How I Changed My Hair Color Just Through My Mind Power

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So if you have checked out or just gave a glance without bothering to click on “Mind Power” section of my blog page ( yes it’s that tiny little section in my menu), you would know that I do talk a lot about mind powers and what it can do.I have a few blogs written on the subject already and feel a little guilty for not having the time to write the rest of the blogs I planned to.

Actually it kinda needs to have my full focus when I am writing on such subjects so that I can put down all information without missing out anything and lately I am not finding that focus. 

Today while talking to a friend of mine ( you would be shocked that I have a friend but I just called her a friend coz I know she will read this LOL), I told her how I changed my hair color through my mind power. 

That’s when I realized, I should have shared this success story of mine with all of you. To show you what your mind can do. What powers you hold and what your thoughts can do for you. 

Now most of you including the friend I told this to, won’t believe me. I know it’s hard to believe. Too hard to digest. You might even think I am just bluffing and making up stories and I wouldn’t blame you for it. But if you can believe then every word I say is true. I will leave the believing part on you.

Here it goes.

I have always had black hair color since birth. Since I promised every word is going to be true, I will make it clear that I never had deep dark black hair. Rarely do people have dark black hair. So mine were just simple black. 

I never liked my hair color. I always loved having dark brown colored hair. My Mom isn’t much of a person who would allow hair coloring, bleaching or extreme fashion craze so I knew I had no chance of changing my hair color (also the idea of bleaching hair n then re-coloring scares me).

That’s when my craze began to rise. All I could think was having brown hair. In my utter innocence I would keep telling myself of having CHESTNUT BROWN hair color. I remember so perfectly that I would keep thinking of Chestnuts and want that color. I used the word innocence because at that time I didn’t know anything about mind power and why I kept telling myself, I don’t know.

Time passed and so did years and then something miraculous happened. My hair color changed. Yes people, believe it or not it changed.

Have you seen chestnut? It has lines of different shades of brown. Light brown lines and dark brown lines mixed. THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT MY HAIR COLOR IS :). It has double shades. Just exactly the way I like them.

Since then I have got asked by so many people about my hair color. People ask me if I have colored my hair, what color I used, what shades I used and at that moment, with extreme pride I have told them, “It’s my natural hair color.” 

So people, if you do believe me in what I have said, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE understand that your mind works for you.

You have to control your mind and make it do things that you want. Train it well and it will be like your personal genie. Your thoughts have powers. You only have to practice, keep practicing it. It takes time and yes it takes years too but that’s a very little price if you have to master this power and control it. 

For those of you who think I just cooked up a story, you should know I am very bad at cooking. Lol. Jokes apart, it’s okay if you don’t believe me, that’s your choice but do try to test your power of mind. 

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248 thoughts on “How I Changed My Hair Color Just Through My Mind Power

  1. curvyelvie

    Awesome post and thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you 🙂

      • Heebs

        You said “years” does it take that long?! + did happen like SUDDENLY , bcz for me, that’s almost impossible.

        • The first time I had no idea I was even doing it so it took me years, but once I learned about mind power and started practicing it, the results started showing up wayyyyyyyyyy quicker.

          The physical changes do take time. You can’t expect to sleep one night with black hair and get up with blonde hair. It will happen gradually. But other things such as craving an ice cream from your favorite ice cream parlor can come to you within few minutes just magically, like someone would bring it home with them.

          • Krisha

            YoU are not correct in your way in fact you are absolutely wrong

  2. uzma

    even though i have seen both of ur hair colour..previosly black n todays’s double shaded chestnut brown..its just not digestable for me…i think i need more examples…so change something else…btw inspiring quote by james allen:)

    • If I even changed my gender, you would still have reasons not to believe me. LOL

    • I learned a technique from sister. record your affirmations and layer them on top of each other. Itll sound like a bunch of jumbled voices, but thats so the conscious mind doesn’t understand it. Make it repeat to 10 minutes and listen 2 to 6 times a day. I did add music (no wordes music, just instrumentals). It took 3 months from hair to go to black, to bright red. Create at least 50 to 100 affirmations. Hope that helps.

      • Oh and record the affirmations in form of “I” and “You”

        For example: I have silky bright red hair.
        You have silky bright red hair.

        Step 1: Record your affirmations on seperate recordings in I and You format.

        Step 2: Layer the recorded affirmations until it sounds like a bunch of jumbled voices that you can’t understand. Then combine all of them together

        Step 3: Repeat the voices to 10 or 15 minutes.

        Step 4: Add instrumental music, but make it louder then the voices

        Step 5: Then listen 2 to 6 times a day.

        I tried it for more this for more months and skin acne has cleared up as well.

  3. Once my website was hacked and the hacker left traces of some *ahem ahem* things and it’s very difficult to trace all of them, at that time I used mind power to delete all the traces he left. Believe me it works (NOT).

    • If you had tried, you would have done that as well. But if only you knew the power your mind holds.

      • Vidya

        Aisha can you please help me from this situation I’m at present. I want my mom to accept for my love marriage but she is not what can I do I very confused and disturbed plz suggest me what should I do can my mind power will change her

  4. Uriah

    prove it where are the pics?

  5. If you;re able to do change the colour of you hair, that is good. we certainly have the potential to do many things with the power of our mind. For something to happen, all the relevant ingredients had to be present. Just because I spend 30 minutes a day focusing and the change I wanted didn’t happen even after 30 days doesn’t mean that it cannot work. It just meant it didnt work for me. Perhaps the intention wasn’t strong enough, perhaps I had doubt, perhaps i was not specific, perhaps I was sending inconsistent signals……..etc. And that is why when some one managed to do it, it is deemed a miracle. We all had the potential to tap into this power and manifest any thing we wish ( within the governing guideline). Like everything else….we must first recognize and claim the power, understand the rules and practice, practice and more practice. Surely we cannot expect to arrive at the end of the pool the first day we learn how to swim.

  6. Esh

    I always wondered, what one’s mind is capable of, but to put it in practice I needed some support and I got it from you. Brilliant blog.

  7. Kristian

    I really do believe in the mind powers because absolutely everything is possible in the universe i will try to turn my hair color light blonde my eye color light blue thanks for the information 😛

  8. Raven

    I’ve been trying for about a month to change my hair color to jet black with various methods of visualization, meditation, and physically speaking to my hair. I have yet to see any significant results. How long did your hair take to change color? Also, can you advise other methods to try? Thanks.


    • Well, As I have already written in my blog that I started thinking about chestnut hair color when I was absolutely unaware of this mind power thingi. I must have been 15 at that time. I only noticed the changed when I was 20 may be.

      Does that mean for 5 years I had to work through mind power? NO. Because at that time I didn’t know the right methods.

      Just a couple of days I was talking to my mother about going a little more lighter on brown. And then I started doing the same thing. Trust me, within 20 days, my hair color has gone one tone lighter. (Frankly it was still going lighter until I had to clearly tell my mind to stop going lighter.)

      The problem with mind power is, you really have to understand what method your mind understands more. Or what method puts your mind to your control.

      I did a few sessions of MEDITATION where I would sit in a quiet place. Count 100 to 1 backwards while slowly inhaling and exhaling. Then when I reached 0, I would believe that I was in ALPHA STATE of mind. Then I would whisper thoughts into my mind such as

      “Every day in every way I am getting better better and better. I have full control of my mind, thoughts and action. The power of my mind is in my control. I can get everything that I want through power of my mind.”

      I kept saying this including a few other things that I specifically wanted (who doesn’t want to be pretty? I even prayed for having straight teeth and now I wear braces).

      I did this for a few months. I wanted to continue but got busy. But I can assure you one thing. My mind power is ON. I ask for something today and it comes to me. As a religious person, I put God before everything, even my mind power so all in all the basic idea is “ASK AND IT WILL BE GIVEN” but believe in it.

      • Raven

        Alright, thank you. I appreciate your reply. I think a part of the reason why I am having such difficulty is my grandmother. She always used to tell me how much she loved my hair when it was brown. She had since passed, and I feel that that one memory may be preventing any change from happening. Would you happen to have any advice for dealing with this? Thanks.


        • Give yourself a few minutes of conversation. Ask yourself, would your grandma have loved you any less if you did not have brown hair color? Would she have not loved you the same if you had black hair or even red hair? Would your grandma have loved you differently based on your color, height, weight or APPEARANCE?

          No. Your grandma’s love for you is irrespective of your appearance.

          Have such conversation with yourself. Once you have made this fact clear to yourself, you will be able to change as you like.

  9. Raven

    Well, I can report that I still have not seen a change in my hair color. I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. I am currently using meditation, visualization, and affirmations.


    • How long have you been doing it? And when you say visualization, what method of visualization have you used? If you can tell me these details, I will help you speed up the process with tricks I have used.

      Just to let you know, I am now trying to get a little red shade into my hair color and I can see a VERY VERY VERY minor change already. It’s been a month since I wanted a little red.

      • Raven

        I have been doing visualizations for around 10 months. I would visualize a white light surrounding my hair before it became jet black in my visualization. Thank you for the help. It is very appreciated.

        Congratulations on your success..

        • When you want to bring about a change, you need to visualize the change. I don’t know why you have been visualizing a white light surrounding your hair. To quicken the process, try googling the image of kind of hair you want to hair. The image should be exact or near to exact picture of the hair you wish to have. Download that image and put it in a place where you can see it often.

          I usually have it in my mobile.

          Then every now n then you open that image, look at it and tell your mind that you have such hair. You can even tell your mind that the image is of your hair :). After a few days, this image will become your element of visualization. So whenever you close your eyes, bring that image in your visualization and then talk to your mind.

          I also trick my mind. I spend a few hours googling any home remedy that would help change my hair color. I read ample of home remedies (Like apply lemon to lighten your hair, or henna to turn them brown) and after my mind has spend hours reading and seeing images and words, I adopt one home remedy. I just do it once or twice. And the effect remains forever.

          I once applied henna to my black hair. They turned brown. You would say, it was because of henna, but it’s been 2 years since that ONE TIME and the color still remains. So that’s another trick.

          Good Luck 🙂

          • Raven

            Thank you so much for the advice, Aisha. It means the word to me. I have just picked out an image that is of the exact shade, so I will begin looking at the image and perform the techniques as soon as I am able. I have looked into henna and indigo to change my hair color to black, since both are required. It is very expensive, unfortunately, so I do not think I will be able to attempt that part. Would repeating the phrase, “I have jet black hair” before I go to bed be a good idea?

            • Yes repeating that phrase will help. Just dont over think it.

              Also, whenever you look into the mirror, DONT think that your hair color has NOT changed. Instead, keep assuring that you see a slight change, that your hair color has already started changing. It’s just a matter of getting the process started, once it does, it will happen quicker.

              • Raven

                Alright, thank you.

                That is great advice. I’ll be sure to keep this in mind when I look in a mirror. Thank you so much for the help. I truly appreciate it.

