffs that people keep telling me or ask me (IDK WHY).

Sometimes I answer them, Sometimes I insult them and sometimes I just ignore them depending upon who the person asking me is.

Here I go, Continue reading

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Yay… My Blog Is Rescued :)

So why em I writing?

Lol… Its my Karma. When something had gone bad, I wrote it out for everyone to read. So when something has gone good, I should write that down too. I don’t want to spread the wrong impressions while keep the right impressions to myself.

If you know what I mean :).

BlogHyped responded to my Copyright Claim and apologized for it. They have edited the article to just an excerpt and also asked if I wanted it to be removed completely.

Also since BlogHyped is a user-run site. It does not allow plagiarism and content theft and they have their own TOS which restricts its users to do so.

So in the end, I have no grudges or bad impressions about this site as a whole 🙂

Thank you BlogHyped for taking action.



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