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A Truth… That Has The Power To Destroy Everything You Ever Had

Freedom Butterfly

If there was a truth that could possibly put an end to everything you ever had or have, if it was so destructive that it could break your relation, if it was so dangerous that it could destroy your love, What will you do?

Will you hold on to a truth inside you or will you let go of the lie to the one you love?

A truth…
A sweet, tender truth
That promises smiles
That makes relationship stronger
That multiplies trust

But a truth…
From the past
Can change everything
Can destroy everything
Can crash everything
That you ever had Continue reading

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Superlatives Of Life

Superlatives Of Life - Pencil Sketch

1. Its bad when you have to fly in economy class, worse when you get the middle seat and worst if both the seats next to you belong to fat man.

2. Its terrible when you wait an hour for the sleep to come, more terrible when you want to pee exactly when you got sleepy and most terrible when you have to leave your bed and walk to the bathroom knowing that the sleep is gone again. Continue reading

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Traffic Of My Site Is Directly Proportional To My Mood

Key To Success Wallpaper

This is going to sound extremely weird, crazy, strange & insane to you (just like everything else I say does), you may call it a coincidence but when something happens again & again, you don’t think it’s a coincidence anymore.

So what is this strange revelation that I have now come to know?

As you all know (or know not) that I work on – The Glamorous Magazine, what I have realized is that the traffic of my site depends on my mood.

😦 😦 😦

I told you, you’re gonna think I am insane.

But seriously… I have noted this a lot many times. When I am down, dull, not in mood, ill or sad, dooooooooooooooop drops the traffic of my site. When I am high n extremely happy, zooooooooooooooooop goes high the traffic of my site. Continue reading

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I See A Clown…

Sad Clown

I see a clown
with a very wide smile
who slips and falls
in a goofy little style
he walks around
for the fun he brings
all at once
juggling so many things


I see a clown
with a forced wide smile
who has a  life
buried in a pile
after spreading smiles
before he sleeps
all night long
he cries and weeps

Yet Again

I see a clown
who smiles and cries
for his awful job
putting pain in disguise
and no matter how hurt
he may be inside
he has to look happy
for the world outside


I see a clown
who entertains you and me
but behind his makeup
pain is all I see
stories of his past
that no one shares
memories of his life
that no one cares

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Mirage Of Happiness

Mirage Painting

Walking towards my school where my social life is. My friends are standing. A wide smile spread over my face, sparkles in my eyes and shoulders held tight with confidence, strength and grace that most people would die for. 

Meeting my friends and talking to them is such a wonderful feeling in itself. Ain’t it? Continue reading

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