          • Did you tell your mind that image is of your hair?

            • Yes. I made my mind believe that I was looking at an image of my own hair. Just remember, your mind is a like a trainless puppy. You train it well and then all you have to do is give it commands.

          • Owen

            I read that henna is a permanent hair dye?? Couldn’t this be a valid explanation for your hair changing colour or is there a reason why it couldn’t have been the henna?? Even if it was the henna, I still believe in Mind Power though, there are too many valid examples for it to be false

            • 1. Your hair will only change color with henna if your hair are light or white. It is not a dye. Just a natural herb that gives coats color on light hair strands or hand.

              2. Henna wears off within few washes. Which is why people with grey hair have to reapply it every 15 to 20 days.

              3. No product can color your hair permanently. Think about it. You are only coloring your hair strands (from above the scalp). It would be a permanent change of color if it was changing the color of hair roots. So even if I agree (for the sake of discussion) that henna changes your hair color permanently, it is only coloring your hair strands. Your hair will still grow in your natural hair color, wouldn’t it?

              I haven’t used henna in about 3 years now. My hair are growing in the color I visualized in Mind Power.

              • Owen

                Ah ok. I was confused about that I think…there were conflicting points on google. I suppose you couldn’t change the follicle lol I never thought of that. I’m basically sold on the power of the mind to influence the body in ways we don’t appreciate as a society. I think it’s a shame it seems so difficult to achieve because if it wasn’t then we might be able to use it in medicine more which is ofcourse far more important than hair colour (no offence to all concerned!)

                • It’s already under use by those who truly understand and believe in the power of magic. There are a group of people who treat diseases as far as cancer using mind power. So this is just a magic potion, whether you change your hair color with it or heal someone with disease, is your own choice.

          • Anand Kottai

            Good one, i am going to follow to turn my hair thick black and dense. thanks

      • hifsaa

        Hey aisha. I loved your blog. And i need little help in visualizing please. Can u?

  10. Amanda

    Hi Aisha,

    I’m kinda late but I really like your blog post. I totally agree…the mind is very powerful. If only people understood that everything we perceive is all in the mind which means we have the power to chance how we (and others) see things. We are powerful (limited though). I just watched a video of a mother and her daughter chancing their eye color through visualization (visualizing themselves as werewolves and other animals)…pretty cool. You just have to believe. Anyways, thanks!

  11. hifsaa

    I need to know in what ways can we trick our mind to get the change we want?

    • There are many different ways. Like visualization, affirmations throughout the day, meditation and visuals. Depending upon what change you want or whichever method suits best.

  12. Yeah! I want to know how to visualize something that we don’t have?

  13. Dam

    Very interesting. Ive always wondered if there were actually any limitations on the potential of the mind. Such about TK and such..

    What other changes did you achieve using your mind? You seem really sharp.


    • The possibilities are endless. Not just curtailed to changing something. Your mind is capable of doing so many wonderful things. Your only limit is “YOU”.

      I have been told that my hands are blessed because whenever I press/rub anyone’s paining shoulder, hand or head, they go into a state of relaxation and by the time I let go of the touch, they say their pain is gone.

      I have also noticed that I always get what I want. Sometimes even within an hour. Like if I am craving to eat something, my neighbour will happen to be cooking the same and will send me some. Usually my fiance will come home with exactly the same thing that would be on my mind (which of course I hadn’t told him).

      • What methods of visualization can we use aisha? I mean if something is just so not real to imagine. Will it help changing any feature? Like f i wana change my eye color. I visualize that i have a green colored ball i my hand and i just pur it in my eye and that ball converts into a little one and that gives me a green eyed color. So my question is that we can’t do it in real (putting a ball in eye) so if we visualize something that can’t happen in real, will it help achieve the goal?

        • See, the thing about visualizing something is, putting that visualization into the action by sending signals to the universe so that the force can turn that visualization into reality. Now your visualization can attract a bad incident. Like a green ball could hit your eye. After all that is exactly what you are visualizing isn’t it. So I always recommend SIMPLE visualizations.

          Universe is like a Genie. It does what it is asked to do without actually thinking about it.

          What you can do is, trick your mind. Take a picture of yourself. Edit your eyes to green color. Put this picture on your mobile wallpaper, on your laptop wallpaper or even in your photoframe. You don’t even have to visualize it. You just have to BELIEVE that, that image is real. It is your actual image.

          I have done this method. I will do a blog about it and you can read in that in details.

          • hafsamujeebgorayah27

            Oh thankyou so much aisha. This info really helped. 🙂 I want to ask one thing more abt my cousin. She has a little dull complexion. She’s getiing married soon. Like in 2 3 months. So can you tell me what should she visualize to get a glowing skin (whole body color) ? Like if she wants fairer body color as much as emma watson has. What should she visualize to get almost the same color? Cuz she’s good at hypnosis. Can she succed by just looking at her picture for long time everyday feeling that she’s getting skin like her or she should try something else? What method will work? Kindly answer. 🙂

            • I will tell you one method that has worked so much for me. I had a dull complexion too. Not so dull but it had no glow, no attraction. What I did was, I used CAMERA360 app. It has got lovely built in effects. I set the effects to “Clear Skin’ or something like that. I don’t remember what the actual name was since i don’t use it anymore 🙂 and have uninstalled it.

              I took my pictures with those effects and the result would be such lovely pics with clear skin and glow. I used to see them all the time and then after a while those pictures started looking EXTRA fake. Why? Because my skin had already become clear n glowing. Now I take pictures with the normal camera and trust me, even my no makeup pictures look awesome.

              Try it….. You will be amazed what your pretty little mind can do.

              • Ahan. 🙂 Okay, i also want a clear complexion. I’ll try it too.
                Plus i want to ask what do i have to do with that clear skin picture?
                I just have to look at it and believe that my skin is just like this or what?
                What feeling should i have while looking at it? And do i have to use the affirmations and visuals? Or just looking at it for long at daily basis will work? 🙂
                And aisha for how long did it take to show results?
                And how many times a day you used to look at it?
                Im feeling so excited already.
                P.s im learning more and more.
                Thankyou for that. You’re really sweet. 🙂

                • You have to do nothing. It’s your beautiful clear and glowing skin in the picture. Just look at it and admire your beauty. Do it until you look into the mirror and can have the same result.

                  To speed up the process, share your pics with your friends, family. But only, IF ONLY they can pass a positive comment on it. Their thoughts will send signals into the universe for you and it will come to you.

                  Take care gorgeous and remember, you are beautiful.

  14. Oh, thankyou so much aisha. Im gonna try this now.
    This is so amazing. If it worked. I really believe it will. I know it will.
    Thanks again. Stay blessed. 🙂
    I wana ask one more thing. May I?

  15. Umm, you said we can trick our mind and get what we want, so can we be like someone else.
    For example, i love selena gomez. I just love her smile. She is so adorable.
    What if i wana be like her? I mean a face like her? Can i trick my mind by looking her picture and admiring her beauty and make my self believe that Im like her or its my own picture? Will it really work?

    • Yes it will work but having said that I am not much of a fan of wanting to change yourself completely. To be “like someone else.” Since we are on this topic, did you know that the best way to attract these things is actually to be THANKFUL. Being thankful is one key element. There is even a book entirely on this subject and how to get things by just being thankful. They give you exercises where you close your eyes and just thank for good things every morning and night.

      My point is, you do not have to be like someone else. Just think yourself as a perfect being. You are God’s creation and he is flawless in this work. So whatever you do, just imagine yourself, a better yourself, a beautiful yourself and a happy yourself.

  16. hafsamujeebgorayah27

    Oh yes, Im getting your point. 🙂
    Whatever i want to get I just have to believe in myself first and be happy for what I already have. Right?
    So what should I do to achieve my goal? What should be my main focus? I really want a face like her. Kindly explain me. 🙂
    And can you tell me the exact name of that book so I could read it.

    • Just think of yourself getting better. My favorite mantra is “Everyday in every way, I am getting better, better and better.” I chant this mantra few times daily or whenever I feel like an energy is surrounding me.

    • Forgot to mention the book. It’s “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne. Its a fabulous book. Must read.

  17. hafsamujeebgorayah27

    Oh yeah. I already do it. At night when im in bed and in the morning before leaving bed. But what will happen doing it? I mean how this will let me achieve my goal? And i tried but i couldn’t make myself believe that its my own picture. Is there any other method aisha? :/

    • Please contact me via email. Perhaps I can send you some energy. But for that I need to sunchronize with you. Contact me and I can help.

  18. Really? You will help me this way? 🙂
    For sure, where can I talk to you?
    Your email? 🙂

    • I have sent you an email. Please check your junk. Even Gmail thinks I am junk lol

  19. Hehehe!
    Umm which email?
    The one im using for wordpress?

  20. Ruben

    Will this work for eye color as well? I have brown eyes and I want gray eyes. Any suggestions on what I can do? (:

    • Yes it will work. You can do the visualization method and from now on, your eye color is not brown. It already is gray. This statement is what you must start believing in.

      • Ruben

        Thank you (: I have been visualizing my gray eyes. How long do you think it can take for my eyes to change color?

        • Thats the thing about mind power. Everyone gets a unique experience. For some the process just happens in few days while some take time. The first time always takes time because your conscious mind keeps fighting back saying it is not possible. But once you go through that first time and see the results, then the conscious mind gets no say when you try other things.

          I do not want to discourage you but as I have written in my blog, it took me years. I think it took me 3 years. But that was when I did not even know what I was doing. After that, (if you can believe me), I have even gotten red shade in my hair within a week but went back because I didn’t like it.

          So it takes time when it’s your first.

          • Ruben

            Thank you for your response. I will definitely work at it. I must ask you how do you feel about hypnosis and subliminal messages? Is it something you would recommend?

            • Hypnosis, I feel should be left to the professionals because it is a very risky field. Not something that you should read off the internet and try on yourself or someone else. It causes direct impact on brain. And that goes for subliminal messages too. The reason I don’t recommend these is because their results are irreversible and once you trigger them, you can’t undo or stop it.

              Like a bullet fired from a gun.

              The methods I recommend are safe and cannot cause any harm because these methods are based on Mind Power through POSITIVE thinking. Changing your life by changing your thinking into good, happy and positive thoughts. Living in a bubble of good energy and spreading it.

              • Ruben

                Ok I will definitely stay away from them. I have one more question 🙂 do you think that because eyes are small, the process of changing the color would be faster vs hair since hair is a large portion of the body?

                • No. The change only depends on your believe in yourself whether you move mountains with it or pebble.

