We Have All Become So Comfortably Numb…

Walking Over The Dead Body

I remember my school days listening to Linkin Park
This one song my favorite of the dark
I would scream out loud “I’ve become so numb”
Until my mom got scared of what I had become

As time passed and life happened
Things turned out rather more darkened
Sitting with my dad sharing his blues
As we watched the daily news

Slides moving : Earthquakes, Disasters, Murder
Money provokes a son to kill his father
162 die in a plane crash near Kentbury
A major bomb blast kills another 133

Breaking news : a 14-year-old raped and killed
2 boys commit suicide after being bullied
Tsunami makes 2400 people homeless
The hunt for a ruthless killer makes no progress

5 shot dead in a country carnival
Court gives gay marriages a disapproval
A family of 3 kids, husband and wife
Found dead by the road late at night

Here I am watching news on a Sunday
And Dad asks me how was the day today
“Nothing new. 50 dead in a minor blast at St. Moisel
Anyway, So I made Pizza, Wanna have some?”

50 dead people was such a normal thing
It didn’t hurt me nor made me think
Not a single tear rolled in my eyes
Not a single second to stop & sympathize

So you see we have all become so numb
We can’t even see what we have really become
We walk over bleeding dead bodies with such ease
Just like we walk on a road full of fallen leaves

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2 thoughts on “We Have All Become So Comfortably Numb…

  1. uzma

    awesome!!! n yes all of such deadly incidents have become a routine for us…

  2. Great post.

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