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Job Vacancies : Should Experience Be A Criteria?

Woman In Interview With No Experience

Why I write this blog?

Because I wish to. Who you to ask me why I write this blog. Nooooo really. You come to my blog page and you ask me why I write this blog. How dare you.

Jusssss kidding.

I have subscribed to Job Portal website so I receive job vacancies everyday. Not that I need one at the moment, because I would have to be an octopus to take in another job with 4 jobs already in hand. But it makes me feel bad for unemployed people who will not have a chance in such competent vacancies.

What I have realized is that most companies ask for a minimum 1 year experience in the field. 

To this I agree and disagree.  Continue reading

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A Truth… That Has The Power To Destroy Everything You Ever Had

Freedom Butterfly

If there was a truth that could possibly put an end to everything you ever had or have, if it was so destructive that it could break your relation, if it was so dangerous that it could destroy your love, What will you do?

Will you hold on to a truth inside you or will you let go of the lie to the one you love?

A truth…
A sweet, tender truth
That promises smiles
That makes relationship stronger
That multiplies trust

But a truth…
From the past
Can change everything
Can destroy everything
Can crash everything
That you ever had Continue reading

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My Dearest Haters And My Loving Enemies…

Just Be Yourself - Quotes On Enemies

My dearest Haters and my loving Enemies,

I remember so much about you and I remember so much that you have done to me. Although I may lose count of your numbers because there were literally so many of you that it seems countless but I remember every little thing that you did to me.

Oh, haters and enemies, you have given me so many memories. So many painful, heart-wrenching, agonizing , excruciating and unforgettable memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

You played nasty tricks on me, you betrayed me disguised as friends, you won my trust and then slaughtered it, you were friends but were more closer to people who ruined me, you did scandals in office and put the blame on me (very heroic dude), you spread rumors in school that I cannot even mention here (is it okay to say Slut on wordpress?), you called me names when I passed by, you looked down upon me, treated me like trash and most of all, you believed that I couldn’t do anything in my life.

Ouch…. That hurt me. Does that make you feel happy? Continue reading

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It’s Time When You Look At Me & Say “Oh Poor You”

Anorexic Sandra Bullock

3 months on liquid diet which mainly for me is partially mashed rice with a little of anything mashable and lots n loads of yogurt to help me shove down the food through my throat. 3 months without chewing absolutely anything. Soups, juices and mashed rice.

It gets so annoying at times that in utter desperation to chew something, I have literally chewed my tongue. For those who have tried this, you know the pleasure. For those who haven’t, it’s like chewing on a rubber meat that doesn’t have any taste and doesn’t dissolve.

Haven’t tried it?

Let me show you how it works. Continue reading

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I Am But Your Shadow…

Prince Meeting His Lady Love

Where are you my Romeo?
Where are you my Prince Charming?
I stand every night in my balcony
Waiting for you to come
Waiting to be rescued

Oh I wonder if I have to be
Oh I wonder if I should be
Beautiful on the outside
To make you see that I exist
To make you fall in love with me

Is my beautiful heart not enough?
Is my beautiful soul not enough?
I guess not as enough as should be
To deserve your unique love
To deserve your utmost care

Do you not see how much I love you?
Do you not see how much I want you?
Certainly you do not, else you would know
I belong where you are
I belong in your arms

– Aisha

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