  21. Hi there. After I have meditated to get some positive energy, how would I go about to change my eye color and remove some brown dots in my eyes? Would I look at a picture of the eye color I want and tell myself that this is the color of my eyes? Would I also tell myself that there are no brown dots in my eyes as well? Thank you 🙂

  22. Happpyyy Saturday Aisha! I was wondering, to change your hair texture from really coily curly to straight, would visualizing straight hair give the desired hair texture? Thank you bunches 🙂 xxxx 🙂

  23. elliecutte

    hi aisha, i have found your blog at the exact time in my life in which i need it, and i am so so grateful for finding it, i can’t wait to change my life and be who i want to be and finally be happy with myself. i just want to know if mind power really really works and that you can reach alpha stage through meditation and with that you can manifest your wants through the power of your mind. i know that this will work, but sometimes this HUMONGOUS wave of doubt just splashes over me and i start to not believe. but then a few moments later i get this huge feeling of belief and i believe again. 😦 sigh i just really really want this to work because i have found the answer i have been searching for so long (even if i didn’t know what it was) and your blog and mind power has given me so much hope. mind power will work right?

    • It feels great to help someone when they most need it. Mind power works. It always has worked and it’s been working since we were a child. Only as children we were more in control of it than we are now because as children we had the highest amount of “BELIEVE.”. We believed in a life of magic. We believed magic existed. We believed there were fairies and angels and everything we were told. And with that believe we had the most positive powers.

      You know, why I wrote these blogs? I am not a professional at mind power things. I am still learning. The reason I wrote these blogs is because they worked for me the moment I started believing and learning them. I started with blogs on internet and then I got so interested that I took course on energies and a week of class and a very heavy amount of money later, I found that these energies are inside us. We don’t need any practice from anyone. We can do it ourselves and that’s why I started practicing the methods.

      My methods are self experienced, practiced and simple. They work. Believe is the key.

      • elliecutte

        Thank you thank you. I will work on believing. I am so grateful and so thankful for your answer, thank you for taking the time to reply. I’m going to start meditating, and I will share my progress with you, and hopefully I will soon get control of my mind and reach Alpha stage so that my desires and goals can come true. God bless and have a happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate) 🙂

      • elliecutte

        Heeheee sorry for asking you so many questions, but is there any way to use mind power to fix flat feet or even be able to sing like someone else? Just wondering, it seems as if the capabilities of mind power are just endless 🙂 ^__^

      • elliecutte

        ALSO!!! (Sorry) this is my last question (i hope) could you even pierce your ears (so you could wear earrings) with mind power?? :O :O :O

        • Wow. That’s a unique one. No you can pierce yourself. Piercing your body = pain = negative energy and Alpha stage is a state of mind with no negative energy.

      • elliecutte

        :O Aisha i think i see some straight strands of hair on my head (i am visualizing for straight hair) and i constantly think about having straight hair every second of the day :O could it be?!

        • Congratulations…. You have set the ball on rolling. And now that ball is going to pick it’s speed. Continue the method you are using. I am so happy for you 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • elliecutte

            I’m so happy you’re back! Thank you 🙂 🙂 I’m going to keep visualizing and I will keep thinking about it constantly but most importantly i will believe. But I want to thank you, Aisha for sharing this with us. thank you so much, words cannot even express my gratitude. May you be blessed every day 🙂 🙂 ❤ ❤

  24. eric

    Great post. I have the same desire as the last poster. I have curly coily hair and i want wavy-straight hair instead. Hopefully it will work?

  25. Lynn

    I know this is old but, this is very possible because I was born with brown eyes and I always really wanted a more lighter shade. I got more then what I bargained for because instead of getting a honey brown or a hazel, my eyes gradually became a dark shade of blue. The mind works wonders.

    • True…Mind Power works wonders and sometimes, it gives you what you did not even realize you wanted.

    • Owen

      Hi Lynn,

      I don’t doubt this is possible but how do you know for sure this is the case in your own situation? How many people told you your eyes were brown in the past and has anyone told you without prompting that your eyes are now blue? I only say this because there was a cruel April fools joke on YouTube by a hypnotist. He did demonstrate that you can actually believe you are seeing a different colour if you are suggested it. In fact I saw a different colour and many people were taken in by the video. I thought the video makes a valid point even though I think that one of the central messages is incorrect (ie I think you CAN make biological changes using your mind).

  26. Piers

    It is always easy to make unsubstantiated claims based on wild theories but they need to be repeatedly checked to attain respectability. For example, how old are you, where can we see photos of you before and after, can we see photos of both your biological parents and have you had a DNA test done as hair and eye colors have genetic causes? If what you claim is true then mind power can change your DNA. Is this what you are claiming? If this is true then this is truly remarkable and we need to study it further and find out the mechanism of such change. Let’s go from anecdotal waffly claims to proper science.

    • I wish I could share my pics. I would really have loved to but I keep myself off the internet (not a safe place to post personal pics). But if you are still unsure, a reader has just started seeing the results of Mind Power.

      You too can give it a try to see if it’s true.

      As far as concerns about DNA, yeah you are absolutely right. That’s a whole new question you have asked but I still stand by what I have written. You can google this out and you will be amazed. My claims are not to change DNA or turn yourself biologically, but I claim that you can achieve what you desire if you only direct yourself. You can be happy if you want to. You can find peace if you meditate. You can alter yourself if you believe in yourself. Is that wrong claim?

    • Owen

      Hi Piers,

      I am also of the highly skeptical scientific mindset. However, I am perhaps more optimistic about this being real. It seems likely imo that the mind is able to influence the operation of a subset of body functions although I would not presume to say all (or a major number of) body functions.

      I think a quick check of the literature will reveal a plethora of cases in Medical hypnosis and so on, which provide an evidence base for the mind being able to change the body in ways it “shouldn’t” be able to. I have mentioned this before but there are particularly good examples in skin conditions which have a genetic basis (e.g. congenital ichthyosiform erythroderma). You would assume that the recoveries must have involved changes in gene expression but you would have to think deeply about that. You could also look at the medical recoveries at lourdes as I am sure that some of them would follow a similar mechanism.

      I think like other similar fields involving the brain, this particular phenomenon could not be easy to reproduce. Combined with intense automatic disbelief, this makes it easier to refute any scientific evidence to the contrary of those beliefs. I think blogs/anecdotes like this play a vital role in getting the ball rolling and are an important part of the process. There are many scientists who have already taken this further than the level of anecdote.

      I also think its reasonable for Aisha not to want to share pictures.

    • Hi Piers
      It is a scientific fact that we can control and change our DNA and genes and biology with the power of our mind(read the books and see the researchings of Bruce Lipton). He proved that everything in our body is under our control and we can change anything in our body and to cure any disease .

  27. Vin

    Namaste Aisha,
    I would like to talk to you on email,
    please send me a mail on my email id,
    Thank you, Blessed Be 🙂

  28. Hey Aisha, do you think it is possible to get thicker longer eyelashes? If so what must I think about to get it?

    • Of course it’s possible :). Just think about perfectly beautiful long luscious eye lashes. Think about people praising you for having such adorable eyes.

  29. Dana

    Hello from Germany 🙂
    ok i have so many questions; i´d like to Change my hair Color. for many years they are blond-red but now i´ve had changed them with my mind to dark blond with a Little red shimmer in the sun. ive died them blonde so my subconcious mind thought , it was my natural hair Color, .but sometimes, i see Little red hairs though. how Long does ist take to Change them instantley and forver into blonde? and what did i wrong? why does it take so much time to Change them? and the last question: my hair is not healthy, can i made them healthy? can i make my hair growth faster? thank you 😉

    • Hi Dana… I really apologize for the long delay in replying.

      It was so nice to read your comment of success. My readers will benefit from your comment. And also, congratulations on having unlocked one level of Mind Power. I hope you continue to take it into all fields of your life.

      Coming unto your problem. Is it possible that you are holding memories of your blond-red hair? Do you feel connected with them somehow or does any one in your closed ones like you better with blonde-red hair? Somewhere in the very corner of your subcon mind, your mind still is holding onto your blonde-red hair, and it shows in your hair.

      About hair health. Yes you can have healthy hair and you can grow them faster too. Just keep thinking of healthy hair with the hair color that you like. And keep telling your subcon mind how amazing your hair growth is. Your hair are growing fast and faster than normally would.

      • Dana

        Hi Aisha,
        Thank you so much for your answer!
        I will keep on thinking about that hair I want get and keep the doubts away, i think the doubts and the thougt” its impossible” or something else like that must i really leave!
        but i wonder, if its true that binaural beats or isocronic tones or something can help me to make my hair natural blonde…i read about it in a forum from abraham hicks, maybe you know her..? So is it really necessary to keep on listen to these things or is it enough to visualize my hair going more and more blond?

        • The only purpose of such beats are to relax your mind. Once your mind is relaxed, you reach alpha stage. So if you can reach your mind without using the beats, you don’t need to use the beats.

          I think, only extreme cases should uses the beats. Like if someone is suffering from depression or anxiety that they have no control over, then yes, use the beats to soothe yourself. Otherwise, don’t use the beats. Because you should be able to reach the alpha stage any time and any where you want. That’s the whole point. If you need a parking spot, close your eyes and use your mind power. Where you gonna get the beats at that time?

          Hope you understood my point.

          • Dana

            I have listen to the beats since 3 months, always before i went to bed. But now ive stopped because i forget it and the most doubts are already away.
            But right now, on days like today, i’m going throw the city and see soooo much girls with long, beautiful hair and what about me? I have made my hair for 2 years every day straight, because i hated my natural waves but now i see what i’ve done to my hair… it is grown to the ears healthy but the rest is like “nothing” it looks like straw and its broken… so i cannot go on… when i see my hair and the other girls… i tkink thats why i dont have a boyfriend though i wish it… i visualize so long, and i know its all about believing and let it go.
            Sorry for that long post but i wish that anyone could help, here in germany i dont find any website like your 🙂

            • Sweetheart, if a guy loves you just because of your face or hair, that guy doesn’t deserve the goodness of you.

              Here is my side of story for you to get inspiration from. I had very weird looking crooked teeth. They were hideous. So much that I always smiled with my lips tightly held together. I would rather keep my hand on my mouth and laugh if something that funny ever came up. When I reached my “prospective asian girl age for marriage” (sarcasm intended), I would hear things like I would never get a guy with such teeth. I should get them fixed.

              And to that, I started doing affirmations. I would say myself that I will get a guy who will love me for who I am and accept me with my flaws. He will love me even with such teeth. Sure enough, I met the guy and I got engaged, with my crooked hideous teeth.

              But you know what…After I got engaged, I FEARED MY WEDDING DAY PHOTOSHOOT…So I started affirming and meditating for my teeth. I would say that I have the most beautiful teeth and I am smiling flawlessly at my wedding. I am getting married this year and tell you what, I got my teeth fixed and he says “they are just perfect.”

              So honey, if I can do it (trust me, I haven’t studied all these stuff in universities…I am a normal girl who has read books on these subjects and started believing in them), you can do it too.

              Just believe in yourself first. I think that has been the key to my success. No matter what, I believed in myself and then I believed I could be whatever I wanted to be.

              Ahhh, who has the long post now? Lol.

