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What’s In Aisha’s Treasure Chest – Finally Revealed :)

Little Girl Opening Treasure Chest
So many memories I have of my childhood. There are so many things that I remember about my school and school life because I captured every moment that was special to me. How you may ask, have I done that?

No really you gotta ask 😛 😛 😛

I have had this little habit since childhood of keeping things saved and preserved that had an association with the time I spend. Like if my parents gave me a gift, I would keep the gift wrapper. If a bottle of water made me slip on floor and that made everyone around me laugh, I would keep the bottle cap and so on.

In this way, every object became important in terms of time it connected with. ( wait till you read about chocolate wrappers ahead 🙂 )

Today while I still had a few hours before my flight, I opened up my treasure box and it brought back so many memories. This also gave me the idea of sharing it with you guys…. I hope you enjoy 🙂  Continue reading

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Blaming You, Cursing You & Yet Loving You

Sad Eyes Crying Blood

After what you did, yes I am broken at heart
With you I walked ahead but now I am at the start
There are many, oh so many different rough lane
& I am really not sure if I should start all over again
Even if I do, I don’t know my life would take me where
The only thought of a new life shudders me with fear
I am right where you left me, alone & ready to fall
No one hears my screams, no one answers my call
I am looking up at my future, searching for myself
But I have already lost me… Lost in yourself Continue reading

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Dear Grandparents Whom I Have Never Met


Dear Grandparents,

It’s strange when I hear everyone talk about their grandparents to me. Some who are happy because their grandparents are coming to visit them, some who wait for the Sunday so they can visit their grandparents while some are lucky enough to live with their grandparents in a joint family system.

I can’t help but wonder how pathetic my life is :S

No seriously, I am angry with you guys. You guys decided to leave even before I came… I guess you didn’t want to see my face. It wasn’t fair okay… At least my bro got the chance to play with both my grandmas. But soon as it was my turn, All of you decided to leave. Continue reading

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Where Thou Remember Me Not, I Forget You Not…

Roman Woman Reading Love Letter

O Romeo, Romeo,

Wherefore Art Thou Romeo
If I Shall Not Be With Thou, Then Where Shall I Go?
How Strange And Helpless Has This Time Got
Where Thou Remember Me Not, I Forget You Not

How shall I forget our first spring ball dance
Where thou held me locked by very glance
Oh those music that flee through my ears
Thou pulled my soul past my own fears  Continue reading

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When Memories Strike You (Contest Poem – On Demand)

Tortured Hand Breaking Out

I was asked by my Contest Contestants (sorry dolphin memory, can’t remember the names) to write a poem on any of the picture from the my own contest “Picture Worth Your Words Contest“. So I thought I should better do it before I start with another contest.

Please know that its been months since I have given up writing poems (just a phase where I can’t seem to write any good poem) so this is going to be very raw and comparing to the entries I got, lol this doesn’t take a stand. Lawl.  Continue reading

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