Amaranthine – Introduction

Amaranthine – Introduction

Amaranthine _ Romantic Love Story

Hey people,

So you are wondering what is this crazy maniac upto now. Well, don’t worry, this time its no guns and swords. It’s words and more words. Hopefully you will like the idea.

Amaranthine is a collaboration blog project that I am doing with AhmedKhalifa It’s not one single blog, it’s something we intend to keep going, for how long? Well, as long as we can.

Amaranthine means eternally beautiful and unfading. So it was a perfect name for this project.

So what’s Amaranthine going to be?

We have no effing clue 🙂

The basic idea is we are going to write a progressive story in poetry form. One of us starts the poem, then the next replies to it and then it keeps going and the story progresses.

Just so you know, this story is about two people named, Michale & Leila.  Continue reading

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