              • Dana

                Thank you so much for all your attention 🙂
                i feel much better now, and i know, its all about being Patient and stay in the believing Vibration! I will visualize again and again, till my hair’s as blonde as i wish. I hope it doesn’t take much time haha 😀
                Greatings, dana

  30. elliecutte

    Hellooooo Aisha 🙂 I love reading your personal experiences with mind power. It just causes me to believe more and it makes me so motivated and excited to try it out myself. Anyhow, I want to change my hair type from coily curly and puffy (lol) to long, wavy, soft and silky brown ombre hair. If I have the image in my head (which is a picture of long wavy brown-ombre hair) can I just say that I have long, way hair? and then my hair will manifest into long wavy hair that reaches almost to my waist? or do i have to specify that my hair grows at a certain length? I figured it would be easier to imagine the type of hair i want along with the length i want and the color i want, and say i have long, wavy hair. could that work? :O thank you so much for reading, im sorry it was a paragraph long!!!! XD 🙂 ❤ Thank you for taking the time to help so many of us. I appreciate it so much.

    • If you have a clear picture of the type of hair you want, you can just say DITTO THAT. I mean just keep picturing those hair as yours. On the other hand, if you are meditating or using affirmation technique, you have to say the words long wavvy brown ombre hair.

      Don’t forget to add the word perfect. Because your mind power knows how to get you to perfection.

      Keeping a picture somewhere in the room, on desktop wallpaper or on the mobile also helps manifest good results.

      And I love reading long paragraphs, don’t worry 🙂

  31. Sergio

    I believe you. I know it’s possible. I’ve done it too. I don’t know what my thoughts were at that moment. Well, I was born bald. then I grew golden blonde hair. Eventually it turned somewhere between brown and dark ash blonde. Around the time I was a 4th grader, My hair was a dark red tone. It reverted back to being dark during 5th grade and and rest of middle school. By the time I was in high school, I my hair once again changed into beautiful golden blonde and to bleach blonde to the point every one at school, dark Hispanic American and Mexicans, kept attacking on the false premise that I dyed my hair. I never did at that time. I don’t know if maybe shampoo played a part in it or not. What I do know that could have affected the color in high school is the fact that I was a swimmer and the pool had chlorine, so maybe that explains the bleach blonde in high school. My eye colour changes too. Born with blue eyes, my eyes changed at about three and became hazel. At times, the were green and most of the time I have green eyes. Some people claim they look blue but I don’t have a mirror to see that when they claim it.

    • Wow, that’s just awesome. May be you didn’t know but somewhere in your heart you desired the change unconsciously and since these things work faster on unconscious level, you were able to have far more fascinating results than what we all try to do consciously.

      You should try meditating and reaching the alpha stage. It will be much easier for you to do that.

      • elliecutte

        That’s amazing. I wonder how one can do that unconsciously on their own too. How does one even desire things unconsciously? Do you think that Alpha stage works just as fast as this Aisha?

        • Well, of course you can’t do something deliberately on an unconscious level, you would become conscious. But to proof my point, if you have never noticed, the things that we say JUST LIKE THAT, without thinking, we just blurt it out of our mouth, it happens. Because at that time, you unconsciously say it.

          Anyway, Alpha stage works equally fine. How so? Because when you start practicing to reach Alpha stage, there comes a time when reaching Alpha Stage is quicker than finger snapping. When you reach that sort of level, you don’t have to sit and meditate to reach Alpha stage, you will reach it anywhere, anytime within seconds.

          Did you also notice most of my blogs are not about how to use mind power to get things. THEY ARE ABOUT ADOPTING A LIFESTYLE with happiness and positivism. To be content. To find peace. Why is my focus on such lifestyle? Because that lifestyle is LIVING IN ALPHA STAGE. When you start living a life in the Alpha stage itself, that’s when your life will start becoming a life that everyone else would wish to have.

          • elliecutte

            😀 thank you Aisha I understand now! I’d love to start living a peaceful and content life in Alpha stage 🙂

  32. Vincent

    there comes a time when reaching Alpha Stage is quicker than finger snapping. When you reach that sort of level, you don’t have to sit and meditate to reach Alpha stage, you will reach it anywhere, anytime within seconds.


    • Through practice. It’s not hard. Not hard at all. A few days of meditation and working on your thoughts will start showing you results. You will know yourself. I am currently writing a blog on how you will know that you have reached the alpha stage, so please stay tuned for it.

      Until then, to reach that sort of level, all you need to do is meditate (to remove your negativity and bring a sort of calm in your running life) and then working on your thoughts (positive living). Once you do that, you will reach that level.

      • elliecutte

        That’s wonderful 🙂 could one also get clear vision from meditating and reaching alpha stage? you see, i’m really tired of having terrible vision and i’m tired of wearing my stupid glasses 😥 Sometimes people even tell me they feel bad for me because I wear glasses and have blurry vision. I just wish I could have clear vision and stop wearing glasses 😦

        • Yes, yes, yes 🙂 Remove your glasses, try to read something or look at something and then keep telling yourself I can see clearly. I have perfect vision. Keep repeating throughout the day but please don’t over stress. As it would strain your eyes. Just a 30 second workout 5 to 6 times a day.

          And never ever call your glasses or anything that you wear or put on as “stupid”. That’s negative thought right there and those glasses, think about them. They are giving you proper vision. Without them, you wouldn’t have been able to see properly, isn’t it? Be thank full to them. Appreciate them.

          I know it sounds crazy, but appreciating the things that are in your life, helping you, is a good way to start positive life.

          • elliecutte

            😀 😀 😀 Thank you so much Aisha, I didn’t know it would be possible to do this! And you’re right, without my glasses I wouldn’t be able to see clearly and I would be straining all day. So yes I am appreciative of them because I freak out when I misplace them. Thank you, I’ll start right away! (As soon as I finish the 7 week meditating program) 😀 🙂

          • elliecutte

            I’m so happy thank you!!! To have clear vision….just a thought that seems so surreal

      • Vincent

        Ok Aisha I will start doing meditation and working on my thoughts as you explained.
        Looking forward to your next blog,
        thank you so much for your valueable suggestions.
        Your mind power articles are really very helpful.

  33. Roya

    Hi Aisha
    I had curly blonde hair and blue eyes when i was a child and. i’m 16 and have brown hair and green eyes.and my eyes are getting hazel and my hair is getting darker as i get older.i feel really depressed when i look at my childhood pics.
    plzz help 😦 😦

    • The good news is, your unconscious mind is already geared up into working. Bad news, you are just letting it wander without any directions. It’s like a car, it’s working and it’s going in a chaotic manner because the driver of the car is just sitting there doing nothing.

      Your mind power is at a level that many people are trying to get. But for you, you are already there. Don’t let that magic go to waste.

      Take charge, take control. I recommend that you start with meditation.

  34. Autumn

    I do 100% beleive you because I too have tapped into the mental powers but it was mainly in regards to things like pain and physique like man im fat ….. Also wow I look great in great shape etc. the results are amazing!!! Its funny they’re finaly doing studies with people weight training and people watching and mentally telling themselves they’re weight training the watchers actually gained more muscle and lost more fat!!! So non beleivers stick it in your cap and try out believing in yourself the results will “blow your mind”

    • You are so right. Thank you for your comment. I hope others will find inspiration from your words too.

  35. Nada

    please. to see the changes, do i have to wait for my hair to grow, like for new hair to come out with the lighter color, or it will show through my normal hair, also i have been doing this for 11 months, really focusing and nothing worked for me, i even tried to dye my hiar lighter brown (knowing i have dark brown hair, and between the two color not so much of a difference) but still couple months later the natural color started showing through my roots! PLEASE WHAT AM I DOING WRONG ??

    • No, you don’t have to wait for your hair to grow with the new color. The change will show all over your hair. You are doing nothing wrong. It takes times at first. It’s all about getting the ball rolling. And once that ball starts rolling, it gains speed.

      What I do want to know is, are you meditating? What is your method of “focusing?”

      • nada

        just as you demanded, every night before sleeping i lay on my bed and try to focus on the hair color i want, visualize it, as if it was mine, then morning i would look in the mirror in convince myself that it’s actually changing and that my hair is getting lighter. also as i told you i dyed my hair but still nothing working. could you please give me A WAY that i can really see changes and that will work for me, something you have tried and have seen results doing. would be appreciated ! thanks

        • How long has it been since you started doing this?

          • nada

            i have been doing it for 11 months now, and almost one week

            • It’s just taking a bit longer for you. It happens. You are not doing anything wrong. Just don’t stop believe and don’t quit. Did you keep a picture of the kind of hair color you want?

              I got one success story from one of my blog readers. Please read it. It might help you.


              Also, please contact me through email, I’l send you some positive energies through meditation.

              • Nada

                Thank you so much for the help i appreciate it a lot 🙂
                I keep a picture on my phone and check on it whenever i’m on my phone.
                Here’s my email : , i would be so glad if you decide to send me anything. Thanks a lot

            • Akshita

              I read this site said that u should remove your limiting beliefs if your hair colour is not changing maybe you have not cleared your should read that site.its amazing.

  36. hannah

    And I want..
    Just like your mom, my mother never allowed me to dye my hair or anything like that. And after reading this blog. I started thinking that i can do this too. I used to think alot about the colour I want. The brown colour. And my hair colour was pure black. Whenever I used to see in the mirror i used to feel like my hair colour is changing. And kept loving the brown colour and feeling like i have that colour. And after like 7 8 months. I’ve noticed a big change in my hair colour. And that’s the exact colour I wanted. My hair started changing into brown. You were so right. It’s like a ball. You just have to give a move and it will start rolling and it will pickup speed.
    So happyyyyy!
    Can’t express my gratitudeee. 😊😊😊😊
    Thankyou so much aishaaaa. 💕

    • I am reallly very happy for you. The possibilities are endless once you realize the power of Mind Power. Use it in all areas of your life and you will notice magic is everywhere around you.

      Thank you for the inspiring comment 🙂

      • Khadija

        Hy Aisha.
        Thanks for sharing your experience with us 🙂 i have been doing this for 3 months, haven’t saw results but i know it’ll take time so i’ll keep going! Would you recommend me to the 7 weeks mediation? Will it help? Also, am i only supposed to imagine the hair color i want then wish to have or convince myself that my hair is changing to that color or should i tell myself that my hair is already that color? Pretty confusing i know :p
        I have black hair(not pure black) i’m going with light brown almost blond, huge difference, but i adore that color and want it so bad and i believe i cam reach it thanks to you.

        • Yes, definitely yes to the 7 weeks meditation.

          You know it’s like suppose you have a little bad batch of butter in a jar and you want to make some new butter. Would you make the new one in the same jar of bad butter? You would first wash it, cleanse it, purify it and then make the fresh butter.

          Meditation purifies your body. Removes toxins. Removes negative energies. So yes, meditate and continue to meditate even after 7 weeks.

