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My Fairytale Gone Bad

Evil Girl With Evil Dwarfs

I broke my egg shell only to realize that I was the ugly duckling among my step ducklings . So I isolated myself from the rest as I was a total misfit.

I wore a red hood (which my mother had made for all the siblings) and I went out on a world full of dangerous animals and full of deathly traps all around.

I met a cunning fox on my way and I trusted him because no one told me how, bad people wear good people masks on their face. This cunning fox led me into a dungeon where the evil witch trapped me. For years I waited for the woodman with an axe to rescue me but no woodman came.  Continue reading

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Amazing Discoveries By Aisha Einstein

1. Human beings may be one species but they have a vast diversity and can be classified as the following: 

The Pretending Class : They have the power to pretend to be someone they are not really inside.
The Shape Shifters :  They tend to change themselves depending upon their environment so you can never really know them.
The Unconcerned Class : This class of human beings only follow a fixed set pattern of Sleep > Get Up > Work > Eat > Home > Eat > Sleep.
The OverConcerned Class : All mothers (except few) fall in this category with exception of few fathers.
The Isolated Maniacs : They are the human class that tend to live in their own shell and do not like socializing, sunlight, air, water, oxygen, grass, birds, sky….basically everything natural and survive on gadgets such as mobile, laptop, junk food etc.
The Weirdo Class : These group have very specific tastes and likes which are considered gross and unacceptable by the other classes.
The So Called Geniuses : They are the ones who are believed to have a working brain.
The Pretending Shape Shifters :
Human species with features of shape shifters and pretending class.
The Isolated Weirdo Maniacs : Human species with features of both isolated maniacs and weirdo class.

2. The Eat Puke Theory :  Continue reading

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Random Stuff/Questions I Am Usually Told/Asked By People

Random Questions Fairy

Today when I was asked another out-of-the-blue-strange question by people (strangers), Friends (none) and Foes (everyone), I decided I would do a blog about it. These are random stuffs that people keep telling me or ask me (IDK WHY).

Sometimes I answer them, Sometimes I insult them and sometimes I just ignore them depending upon who the person asking me is.

Here I go, Continue reading

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When You Fall…You Get Hurt…

Dark, Sad, Angel, Emo, Fantasy, Lonely

When I was small,

My mom used to hold me close in her cocoon.
She would keep me safe and protected.
I felt she was over protective and I hated it.
I used to see my friends play and run in the mud,
while their mothers chatted at the tea parties.
I would tell my mom that I wanted to play in the mud too.

She would tell me , 
“When you fall, you get hurt.” Continue reading

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Its Been So Long…I Have Forgotten How I Even Looked

Girl Looking In The Mirror

Its been so long that I looked myself into the mirror…
That I have forgotten how I even looked.

So long…  Continue reading

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