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I Shall Marry Whosoever Signs This Certificate

I have been long averting the topic of “Marriage” but I guess my perspective of things in this regard has been so wrong all this while. Why should I fight against the world saying I don’t want to marry in order to protect that one poor little soul whose neck would be given in my hand ( or is it hand in my hand :/ ?)

Anyway, so the point is, why should I become the bad guy when in reality all I am trying to do is save one innocent man’s soul who will get deceived with my innocent looks and fall for something as big as marriage and then realize what the devil kind of a person I am.

So today I have released a Certificate. What’s it called? You will find out by the end of this Certificate and if you are smart enough, you will probably won’t need me to say.

Whosoever dares to sign this certificate, I shall happily ( not really happily unless I have decided on a plan to kill you) marry the person.


This certificate states that you, ___(Full Name)___, in full and absolute consciousness and with free will has wished upon to marry me. Upon signing this certificate you take all responsibility for anything and everything that happens to you your mind, body and soul. You understand the dangers and are ready to face the consequences of the decision hereby made. Continue reading

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Those Embarassing Moments When…

when you write “I want your lic” instead of  Continue reading

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I Finally Meet My Stalker Ghost For The First Time… For Real

Cloud Of Smoke In Human Figure

First, I want to apologize to all my fellow bloggers for not being able to read your blogs or comment upon them even though I have been so tempted with all the emails I received when you posted the blog. I will be reading them very soon when I catch my breath from work and other stuff going around.

Second, sorry I have been so off from making blogs as I have been juggling work, shopping for travelling & supernatural stuff.

It’s been a very very very crazy week for me and a lot has happened.

One of which being my encounter with a ghost for the first time. Previously in “Paranormal Being, Hallucination Or Effects Of Meditation… You Decide” I told you that every night at a certain time there is this one place outside my work room where I feel someone is standing.

Well I am honored to tell you that I have met that someone. Continue reading

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Results For Picture Worth Your Words Contest # 2 : Tide Of Time

Sorry folks. I will admit that I have been pretty much a busy bee since past few days. I’l also admit that it is due to the fact that I am one single person trying to do so many things all at one time. And then of course you know that story of the man who puts his leg in two different boats at the same time ( or was it really that sort of story really?)

Anyway, my last contest ended on the 10th of March with pretty much less entries than the one I had before that. But this hasn’t disappointed me because the entries I got made up for everything.

They were all really great and it surprises me how wonderfully talented people can be (although deep down inside they will still insist that they are not great writers 😛 )

So without further ado, the winner of Picture Worth Your Words Contest # 2 : Tide Of Time is,  Continue reading

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Aisha’s PicYard Is Up And Ready :)

Well, I had made AshPicYard long back but I guess I gave more attention to AshScrapYard. So today I set up all the menus, texts and theme for it. Frankly, I love AshPicYard’s theme more now :(. Its fresh and its very colorful.

Some of you may have noticed that I have been changing AshScrapYard’s theme a lot lately. I don’t know if this is just me but I just seem to love this “Grunge” theme of WordPress so much that no matter how many other themes I try, I end up having this one.

But really I am so bored of this theme. Its getting on my nerves because it feels lifeless. I want to change it. And I do change it. But the new theme hardly stays a few hours or a day (if its lucky enough) then I am back to grunge. *sad*

Anyway, So AshPicYard‘s theme is very apt. It’s fresh, has colors and has life.  Continue reading

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