          You must imagine only the end results. Convince yourself that the color you want is already the color. Praise yourself. Tell yourself you look amazing in that color.

          Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

  37. Claude

    Hy there 🙂 thanks for the info, i have a very dark brown hair and i have always wanted golden brown. Anyways, me and my friend who has black hair tried this since 5 months ago, the think is her hair color is changing while mine is not. We planned to go the same color bc we loooove it, and even though my hair is lighter than hers, i am seeing no changes.
    I’ve been trying to convince myself that my hair is getting lighter and that i have blonde hair and it’s getting harder for me to truly belive it. The thing is since my friend has already seen change and she is very close to the color she proposed help. You have told us before that we can get anything we want using our mind if we don’t think negative. Right? Well, i am her friend, and i really want that and need her help. Can she change my hair color? Is so, then how exactly? Please, it would be very appreciated if you can just help me with what i should exactly say, to convince my mind to turn blonde.

    • Hi,

      Is it possible that your friend is more optimistic in situations as compared to you? It’s all the energies inside you. The more positive you are or try to be, the better and quicker the results. It also depends on one’s control over their mind and their believe. That’s why her results are showing before you.

      That doesn’t mean that you won’t get there. You will. It might take a little longer for you. But the key is DON’T GIVE UP.

      You can talk to her and ask her what she is doing, just to compare. But if both of you are doing the same thing, then don’t worry. Your results will show. They will. Keep believing.

      Have you tried the 7 weeks meditation program?

  38. Aisha

    Hy Aisha. How are you?
    Thanks a lot for posting, i am starting this week, i have brown hair and i always wanted it lighter, like a dark blond maybe? Anyways, i really want the color what i don’t ger is if i am supposed to convincr myself that i am already blonde? Or tell myself that my hair is changing to blonde? Please help it’s really tricky. I love my hair, and don’t wish to change it but that color is like my dream hair color. I ADORE IT. Please, what would you suggest me to do to get that color, any tips?

    • Hi, Aisha??? You are Aisha too? 🙂 🙂 🙂

      If you are new to this, I recommend you also start Meditation. It will help you a lot, not just in the hair changing process, but also in every aspect of your life.

      Coming to your question, frankly, I always tell everyone to think about the end result. But since you are just starting this, you should tell yourself that your hair color is changing. Then after 3 to 4 weeks, you start convincing yourself that the process of change has already begun. Convince yourself that you can see changes. Then after another 2 weeks, convince that the change has happened. From that week onwards you only think about the end result.

      Did you read a success story from one of my blog reader? It will encourage your believe. Let me know of you have anything else to ask. I am always here to help.

      Keep believing and don’t forget, you are beautiful and gorgeous 🙂

  39. sahar

    Salam Alaikum Aisha, how are you?
    i have found this page a couple months ago and decided i have to try it.
    so a little back story, i’m a brunette, i used to have lighter hair when i was younger but it darkened when i reached the age of 14-15, and since i can remember i have been dying my hair blonde, like there is no picture of me where i hadn’t bleached hair. last year i noticed how damaged my hair became, so weak and think and all dry which is why i decided to stop bleaching. i have never had a problem with my hair when it comes to growing, bc it grows fast. so in about 9 months or so my hair grew and i cut all the blonde hair off. my hair is a very dark brown almost black and i don’t like it at all. i wanna get my blonde hair back but am afraid of damaging it.
    when i came to this i thought it would be perfect, having blonde hair forever no damage? like this is a dream come true. i did the 7 weeks of medioation, and eneded it, would imagine i already have the end results but still i don’t feel that anything is changing, my hair is still the same. also whenever i am mediating i don’t feel anything actually, just count, talk to myself, then count back and open my eyes.
    PLEAE HELP !!!

    • walaikum assalam Sahar.

      First things first, don’t stop the meditation. The 7 weeks program is just a course for you to get into that phase. Once you are in that phase, don’t stop doing that. Meditating everyday, helps a lot.

      Secondly, never ever use words such as “hate” in any part of your life. Whether you are speaking of your body, work or any person. These words attract negative energies very quickly.

      Have you realized how a part of your body starts looking ugly the moment you think you hate it? Like if you hate your belly fat, you will notice that your belly fat is increasing? That’s because your body starts rebelling. To gain your attention. Never hate your body. Always love them and with your love, try to change them. Imagine them like a stubborn child. The more you scold, the more they are naughty. But once you start loving them, you change them to better.

      I hope you are getting my point?

      Now you say, you didn’t feel anything in the alpha stage? Have you read my blog on how to find out if you have reached alpha stage?

      Let me know and I will guide you further.

  40. Awriah

    Hy Aisha. How are you?
    First of all i wanted to thank you for sharing this, not everyone will share such a thing to the world and not everyone will help people reaching their goals. You are such a nice generous person. May allah bless you 🙂
    I am a brunette, and i am trying to go blonde. I have just finished my 7 weeks of mediating, and during the 7 weeks i have been telling myself that my hair is changing color. Now that the weeks are done, i thought i should start convincing myself my hair is already blonde, but it’s a little hard though to the color difference. Any tips?
    I have a pic of the wanted color on my phone and i try convincing myself that it’s mine but i can’t.
    Also do you recommend me trying a natural home lightening remedy? I have tried one couple years ago and it worked well, but if faded very quick and i would love to keep it and get blond hair FOREVER. Also i can try convince my mom to dye it a little golden, but i don’t want my roots showing later.
    Any advices?
    Between i read ALL of your posts, it’s amazing 😉

    • Hey there. Thank you so much for all your well wishes and thank you for having read all my post. I think I am very very very selfish in sharing and helping, because when I share and when I help, I am also getting all these lovely positive energies from you guys. So I guess I want to help everyone in order to help myself.

      That’s how the world should be. I wish more people would understand that when you do good to others, several good things come back to you.

      Yes you should start convincing that the color is changing. Please know that it takes time, but it works. So if you do not see results in 5 months, don’t think that it’s not working. My readers have achieved results in 7 months too. These changes are major changes that have to happen gradually and hence take time. You won’t sleep with black hair and wake up to blonde hair.

      You know you wouldn’t believe me, but I can say that your hair color has already started changing. But the change is very subtle at the moment and you cannot notice it. In few months time, you will start seeing the different. Just stick to convincing yourself.

      You can also try loving and coaxing your hair. Yes you heard me right. When you start showing love and affection to your hair, they become fond of you and they change as you want. Doing a home remedy is also a good trick because once you start seeing light hair, you can easily convince yourself that these are your natural hair color.

      Let me know if you have more questions.

  41. M

    The Bible calls this belief in receiving what others thinks is impossible, Faith.

    In this article, changing the color of hair is an example. In Mark 11:12-14, 19-25 the Lord Jesus used His “mind power” to curse a tree to die:

    Jesus Curses the Fig Tree

    12The next morning as they were leaving Bethany, Jesus was hungry. 13He noticed a fig tree in full leaf a little way off, so he went over to see if he could find any figs. But there were only leaves because it was too early in the season for fruit. 14Then Jesus said to the tree, “May no one ever eat your fruit again!” And the disciples heard him say it.

    19That evening Jesus and the disciples left the city.

    20The next morning as they passed by the fig tree he had cursed, the disciples noticed it had withered from the roots up. 21Peter remembered what Jesus had said to the tree on the previous day and exclaimed, “Look, Rabbi! The fig tree you cursed has withered and died!”

    22Then Jesus said to the disciples, “Have faith in God. 23I tell you the truth, you can say to this mountain, ‘May you be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and it will happen. But you must really believe it will happen and have no doubt in your heart. 24I tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you’ve received it, it will be yours. 25But when you are praying, first forgive anyone you are holding a grudge against, so that your Father in heaven will forgive your sins, too.”

    You have an article here “How To Actually Get Everything That You Want “. The Bible says that God will give his children (those that accept Him), everything they NEED on the condition that they seek His kingdom above all things and live life righteously. Matthew 6:28-30:

    31“So don’t worry about these things, saying, ‘What will we eat? What will we drink? What will we wear?’ 32These things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers, but your heavenly Father already knows all your needs. 33Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.

    The Bible says in Proverbs 19:21: You can make many plans, but the LORD’s purpose will prevail.

    There is definitely power in a positive mindset. But having a positive mindset without having a relationship with the creator (God), through the Lord Jesus Christ is vain.

    Mark 8:36 says: And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?

    John 14:1-2a,6: 1“Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me. 2There is more than enough room in my Father’s home. If this were not so, would I have told you that I am going to prepare a place for you?
    Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.

    Romans 10:9-10: If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by confessing with your mouth that you are saved

    Salvation is available to everyone. People get saved but some can lose their salvation by returning back to sin. We are all human and sometimes people can commit a sin, but if they do sin, they can genuinely confess their sin/s to God (repent) and ask that He cleanses them of their sins by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ (you might be confused about this part… an explanation follows..):
    In the past, animals were sacrificed and their bodies and blood was sacrificed in order to atone for the sins people committed. (Romans 6:23:For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.)
    The Lord Jesus laid down his life ONE TIME on the cross as a perfect sacrifice which allows us to not rely on animals anymore:

    Hebrews 13:11-12: Under the old system, the high priest brought the blood of animals into the Holy Place as a sacrifice for sin, and the bodies of the animals were burned outside the camp. So also Jesus suffered and died outside the city gates to make his people holy by means of his own blood.

    All the scriptures I used can be found and read online via Google. If anyone reading this comment has any questions they want to ask regarding the Bible they can comment back at me.

    • I myself believe this concept to be directly related to Religion. When one puts their complete trust and believe in something impossible, it is possible for God.

      Thank you for sharing the quotes.

