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We Are Puppets In The Hands Of Puppets

Human Puppets

Have you ever wondered?
We are merely just puppets
Standing on a huge stage
In front of an audience

But the biggest question is
Who is holding our strings

Yes of course, God
But do you know our strings
Are in the hands of everyone else
Except for our own hands Continue reading

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I See A Clown…

Sad Clown

I see a clown
with a very wide smile
who slips and falls
in a goofy little style
he walks around
for the fun he brings
all at once
juggling so many things


I see a clown
with a forced wide smile
who has a  life
buried in a pile
after spreading smiles
before he sleeps
all night long
he cries and weeps

Yet Again

I see a clown
who smiles and cries
for his awful job
putting pain in disguise
and no matter how hurt
he may be inside
he has to look happy
for the world outside


I see a clown
who entertains you and me
but behind his makeup
pain is all I see
stories of his past
that no one shares
memories of his life
that no one cares

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Akismet, I Love You, Because You Always Make Me Smile :)

Why do you love someone?
Because they make you feel special and they make you smile when you are sad ( look whose speaking).

If that is so, then I really do love Akismet. In fact I am so in love with him that I am planning to propose him. But deep down inside, I am very nervous and scared.

What if Akismet does not accept me and instead “spams” me?

OMG, that would break my heart 😦


Every time I go through my spam comments, I actually giggle and sometimes even laugh out loud. And when it is 4 am in the morning, and you are laughing, well…. Your family might feel something has got into you. 😛 😛 😛

Here are the top funny comments :  Continue reading

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Where Thou Remember Me Not, I Forget You Not…

Roman Woman Reading Love Letter

O Romeo, Romeo,

Wherefore Art Thou Romeo
If I Shall Not Be With Thou, Then Where Shall I Go?
How Strange And Helpless Has This Time Got
Where Thou Remember Me Not, I Forget You Not

How shall I forget our first spring ball dance
Where thou held me locked by very glance
Oh those music that flee through my ears
Thou pulled my soul past my own fears  Continue reading

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How To Actually Get Everything That You Want – Part 1 ( Open Your Mind Right Now)

Open Your Mind

How To Actually Get Everything That You Want – Intro ( This Can Change Your Life)

In the Introduction, I have spoken to you about how our mind is divided into two parts and how things work for us. So basically the working of our mind and how our own mind works to give us what we want is explained in the introduction.

If you haven’t read it, please do read it because I will be constantly using terms assuming you know it from the previous blog.

Okay so lets begin.

As I said earlier, that our subconscious mind gives us whatever we think/want. This may raise three questions/ thoughts:

1. If we get everything that we think, Wouldn’t people do bad stuff to others just by thinking?
2. If we get everything that we think, Why do we get pain, sickness, problems, sadness etc. No one would think about getting them.
3. If we get everything that we think, Why am I NOT getting what I am always thinking about or what I desperately want?

In today’s blog I am going to talk about the first 2 questions. I will open your mind to the silly common mistake we all make in thinking and how you actually are getting exactly what you are asking for UNCONSCIOUSLY.

The third question will be a separate dedicated blog, so that I can tell you clearly how you should think to get what you want.  Continue reading

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