11 Questions Asked By 2 Fellow Bloggers

Hey folks….

So I am going a little out of way… Well a lot out of way actually but hey these people tried to pull me down in a deep hole and there was no way out from it… 😦

Alright, I know I am making no sense (oh don’t you dare you “you never do”)… Let me clear it up….

It went something like this : I got an award…. I nominated my favorite bloggers for that award…. In return for my good favor, they nominated me back….Exactly… I mean is there no good left in this world? You give someone an award and the next moment, they are throwing their sharp daggers at you :P…

I didn’t want to nominate those people again, so I am going the other way round.

Thank you Amira and Ahmed for nominating me back for the award… I still don’t know whether you guys took revenge or was it coz I deserved it… ( Deserved to be put in the same situation aha, I KNEW IT).

They both asked 11 questions as the custom of the award puts it. So here are my answers to them .

11 Questions Asked By Ahmed :

1-      The mot clichéd question, where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

Ummm… Writing sarcastic humorous blogs about my married life, running behind a little version of myself, juggling between the duties as a daughter in law, a wife, a mother and continuing my job as well…. (inshaAllah)

2-      Another clichéd question, if you choose to be a superhero, what would you choose?

I think we are all superheroes in some way or the other….At least that’s what I believe… So I am already a superhero and I choose myself.

3-      Looks like am running out of imagination, have you seen a ghost?

“A” ghost? I have seen lots of ghosts for real… It would be hard to imagine but I have a lot of supernatural experience and have met many good and bad ghosts.

4-      What is your favorite getaway place?

My balcony, late at night with some music on.

5-      Have you tried something dangerous and adventurous before?

Yes. I tried going into the 3rd dimensional world. The world of spirits & ghosts. It was pretty scary and I didn’t know how to come out.

6-      If you got two tickets to the moon, who would you take with you?

I will put both the tickets on auction, get a huge amount of money and go to Paris. Moon I can see from my balcony, besides, what’s the fun in going to the moon?

7-      Your favorite weekday, and why?

Sundayyyyyyyy. It’s off from work. I get to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

8-      What’s on your mind right now?

I have to go to the dentist again today. That’s the only thing on my mind right now.

9-      You ever wanted to kill someone?

Yes, there are a few people on my KILL LIST. But I have left their fate in Allah’s hands because he will give them what they deserve the best.

10-  What’s the most brilliant idea you ever had?

Putting the mobile phone into the freezer when it stopped working. It did start working the next day, so you can take your laughter back.

11-  Ask yourself a question and answer it.

Did he just copy my 11th question???? YES HE DID 😛 😛 😛

11 Questions Asked by Amira

  • Why do you blog?

Writing is my way of LETTING OUT…. Instead of piling up emotions inside me and getting crazy at the end of the day, I just write about it and let it go through my words. That way, I feel relaxed.

  •  If you can be another person for a day, who do you choose to be?

I wouldn’t want to be another person even for a moment. I am deeply in love with myself.

  • Why do you choose to be that person? (this makes it easier answering doesn’t it?) :)

Oh yes, it certainly makes it so much easier. Thank you 😦 😦 😦

Ummm, Here comes boasting. Haha. The kind of person I am, most ppl wish to be. I am not just saying that out. I have seen it around. People just try to talk, walk and behave like me. They adopt my habits. So that makes me feel like I am a special person…

  • If you were to exchange your hands with someone else for 24 hours, whose hands would you have? (I borrowed this question from someone)

Someone from my list of people who I wanna kill. Trust me I have reasons.

  • Why did you choose the person you chose above. :)


I will break into a mall wearing mask and adopting the physical appearance of the person whose hands I have. Making sure that the surveillance camera is watching me, I will vandalize the entire mall. I will put cuts on all the clothes in the mall, break glasses, destroy every expensive master piece and and and WAIT FOR IT…



  • What is the color of the outfit you are wearing right now?


  • Why do you think I asked that last question?

You like to stalk on people and damage their privacy. You are mean 😛

  • What is the exact thought running through your mind right now?

I hate you ? 😛 😛 😛

  • If you got the chance to get reborn to this world, what would you want to be different about you?

I would want to be a little selfish. I have been too selfless and when you are like that, people use you like a door mat.

  • What is the best movie you have watched in your entire life?

POSEIDON. I love that movie.

  • What is the one question that I should be asking you, instead of all of the above?

Have you seen a psychiatrist, coz you sure need one? 😦 😦 😦

Amira, how could you even ask me that question 😛

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6 thoughts on “11 Questions Asked By 2 Fellow Bloggers

  1. uzma

    interesting blog..thanks to ahmed and amira..:)

  2. am sooooooooo glad u replied 😀 and we think tht u deserve all the awards in the world 😀 it’s not a revenge dw 😀 am happy with ur answers 😀 and i guess i stole ur 11th question 😀 am running out of imagination and muse 😦 hoping tht we could continue our project soon 🙂

  3. Your sense of humor is just contagious and brightens a gloomy tiring day 🙂
    Wonderful answers to my questions –
    BUT did you say you hate me? 😥

    • Did I say that out loud. Damn it… I need it work on keeping my thoughts in my mind. 😛

      Thank you for such a lovely comment.

  4. Ash I asked all My 11′ vens in my mind, answer them in 11 mins;-)

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