  42. Zakia

    Salam Alaikum Aisha.
    I’m zakia, wishing you a very mubarak aid 🙂
    I am a natural brunette, and those past years i have been dying my hair golden brownish sort of. My roots would grow so quickly and i will dye my hair every one to two months. When i came across this i decided i had to give it a try, i stopped dying my hair and went all natural. I have been trying to reach a lighter shade of brown almost dark blonde for 9 months. And to be honest i haven’t seen any changes. So i bleached my hair a strawberry blonde, and it dried my hair so freaking much it looked disgusting. So i had to get a haircut. I got a long bob, then dyed my hair to dark brown, which is my natural hair color. Don’t take it wrong, i love my hair but i think the lighter hair suits me way better, and i like it more.
    In general it has been more than one year since i started this, i kept mediating even after the 7 weeks but no results and i don’t see what i have done wrong because i’ve been doing everything perfectly right.
    Anyways, my wedding is in the next three months. Kinda close and i’m not feeling confident with my hair looking like this. I have been trying some home remedies to grow out my hair and give it back it’s moisture, you know all the arabic recipes XD
    Now that the wedding is approaching and i’m gonna have more things to do the last thing i can think about is hair dye, and i would love to get beautiful long soft blonde hair naturally.
    I tried a lot and it didn’t work, but i trust you and believe it’s actually possible.
    You wrote that once you can reach alpha stage and have control over your mind everything is possible. And i have heard of some persons using the power of their minds to help people reach their goals and make their wishes come true. Well can you help me? I know i am asking too much but please i will never forget about it if you can help, if you don’t want to it’s alright but you should know that as a girl who’s wedding is very close i will do anything to make this day the best on of my life and if you can help me reach that hair dream i will be happier than ever, i know there isn’t so much time left but please?
    You said as long as what you are thinking of is positive than you can make it come true. I absolutely am a 100% sure that i want this. Do you think we can use my mind and yours to help me?
    Thank you so much and i’m sorry, honestly i am.
    If you ever decided to contact me here is my email: *removed by admin*

  43. Julie

    interesting 🙂 thanks for sharing

  44. Lucy

    it seems wonderful!
    i have a very black hair and it’s quiet cool, becasue where i live rare are people who have dark hair.
    but i have very messed up nose, i don’t hate it, but i don’t wish not to change it. do you think it is possible to get it smaller. would be so much help 🙂 thanks

    • Would it help if I told you that I used to have a crooked nose, like a bend on the bone and I used Mind Power to straighten it? Anything is possible if you just put your mind to it and believe that it is possible 🙂

  45. Liza

    i have hazel eyes and i want to turn them green do you think it will be possible for my mind to get this for me? if so how long can it take and what do you suggest me to do?
    also there are these frequencies in youtube that says if you listen to a few times a day it will lighten your eye color whitin a couple months. do you think it works?
    thank for the help

    • Yes it is possible for you to acheive anything that you want through mind power, even changing your eye color. The time it will take depends on person to person and how they connect with the universe so I cannot tell you exactly how long. For some the change happens within a month (people who immediately find their alpha stage) and for others it takes longer, 6 to 8 months.

      Please read my blog on Meditation. I recommend that you start the 7 week program.

      Those frequencies are actually tunes and they help you to calm you down and reach alpha stage. I do not recommend these tunes because a person should be able to reach alpha stage within seconds (after practice). If you get used to with these frequencies, then each time you want to reach alpha stage, you would need these frequencies to aid you.

      • Supriya

        Hiii, aisha
        I did not understood the line you said “The time it will take depends on person to person and how they connect with the universe “.Can you please explain me in brief how it relates to person to person??? 😊

        • A pessimist person will never get results from mind power…While an optimist person will find results… The time it takes will depend on the person’s optimism…if he/she has high optimistic thoughts, then the results are real quick…

          It also depends if the person always stays negative or positive… If he stays happy or sad…

          It will depend on his/her level of believing…

  46. Hello Aisha 🙂
    Even if this is post is quite old, here I am.
    I don’t know how I stumbled across this lovely blog, but since I do not believe in ‘accidental coincidences’, I think I was guided here.
    I have been reading your posts on Mindpower for hours now and came to know a lot about LOA. And I am glad that you seem quite gifted at applying it in your own life and kind enough to guide the rest of confused sould like me. Now, here this post has only enforced my belief that a physical attribute or malady could be treated with Mindpower.
    I read what you said and read it over and over again; I already believed that this phenomenon is possible so I was only looking for the details with which you applied this.
    I am really sorry for this long comment but I just couldn’t help myself 🙂 See, I have been indulging in LOA experiments here and there for some weeks now. After reading this post, I realized I can also cure the premature gray hair of mine. But I am confused as to how to go about. I have belief, I have hope, I love myself-I am a really jolly persona; but what should be my affirmation?how frequently should I repeat the affirmations?I am good at visualizing, so I am gonna do it. But any any any advice from you at all will just make my day!

    Lots of Love! & thanks!

    • Hi Aakriti. What a pretty name.

      Thank you so very much for such appreciation and love. Let me tell you a fun fact about me. I LOVE LONG COMMENTS 🙂

      Yes, mind power works to change physical attributions. It helps cure your own diseases as well as others ( a blog I have planned to write for so long, but I just can’t find that space when I am completely devoted to the topic). It also helps get an elevated level of thinking that actually makes living so much more fun and easy.

      You can use Mind Power to solve your premature gray hair problem. Please read my blog on meditation. That is one of the best methods to reach Alpha stage where the magic happens. Once you are in your Alpha Stage, you should visualize perfectly beautiful hair (visualize the end result…the hair that you want) and say affirmations such as “I have perfectly beautiful hair. I have perfectly [insert color] hair.”

      Repeat your affirmations in the same pattern. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Fix a pattern of affirmations and stick to it. Don’t change the wording. You need to fix those words in your subconscious. Think of it as a small child. When you want to teach him A for Apple B for Ball C for Cat, you keep saying it in the same manner. You don’t jumble saying B for Bat, C for color, A for Ant. You follow the same ABC pattern with the same example to feed that in his mind.

      That’s how affirmations work.

      Now, whenever someone asks me how many times and how long, I say it depends totally on you. If you feel connected to the universe within 1 minute at one time of the day, THAT ONE MINUTE is enough for you. If you feel like you have to try more than once a day for more than 5 minutes, then that is what you need to do. But this is just for meditation (when you sit and focus on it).

      Apart from this, you should repeat your EXACT SAME PATTERN of affirmations throughout the day. Whenever you remember. What I do is, whether I am doing the dishes, or laundry, whenever I remember, I just say my affirmations.

      Whos got a long comment now, eh? LOL

      Take care of yourself and remember you are perfectly beautiful. Let me know if you have any more questions. I am here to help 🙂


      • The moment you said I have a pretty name, I just became your fan 🙂 Nobody ever says that to me. It’s pretty amazing how invigorating a beautiful compliment can make you feel. Thanks for that 🙂

        And thanks for taking the time to respond in such great detail, even when I know you must be super busy with your preparations. The thing is, I have been trying to understand the whole how-affirmations-work thing for quite some days now, but your simple statement- “Think of it as a small child. When you want to teach him A for Apple B for Ball C for Cat, you keep saying it in the same manner. You don’t jumble saying B for Bat, C for color, A for Ant.” just cleared it all out. It shows how deeply involved you are with the whole concept! (by ay chance, do you teach? Cuz I think you will be an awesome teacher and counsellor!)

        As for anybody else who might be reading this, I just want to say this – Do you have any goddamn idea how many dollars those proclaimed LOA experts online ask for to give you any meaningful advice at all? Aisha, you are really a Godsend! Stay blessed!

        Also, just one more thing. Actually 2 more things :D. Sorry, my mind is too damn curious at this point;

        What do you do when you just can’t seem to summon up the energy to visualize, or joy or exhilaration while meditation? what to do to snap out of the unhappy limbo we sometimes find ourselves stuck in while trying to focus on manifesting?

        And this one is really cheesy…but have you ever manifested money with this? You know, insane wealth. I don’t know why but I think you have 🙂 What do you suggest doing other than affirmations and visualizations? Does writing it down regularly, works for you?I mean should I write down everyday how healthy-brown my hair is?

        Thank you anyways for bearing with all our insane questions but you are one really inspiring soul 🙂

        Loads of love & gratitude.

        • Ummm, no I don’t teach and I am not a counsellor but having said that, I have been a counselling a lot of people. I don’t know how it happens, but every new person tends to open up about their problems and deep secrets within few minutes of meeting me. I still donno how it all started or why everyone confines in me, I just become the person they want to talk to…It doesn’t even feel strange anymore lol. Besides, if my words can help anyone then I think my life is being rightly spent.

          Answer 1: When you feel you are shut in a dark world, BE GRATEFUL. You know we are all so blessed but we take it for granted. I mean how bad is our life really? We have a personal touch screen mobile, a personal laptop…We have food and water and shelter. We go out for dinners every few days. What is all that compared to those who cannot even find a piece of bread everyday. We can see, hear, walk, talk…There are people WHO CANNOT.

          Are you not blessed? I know life can be hard…We all have our own share of problems but heyyy, we are still better off isn’t it. Have we thanked for the things we already have? No…We are busy complaining things we do not have….Believe it or not but our DEEP CONSCIOUS is guilty which makes us sad.

          BE GRATEFUL. Start counting things that you are gifted with. Think of everything. House, food, water, mom, dad, siblings, pizza, burger, ice cream etc….With every gift you think about, take a deep breath and exhale (the breath of gratitude).

          Do this today…Don’t do any affirmations…No visualization. Just close your eyes and be grateful while doing the breath of gratitude, and then tell me how you felt.

          Answer 2: Yes, you can manifest money with this. I do it too. But since I am not a money maniac (I don’t know but I feel one should not be TOO rich. There is happiness in only the amount you need to live, because it makes you a better person. Your heart stays generous and big), I don’t do it so often. Just when I need some extra money, I do an affirmation saying “I am a money magnet and I attract GOOD money.” And then I will get some bonus from work or my blocked money would come to me. They universe decides how that happens.

          I hope this helps.

          • Oh it hugely helped! 😀 Thanks for such a promt reply! I am definitely on board with an grateful attitude. You are right, we all are so lucky and there are a million thigs to be thankful about. Gonna do that just now!
            As for why people open up to you; Aisha, very few people have the kind and helpful attitude as you do, maybe that’s what make us so in sync with you. 🙂
            Thanks a lot for everything.

            Love & thanks!

  47. Hey Aisha, hope you are doing well. As I told you a few days ago, I was going to try to change my hair color from grey-ish to natural brown. But the thing is I am not seeing any changes at all! 😦
    I am doing daily affirmations & visualizations, I also don’t look in the mirror several times a day, but I am unable to see any change at all. I thought meditating will help, but nothing has been working out really. I mean I have heard many people here, including you were able to change the color rather quickly then what am I doing wrong? Any suggestions will be hugely appreciated!

    • Hi Aakriti,

      How long has it been since you started meditating and using affirmations the way I mentioned?

      Remember I told you our subcon mind is like a small child? Well, the subcon is not like a child in just one way. It is a child and exhibits child like attitude in EVERY DAMN WAY.

      When you keep telling a small child not to go near a certain object, what does that child do? It will go exactly there. If you keep telling a child to do something, they become stubborn and they start revolting and disobedient.

      But once you start appreciating them, praising them, complimenting them over tiniest of their work or good behavior, they start doing whatever you ask them to.

      That’s how the subcon mind is like too.

      Right now, you are focusing toooooo much on what you need and your subcon mind is detecting your DESPERATION. Stay relaxed. Stay positive. Keep believing. But more than all this, STAY RELAXED. Coax your subcon mind. Treat him like a small baby. Tell him he is already doing a good job. tell him how much you appreciate their work. That they are the best.

      Just don’t let them detect desperation. Because if I can feel those vibes from just your msgs, then your subcon definitely can.

