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I Am Officially A Spammer In The Eyes Of WordPress :( :( :(

Little Blue Sad Robot

I don’t speak rude, I take bath everyday, I pay my bills on time and I always always always make healthy posts then WHY OH WHY does wordpress hate me so much?

What did I do to it that it hates me so much.

I am heartbroken. I am sad. I am blue. I am hurt and now I want my MOMMMMYYYYYYYYYY.

WordPress has officially considered me as a Spammer. So whenever I make comments on blogs that I love, I know my comments have gone in spam because after the comment has been posted, it neither is on the blog page nor it is held for moderation. It is directly sent to spam.

And unless the blogger checks his spam folder and un-spams me, my comment is going to stay there for eternity. Continue reading

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Call Me Crazy Or Whatever That You May Like :X

Totem From Inception Movie


For the first time I actually do not know what to say. LOL.

Its like this strange feeling inside me which comes when my inner child takes over me completely. And then I feel restless and I am not able to concentrate on anything except for that ONE thing that is on my mind.

Like a child. If he has something on his mind, he will think only about that and nothing else.

It happens rarely with me because most of the time I have full control over myself and my emotions too. I rarely let this inner child take over me for something that doesn’t matter much.

But this time, My inner child has taken over me completely.

For what?  Continue reading

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Things You Should Never, I Repeat NEVER Do Or Try.

Curiosity With The Pandoras BoxI know there is that small little curious cat inside of us who sees things with bambi eyes and makes such a pleading face that we fall in the traps of its seductive looks and do things that we should have never done.

Here are things that you should never do or try no matter how tempting it is. You have to kill that curious cat right then and there or else…… Well, just trust me… I speaketh from experience.

1. If you have a top loading watching machine and you see the clothes spinning in the spinner. I know you all feel like putting your hands in that running spinner. Aah I know that temptation.  But DO NOT, never ever put your hand in a running spinner because it WILL hurt your hand real bad.

2. That label on your shirt itching your neck. DO NOT ever pull it out because it WILL tear your shirt (probably the reason half my shirts are torn/have holes behind.  Continue reading

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English Is A Funny Irrational Crazy Language…

English Is A Funny Language

Its funny how we are taught one thing and then a totally contradicting thing to it and we are made to believe that both of them are right. Its like soon as we learn something easy, these people come up with something to make our easy life more miserable.

First we are taught the Alphabets. A…B…D…C…E…G… something like that (no we are not getting into “do i know my alphabets” issue right now).

So every alphabet has a sound and everything has a name. We use alphabets to construct names for everything.
see-ae-tee CAT.
dee-ow-gee DOG.
el-ae-em-pee LAMP

Hmmm. Okay that’s totally right, rational and understandable. We are happy with spelling el-ae-em-pee LAMP.

But NOOOOOOOO. That’s when these people decide to put some spice into our smooth happy world of spelling. They are like why should everything spell out so correctly. Let’s have some twists and turns to this. Continue reading

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How To Burn People… I Know You Really Want To

Match Stick Fire

Are you surrounded by your so called friends, peers and foes who leave no chances to insult and embarrass you anytime and every time? Do you feel like burning or stabbing them down? Aaah I know that feeling.

So today let me show you how you can actually burn them down.

First, keep a lighter with you. Second, soon as they make a nasty comment, take your lighter out and BURN THE B**** down. Oh no no I meant bunny. Ppppft what did you think? 😛

Anyway, Just kidding, Although I do like this method more. Its quick, easy and the results are 100 % guaranteed. But you can end up in jail and you have to share a cell so its not a good idea.

Here is how you can burn people who try to mock or make nasty comments to you. Continue reading

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