Accidents, Accidents & More Accidents – A Chaotic Crazy Week

Superstitious Room

I think I was born on a moonless night of Friday, the 13 exactly when a black cat crossed the door outside the labor room number 21 breaking a mirror and spilling the milk on the floor and when I was being taken to my ward wrapped in a black blanket, there was a man on a triangle stair holding umbrella and we passed from underneath it.

That could be the only possible reason of me being so accident prone to EVERYDAY NORMAL THINGS.

For me, living everyday is like surviving another day in a deathly Forest full of wild animals and hidden traps at every nook and corner.

Lets begin with Monday, which was COINCIDENTALLY 13th MAY…. LMFAOOOOOO…..


I was dragging a suitcase and it slipped past my hands and fell upon my left foot. The plastic support area of the suitcase when right on my thumb tearing apart my skin and making a little bloody mess.


I cut my left hand thumb while trying to open up a metal hook on my necklace. The metal got cut making a fine sharp edge perfect for making a cut on my thumb. Another bloody mess.


I went to the ortho for my weekly checkup on braces and the ortho’s grinding tool “ACCIDENTALLY” went on my lower lip and it bruised the area.

While coming back home, I almost got hit by a bike. I forgot I was in Pakistan, and even if the road is one way, the traffic comes in from right, left, top, bottom and if there was a direction other than these four, the traffic would come from there as well.

I was just looking at the right, and was about to move forward when my Cousin pushed me back with his hands. It was a fraction of second that the bike from left crossed by. Had those fraction of seconds got delayed, I would be either writing this blog from the hospital or perhaps my grave.


My fingers got stuck in water cooler door. And they just wouldn’t come out. With blood absolutely blocked, the pain was unbearable and my screams were the loudest I ever had.

My sister had to bend the plastic door inside using pliers to free my finger while I screamed “DAMN IT HURRY UP.”

The fingers were pure white when they came out ( from the door not out of my hand) and they remained numb for the next few hours and left a lump of redness on the nail area. Typing was painful the next day at work.


Well, Monday got repeated in the morning but this time on my left foot. Luckily it was just a lot of pain without a bloody mess.

And I thought my Friday disaster had already happened but then of course I was wrong.

I burnt my wrist at night. There is a 3 inch finger sized red patch of burn on my right wrist that burns when anything comes in contact with it.


Well, so far I have broken, burnt nor cut anything since the morning…. But there is a long long long way to go before I can safely put myself into bed….

Having that said, I am not a believer in superstition or any day being cursed or jinxed. I think we all have those weeks in our life when nothing seems to go right or you get hurt one after the other and that’s how your crazy week goes by.

So this was my chaos week 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Accidents, Accidents & More Accidents – A Chaotic Crazy Week

  1. It’s 8:15 PM here in Karachi.
    Any update?

    • Haha.
      Not yet 🙂 Still 3 hours more to go.

      • 11:33 PM here.
        Update please 🙂

        • HAHAHA
          You made me laugh really….

          Well fortunately or unfortunately (depending upon your motive of asking), Saturday passed without any accident unless breaking a bag of rice all over the floor would be considered as an accident.

  2. Ohh that’s one hell of a week you had and I’m sorry to hear about all your injuries (I lost count as I read :P). I pray that next week won’t be as bad 😛

  3. it was probably karma hehe

    • Uhhhh. This karma really has some serious grudges against me. He lets everyone else go by his “Does this person’s action qualify for a Karma revenge?” meter. But as soon as I pass through this meter, it goes BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP INITIALIZING KARMA in 5…….4……3…..2…..1…..


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