      Feel free to write back. I am right here 🙂

  48. Lotus

    Hello, not sure if you still comment here but ive been trying to get my hair and eye color to change. My hair already ls from black to light brown (without any dye) and if u manage to stay in the sun for long periods of time, the tips of my hair would be honey blond, but I would like for my whole head to be that color. As for my eyes I’m obsessed with light hazel green eyes and would like for them to be that color as well. I’ve been visualizing and medicating for my hair and eye color to be different for some years but not much progress. Could you please help me speed up the process.

    • Hi, I definitely still do comment here 🙂

      I wrote a blog on one major reason why Mind Power doesn’t work or works slowly for some. Here is the link :

      Try doing image reinforcement. Keep pictures of hazel green eyes on your mobile, room, laptop etc where you would see them most of the time. You can also photoshot your own image and keep it for a better reinforcement. The basic idea is to trick your subcon mind into thinking that you already do have hazel green eyes.

      What is your meditation process btw? I would like to know the entire process and then I will guide you further.

  49. Priya

    Dear Aisha,

    Your blog is purely awesome. I loved reading every bit of it. Please do write more for people like us 🙂 Actually I too am on to something. I used to have a very thick hair before. But I was so laid back in taking care of it properly that I lost almost most of the thickness. And funnily I didn’t care about that too until recently I had this overwhelming desire to get back all the lost hair LOL. So am not meditating or visualizing as such but I just keep repeating a single affirmation through the day. I want to ask you if this alone is enough or do I have to do anything else as add-ons, like visualizing. Am trying to stay in a positive mindset to speed up the process, but with young kids it’s really difficult because they drive me mad at times. What do you suggest I do to help speed up the process? Thank you very much for your help. Much gratitude!


    • Hi Priya. Thank you for so much appreciation. I will continue to write and help as much as I can because I actually love to 🙂

      The affirmations alone may or may not be enough. It all depends from person to person. How long have you been using affirmations? Try doing it for 2 to 3 weeks. If you start noticing any changes, then keep using the affirmations. If you feel that you are not getting the results, then you include a visualization technique.

      You mentioned you have young kids, which means you barely have time to breath. I would recommend that you put up a picture of yourself which shows a clear image of your hair from before. Put this picture in your mobile screen, laptop and in your room where you can see it everyday. Then make believe your subcon mind that these are your current hair.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.


      • Priya

        Thanks Aisha. Yes I do have a pic of myself with a head full of hair. I will use that. So basically I have to look at it as often as possible so that my subconscious mind gets that. And will it help if I visualize that pic while repeating affirmations? I will keep trying anyway no matter what. And people like you are always here to motivate us. So that’s a great hope 🙂 Thanks much once again Aisha for your help!

        • Yes. Look at the image and let your subcon mind believe that’s current “you”. I usually ask to set any model image when someone wants to change their hair color or eye color and then make believe it’s their hair or color. But for you, this process will give an instant working as you are using your own image. Your subcon will get tricked much sooner.

          Visualizations will help a lottttt.

          See, I always tell all my followers to think of Subcon mind as a small child. A child of 5 or 6 years of age. How do they learn things? How do you handle them? When you want to teach them something, you keep repeating it over and over and over in the same pattern. Kids learn faster when you show them images.

          That’s how you have to handle your subcon mind.

          Got it?

          • Priya

            Thanks Aisha, that was helpful. But I have a few questions. Would appreciate it if you can clarify. Regarding visualization, I agree with what you say about treating our SC like a kid. My question is we can repeat something ‘n’ number of times to a kid until it understands, but will the same apply to SC too? In other words, can I visualize even 50 times a day? Won’t it be an overkill? I ask this because I have read that visualizing too many times can actually stress us out and it might have a negative impact. So how many times in a day do you think would be a reasonable number?

            • 50 times is an exaggerated number, don’t you think?

              Let me try to explain it. As I said, treat it like a child. Now when you want to teach something to a kid, do you just keep saying it anytime and everytime and ALL THE TIME? Wouldn’t you want to give the child a break or do you just constantly keep nagging them? Wouldn’t that irritate them?

              Also, do you take a teaching method or would you rather teach them PLAYFULLY? Like when you are giving an apple to the child and you are like oh look this is an A for Apple.

              That’s how you have to handle the subcon mind. Visualizations can be done as often as you want, but that doesn’t mean you have to close your eyes and REALLY FOCUS on imagining it i.e. Forcefully visualizing.

              Take a free leisure approach. Watching tv, and you see a women with beautiful hair and you just make an affirmation, my hair are beautiful. That’s it. DONE. Doing your dishes, take ONE SECOND, think about your hair and say damn it I love my hair. DONE.

  50. Priya

    Thank you for putting it across so beautifully. I too was thinking along your lines. Now I am convinced that am on the right track. I will keep you posted on my developments. Thanks once again Aisha for your immense help. Meant a lot to me 🙂 BLESSED BE!

  51. s

    hy i’m so sorry dear, but i made the mistake of adding my email to a post, i hope you won’t mind deleting it! i’m so sorry again, please it’s necessary
    thank you

  52. s

    it’s the post of 27.09.2016 by zakia (me). thank you

  53. Sam

    Hey, I have always believed in mind power, my mom too. She hasn’t gotten a single cold in 10 or more years! She always said its the power of the mind and I always grew up believing 🙂 Im so going to try going blonde!! I have tried before but not consistently but now I will!!!! Thanks for the help!!!!

    • Hi, its so wonderful to have a mother who believes in this because that energy reflects on you. Because of your strong believe and the positive energies that surround you, you will get faster results.

  54. Rose

    Hey Aisha I have read your blog and its amazing I wanted to say that I already have started using subliminals which I started a week ago to fasten the results since I’m not really good at visualising.Should I stop? Or should I continue?Because you wrote that they are not really good for you.By the way the subliminals I am listening to is for green eyes and my original eye colour is brown.Also,is that possible to change your eye colour? Do you have any tips to help me visualise to get green eyes and how long will it take? Thank you if you answer you are a real sweetheart 🙂

    • Hi Rose. Yes it very much is possible to change your hair color. At first it may be hard but you will surprised that once the ball gets rolling, you will be able to change hair colors within weeks or months. It all depends on how effective your positivity is and how much your mind is in your control.

      As for subliminal, I have nothing against subliminal music/videos. They are effective. But the reason I always tell my readers not to use them is because then you get used to them. I get many emails saying they have used subliminal and now they cannot reach alpha stage or do mind power without subliminal. So I always tell everyone to do it on your own, instead of depending on external factors.

      Another reason I do not recommend subliminal is because I want everyone to be able to do mind power on their own WHENEVER THEY WANT and for every thing in life. Like suppose you want a particular dress in a shopping mall. All you should do is think of that dress in your hand and mind power should work. You are not going to use subliminal music/video in a shopping mall, are you?

      If you are not good at visualizing (neither am I…haha 🙂 ) then what you can do is use affirmations in your meditation. Make a chant/mantra with words like “I have light green eyes, my eyes are beautiful.” And then repeat this same affirmation throughout the day too. I will post a blog on how to make a perfect effective affirmation/mantra. That’s the method I used.

      I hope I could be of help. Let me know if you have any other question or query.

      Lots of love

  55. Hi Aisha I wanted ask you something.I have been listening to a subliminal to change my eye colour to green (my natural colour is dark brown) is that possible? I know that it takes time but will I get results?Also,I have read one of your comment where you say that subliminals are not good for you that’s what made me worry a bit.By the way I started listening to subliminals way before I found your blog.Do you have any tips to get my eyes to light green with visualising? I listen to subliminals because I am not really good at visualising.Sorry if this was too long.

    • Hi Rose. Yes it very much is possible to change your hair color. At first it may be hard but you will surprised that once the ball gets rolling, you will be able to change hair colors within weeks or months. It all depends on how effective your positivity is and how much your mind is in your control.

      As for subliminal, I have nothing against subliminal music/videos. They are effective. But the reason I always tell my readers not to use them is because then you get used to them. I get many emails saying they have used subliminal and now they cannot reach alpha stage or do mind power without subliminal. So I always tell everyone to do it on your own, instead of depending on external factors.

      Another reason I do not recommend subliminal is because I want everyone to be able to do mind power on their own WHENEVER THEY WANT and for every thing in life. Like suppose you want a particular dress in a shopping mall. All you should do is think of that dress in your hand and mind power should work. You are not going to use subliminal music/video in a shopping mall, are you?

      If you are not good at visualizing (neither am I…haha 🙂 ) then what you can do is use affirmations in your meditation. Make a chant/mantra with words like “I have light green eyes, my eyes are beautiful.” And then repeat this same affirmation throughout the day too. I will post a blog on how to make a perfect effective affirmation/mantra. That’s the method I used.

      I hope I could be of help. Let me know if you have any other question or query.

      Lots of love

  56. Jen

    Hello Aisha,
    I’m someone who has struggled with the insecurity of having a lot of body hair (not excessive), but still enough to make me feel insecure. I cannot afford laser and was wondering if it is actually possible to either make my body hair go away or significicatly reduce while using mind power. If so, what affirmations should I use?

    • Hi Jen,

      I am glad you reached my blogs and I hope they be of help to you. Yes yes it is possible to get rid of unwanted body hair with mind power.

      First off, I would say, start meditating as this helps bring a connection between you, your body, mind and soul. This means you gain control over your body, thoughts and soul.

      Once you are in the alpha stage while in meditation, use affirmations and visualization.

      Visualize yourself as you would look after a wax. Then use affirmations such as, I am perfectly beautiful. I have very healthy and glowing body skin. My skin is flawless, perfect and needs no alteration. It is perfect the way it is.

      You will notice that in the affirmation I have not used the words “unwanted body hair”… This is because our subcon mind gives us what we keep thinking. So the more you say you have no unwanted hair, the subcon mind is just going to pick up on unwanted hair.

      I hope this was of help.


  57. Jen

    Helo Aisha,
    I am someone who struggles with the insecurity of having a lot of body hair. It is not excessive like a males body hair, but it is still a lot and makes me feel horrible. I was wondering if theres any way I could use Mind Power to either get rid of it or significantly reduce it? If so, could you please help me out on what affirmations to use cause i don’t wanna end up getting of all my eyebrows too.
    Thanks (:

  58. Jen

    Hello Aisha,
    I am someone who feels really insecure about my body hair, and I really want to get rid of it or at least reduce it. Can I use Mind Power to reduce or get rid of it? If so, what kind of affirmations do I use? Thanks.

  59. cool awesome i like it very much and ur way of writing is cute m loving it

  60. It all sounds really interesting and thank you very much for sharing your experiences. I have a question, what if instead of changing hair color, you want another physical change? It’s possible? How should begin to try to achieve?

    • Hi Sophie, yes of course Mind power works to achieve everything that you think of. Good job, health, beauty, happiness etc. As a beginner I recommend you start with meditation. Please go through the mind power section and you will find a blog on meditation.

  61. junior arreola

    Can I contact you on my email please send me an email my email is please I would like to ask you how you accomplished it. I’m currently working on changing my eye color and need advice thanks I hope I hear from you soon. I do believe you I have seen things like this.

