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Accidents, Accidents & More Accidents – A Chaotic Crazy Week

Superstitious Room

I think I was born on a moonless night of Friday, the 13 exactly when a black cat crossed the door outside the labor room number 21 breaking a mirror and spilling the milk on the floor and when I was being taken to my ward wrapped in a black blanket, there was a man on a triangle stair holding umbrella and we passed from underneath it.

That could be the only possible reason of me being so accident prone to EVERYDAY NORMAL THINGS.

For me, living everyday is like surviving another day in a deathly Forest full of wild animals and hidden traps at every nook and corner.

Lets begin with Monday, which was COINCIDENTALLY 13th MAY…. LMFAOOOOOO…..


I was dragging a suitcase and it slipped past my hands and fell upon my left foot. The plastic support area of the suitcase when right on my thumb tearing apart my skin and making a little bloody mess. Continue reading

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For The Love Of Pain, GETTING BRACES

Dental Torture

Who knew one little appointment to the dentist would end you up getting braces. Okay okay that’s quiet always the case isn’t it? But let’s just go with “omagosh really…what happened… way man” sort of reaction, shall we?

It all began last year… Don’t worry I will spare you the details.

My teeth started paining terribly bad and the pain went on for days until it was time to meet the dentist. He said both my wisdom tooth on the left were coming in the wrong direction and pushing my teeth to pain. Which only meant that I needed to get them extracted.

The next day I got one of my lower wisdom tooth extracted and it was hell of an experience. I was in bed for the next entire week. I had some complications during the extraction and the dentist had to operate. The experience was enough for me to say I ain’t getting my other wisdom tooth extracted.

After an year now, my teeth started giving me severe aches since the past few months until it was time to meet the dentist again.

This is the part where I say, “Who knew one little appointment to the dentist would end you up getting braces.”

When I went to the dentist, he was more concerned about my future with my teeth.

Yes so I had some crooked teeth but I totally loved them. I was always proud of having a cute adorable set of crooked teeth that people adored. But I guess the dentist was just too jealous of them. He must be bored out of his life with those ugly perfect set of teeth which is why he decided to ruin mine.

He declared an immediate emergency to have braces. Continue reading

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We Have All Become So Comfortably Numb…

Walking Over The Dead Body

I remember my school days listening to Linkin Park
This one song my favorite of the dark
I would scream out loud “I’ve become so numb”
Until my mom got scared of what I had become

As time passed and life happened
Things turned out rather more darkened
Sitting with my dad sharing his blues
As we watched the daily news

Slides moving : Earthquakes, Disasters, Murder
Money provokes a son to kill his father
162 die in a plane crash near Kentbury
A major bomb blast kills another 133 Continue reading

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Blaming You, Cursing You & Yet Loving You

Sad Eyes Crying Blood

After what you did, yes I am broken at heart
With you I walked ahead but now I am at the start
There are many, oh so many different rough lane
& I am really not sure if I should start all over again
Even if I do, I don’t know my life would take me where
The only thought of a new life shudders me with fear
I am right where you left me, alone & ready to fall
No one hears my screams, no one answers my call
I am looking up at my future, searching for myself
But I have already lost me… Lost in yourself Continue reading

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Where Thou Remember Me Not, I Forget You Not…

Roman Woman Reading Love Letter

O Romeo, Romeo,

Wherefore Art Thou Romeo
If I Shall Not Be With Thou, Then Where Shall I Go?
How Strange And Helpless Has This Time Got
Where Thou Remember Me Not, I Forget You Not

How shall I forget our first spring ball dance
Where thou held me locked by very glance
Oh those music that flee through my ears
Thou pulled my soul past my own fears  Continue reading

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