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Dear Orthodontist,

Dear Orthodontist,

This is with regards to my appointments with you every 15 to 20 days, not to mention the visits I make in between those 15 to 20 days because some or the other thing is troubling me.

First, I don’t know why it becomes so important for you to talk to me about how I have been and what I am doing or how my wired life is exactly when my mouth is wide open and you are literally inside my mouth with all your instruments.

You can either do the conversation before shoving your tools into my mouth or after you are done, but I do not simply understand why the conversation has to be exactly while you are working in my mouth. Continue reading

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It’s Time When You Look At Me & Say “Oh Poor You”

Anorexic Sandra Bullock

3 months on liquid diet which mainly for me is partially mashed rice with a little of anything mashable and lots n loads of yogurt to help me shove down the food through my throat. 3 months without chewing absolutely anything. Soups, juices and mashed rice.

It gets so annoying at times that in utter desperation to chew something, I have literally chewed my tongue. For those who have tried this, you know the pleasure. For those who haven’t, it’s like chewing on a rubber meat that doesn’t have any taste and doesn’t dissolve.

Haven’t tried it?

Let me show you how it works. Continue reading

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40 Days Without Chocolate


It’s been 40 days without chocolate
And it feels like an eternity
I have forgotten what it tastes like
I have forgotten its delicacy
And most of all I have forgotten
What it was like when it was with me

Oh I look back to the times
When I ate chocolate to my heart
Black forest cake, mousse, ice cream
Dark chocolate fudge and the tart
I knew I would cherish its flavor
Till death do us apart Continue reading

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How I Spent My Birthday…

Yesterday did not just mark another year in my life but yesterday also marked an entire one month in Pain, Pain & Constant Pain and being on bed or just lying around in the house like a vegetable.

I got 5 tooth extracted on the 26th of December and since then Extractions Hurt… Braces Hurt… EVERYTHING HURTS… For one month I have been awake all night and sleeping all day and acting weird and loosing weight.

Lets go back to 12 A.M yesterday, an exact 26th of January when the phone rang. okay I think you should go back 10 minutes earlier to 12 A.M because thats when the phone had rung. This call was important and no matter how much my braces bruised and rubbed against the sores and cuts in my mouth, this call was worth all the pain.

Why 10 minutes earlier?  Continue reading

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The Big Bad But In My Face

Boy With A Butt Face

All my life I have lived with a “but”. Yes that butt as well, thanks for pointing out but I really am talking about the but with a single “t” right now. You never know you might get a blog on a but with double “t” in future…. Who knows.


I am sure you have all felt the same way at some point of your life and if you are as lucky *sarcasm* as me, then you must have felt like carrying a but with you all the time and no matter where you go, what you do and how much you pray, this but is always going to be with you like a real BUTT. 

My life revolves around this but and trust me, this but is as bad as it can be. Again this “as” is with a single “s”.

Continue reading

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