  62. So you are saying you changed your hair and telling people of all these things that are possible…I really want to ask why you got braces then? If you can make dead hair healthy and change the color of your eyes- things that are not at all possible by conventional means whatsoever- why can’t you make your teeth straight then? Considering that it is something that is possible by other means, it should be possible if changing eye color is. If I have a strong desire for my teeth to straighten by themselves, what is it that makes it impossible but makes it possible for someone else to change their eyes or hair? I don’t have money for braces or really the desire to wear them and then a retainer forever. But I absolutely hate my teeth but can’t find anyone who will put on crowns to make them straight.

    • That is a very good question. And if you can wait for a couple of days, I would like to make a blog answering this question. I have answered this question a couple of times in comments, but I think a dedicated blog on this topic should do justice.

  63. Ro_Ro

    hi Aisha. can i get taller through my mind power??plsssss answer one can understand how depressed and insecure i am 😦

  64. Sammi

    Hi Aisha 🙂 . Do you think this can change hair texture? Im African American and my hair is very hard to maintain. I wanted to see if i can change my hair texture to make it a bit looser. If you look 4b hair its the type of hair i have. I also wanted to if i can make my face more symmetrical. Almost to look a ball joint doll. Thanks for the blog also! Have a nice day 😀

    • Yes you can. The only limit is you. If you believe in it and start thinking in the same way, you will be able to achieve whatever that you have thought of.

  65. Nurul

    The problem is when I told myself that I have brown it would be turn “but your have beautiful black hair why u needs that change” urghh..can u help me..

    • Its just that your mind is in control of you instead of you controlling your mind. That’s not a big issue. You need to start taking charge. Start meditating first and in your meditation repeat affirmations such as “i have full control of my mind. My mind is in my control.”

  66. Silvia

    Hi. Thanks for sharing this story. People in my family all believe in the mind power. I’ve been using it to change my appearance as well. It works very well.

  67. Elchapi

    You are awesome!! 🙂 We need more people to share the power of our mind 🙂

  68. Evelyn

    Aisha! Have you used visualisation to alter a facial feature? If yes, can you please share the details, please? I am very inspired to try your method when searching for potential plastic surgery!

    • I have used it to alter my nose which was slanted and also to correct my overly crooked vampire teeth. Both with great success.

    • Yes I have. I had a slightly crooked nose and absolutely worst crooked set of vampire teeth. I have used mind power to alter both those features. Please do read all my blogs though to get more details of how.

  69. Evelyn Black

    Would your method work for changing facial features? I’ve been working on trying to have higher, more prominent cheekbones and a fuller face. Thanks,

    Evelyn B.

  70. Blakethesecretceleb 7

    Hello, I am a potent believer in the power of mind over matter. I am not only changing my eye color from varying brown to moon bright sea light blue, but my brown hair to much lighter, not sure if you’d call it chestnut but i’ll just say that words can’t really describe the shade in my head 😉 I am actually going on a 28 day raw milk and water only fast starting tonight at midnight! Lots going on, I’m also going to be recieving a Scalar Pendant of high quality for a huge discount and free shipping, I’m already severely strong in terms of spiritual embodiment and i’m freakin’ 15 so that is really really really gonna magnify it over the top! IF YOU WANT FREE HEALTH BENEFITS INSTEAD OF PAYING FOR THE PENDANT IN THE LINK, PLEASE LOOK UP WHAT GROUNDING/EARTHING IS, BASICALLY YOU GET NEGATIVELY CHARGED IONS FROM THE PLANET AND IT COUNTERS ALL THE POSITIVELY CHARGED IONS IN THE BODY (WHICH ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR INFLAMMATION)

  71. Krrish

    Aisha, I know this works and I believe it worked for you. I also have black hair and want to change it brown. So what should I think of??? Should I think about a picture of myself with brown hair or just brown colour ?
    Also should I say to myself that my hair colour is brown ? How can I believe that my hair colour is changing ? I’ve heard that belief is the most important thing. So please answer me back.

    • Just think of yourself as ALREADY having brown hair. Imagine yourself in brown hair. Thats your hair. You have achieved it. Your affirmations should also focus on this fact that you already have brown hair.

  72. Sam

    Hi Aisha I have always wanted bright blonde hair and a light skin tone but anytime I try I lose faith that it will work what do I do ?🙁

  73. dylan

    Hey can you plese if I can get Asian eyes through sublimial

  74. Some girl

    Hi Ash
    do you still answer the comments?
    because I really need your help and motivation
    I also couldn’t find your blog about downloading an antivirus for the mind

  75. Hello Aisha ! Im here again wanna ask you a question , please , Answer , ill be glad , can i thinner my lips and what affirmation to use? thanks

  76. I am so happy! Actually the result I wanted to have was here not for months, not for years, no, it came for only a WEEK! Well, I had hazel eyes, but my eyes were more brown and there was a little shade of green and I have always wanted to get pure green eyes and when I read this article I told to myself”‘ OK, time for green eyes!”. But before starting with visualization and meditating I decided to listen to my favourite music which inspires me a lot. And when I started with my session I could imagine better my green eyes. I did this twice a day for 10 minutes and all the time I was repeating” I have beautiful green eyes”, ” My eyes are becomming greener and lighter”, etc. And after a week I saw that my eyes are green! Here I have some advices for faster results:

    1. Before visualization and meditation make something that makes you feel better and inspires you. Doing the things you love make you happy and when you are happy you can see better what do you want and the results won’t be late.

    2. Write your own possitive affirmations for that you want to get. Your subconscious mind will absorbe these affirmations and will not only accept them as a truth, but they will become true!

    3. Don’t overload. If you always think about the result you want to get, you will become worried and more you think about your wish, you’ll ride off from it. Sometimes think about that you want to get, but don’t think always about it. Go out with friends, listen music, read your favourite book and just have fun.

    4. And last, but not least- you are beautiful! It doesn’t matter do you have brown or blue eyes, black or blond hair, thin or plump shape, you’re pretty! Never forget it. You can’t become prettier if you don’t like your present appearance.

    I hope that I inspired you and you will achieve faster results with or without my advices. Good luck!

    PS: Sorry for my bad English. I am from an European country where English is not the official language.

  77. Hey, Aisha
    I have a question to you. What is possible to change in our bodies? Are there possibilities to change not only our hair or eye colour, but something more? I mean, are we ability to change anything in our bodies, even our DNA? I will be very thankful if you answer to me and if you give me examples.

  78. Is it possible to change your gender? I am asking it, because I am a transsexual and I want to know is it possible and if it is not, how to learn to live with it?

  79. Hey, Aisha
    I send you an email, but I have no answer from you.

  80. Giuliana

    Hello. I’m speechless, I want to do it. I only have three questions, I would be very gratefull if you could help me:
    1) Can you change many body features at the same time, or it’s better to do it one by one? I give you an example: let’s say I want to change eye colour, hair colour and more parts of my body. Do I start with one, or can I do them all togheter?
    2) If I want to change more parts of my body (I’ve lost a lot of weight, so I have loose skin almost everywhere), do I have to visualize each one (legs, tummy, arms,..) or can I just imagine a whole perfect body?
    3) Do this work also with other things, like health and creativity? I mean: can I also try to use it to solve some health problem or to get new ideas if they seem not to come?
    Thank you very much for your help, you’ve opened a completly new world to me…
    A big hug

    • Hi Giuliana,
      I would say YES YES YES to all sweetie :). But let’s get into the details ( i love to talk lol).
      1. Yes you can. In fact I have written a blog on how to create an affirmation for multiple things. Please read that to know the correct and fast way to make this work.
      2. Whatever comes easy and comfortable to you. If imagining each part makes you comfortable then each part it is, or otherwise. The main idea is just to make it happen without forcing it.
      3. Yes it does. It works for everything from body, health, money, job, life, marriage, kids etc…

      NOTE : Since you want to start on multiple things, I would suggest that you first begin with meditation. A week or two, just meditate to cleanse your body. The results will be great.

  81. Giuliana

    Thank you for your answer!!!!
    I can’t find the blog about “how to create an affirmation for multiple things”, could you give me the link, please?
    And do you also have a blog about meditation?
    Thank you again 🙂 ❤

  82. this is similar to subliminal. They have affirmations that say what you want under music or ambience. The results are permeant after 3 months. You basally used you mind to make the same effects. Thats amazing. I wasn’t sure if that could work without subs. And also if you believe something long enough it becomes true for you. Scientific fact lol. Congrats on your success.

  83. Rionomy

    This is similar to subliminal, and I can say that subliminal do in fact, work! No matter what others say, it is ONLY their opinion, don´t let that get in your way of believing that subliminal do not work! Let me in you a secret. Scientists today are still having so much questions about the brain. They are confused and do not know which way to go. I´m talking about subliminal. In fact, they still don´t know how the optical illusions work! So, believe in yourself and experiment it for yourself. Don´t lose this big chance of actually being happy.

  84. Hi, Aisha
    I sent you some emails but I have no answer from you. I know that I sent you a bit many emails, but I would be really thankful if you can answer to me.

  85. Margaret

    Is this actually true because I really need this

  86. shannon

    i always wish my hair is black not more light brown is that possbiel chance you hair colr forever black

  87. Hi, Aisha
    Besides all these things I want to change in myself, I also want to improve my skin tan, because it is very unflat and my face is having some strange reddish-colour, while my normal skin colour is pale white and I want to turn my face colour back to its normal. How can I do it? Can I use affirmations or to imagine myself better? And what can be the reason about all these acne and tan problems? Can it be because of stress?

  88. Rohan

    Hi Aisha I really want to change my hair type from very curly to silky straight hair. I have short hair but before it was at my shoulders until I cut it. And it was curly but now I would like to have silky straight hair when I grow it back out but I don’t know how. And also someone else said the results don’t last. So how do I make the results last. Like I don’t want my hair to change back to curly. And also I can’t find any good pictures for short silky hair. Please could you give me some advice. Regards

  89. Elle

    Hey Aisha, I usually don’t believe in things like this, but I did some research and didn’t get any actual solid proof. Though, there is this thing where if you listen to specific sounds it tells your mind to change whatever it is about you, because you don’t usually use 100 percent of your brain the audio makes you and that makes you brain say “oh, change this.”. I hope that you’re telling the truth and this isn’t some elaborate lie, I hope you reply telling me your thoughts on this. Thank You.

  90. Rose9

    I wrote you a letter.

    I really look forward to your reply.

  91. Himanie

    Hello, thank you so much for the postcard it is really helpful. I am using subliminales to get straight heir while my hair is kinky curly right now. Do I need to cut it ? I heard that hair subliminales work by making ur hair fall and making it grow back the way you want it to be. Some say that by cutting it it makes the process faster. Would I be okay by just relaxing it ?

  92. Judy

    Can I change my hair color with affirmations only after reaching alpha? without using any pictures or visualization?

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