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Where Thou Remember Me Not, I Forget You Not…

Roman Woman Reading Love Letter

O Romeo, Romeo,

Wherefore Art Thou Romeo
If I Shall Not Be With Thou, Then Where Shall I Go?
How Strange And Helpless Has This Time Got
Where Thou Remember Me Not, I Forget You Not

How shall I forget our first spring ball dance
Where thou held me locked by very glance
Oh those music that flee through my ears
Thou pulled my soul past my own fears  Continue reading

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I have been Tagged And You Will Be Tagged Soooooon :P

You Have Been Tagged

Ooooooooooooooo *just as Dee Dee does it when she sees a red shiny button which says DO NOT PRESS*

I have been tagged, I have been tagged, I have been tagged.

Yup I sang that out loud in my mind and also did some dance moves with a smile. Yay.

So one of my favorite blogger on WordPress, Shira tagged me today with a very funny and enjoyable game. For all those people who want to read some brilliant humor on everyday life, The Way I Live Naturally is what you need to read. Her blogs will talk about simplest of things from a whole new level.

So whats this game? Continue reading

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When Memories Strike You (Contest Poem – On Demand)

Tortured Hand Breaking Out

I was asked by my Contest Contestants (sorry dolphin memory, can’t remember the names) to write a poem on any of the picture from the my own contest “Picture Worth Your Words Contest“. So I thought I should better do it before I start with another contest.

Please know that its been months since I have given up writing poems (just a phase where I can’t seem to write any good poem) so this is going to be very raw and comparing to the entries I got, lol this doesn’t take a stand. Lawl.  Continue reading

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Mom Dad, You Are Old Vegetables. Nursing Home Should Be Better for You?

Old Aged Lady Alone In Nursing Home

You must be thinking whats up with that title. You’l see.

As we start growing up our parents grow older. That’s the cycle. That’s how it runs isn’t it.

Have you noticed when parents grow older they start becoming annoying. They don’t understand the job you are doing, they don’t understand why you are up too late, they don’t understand the food you are eating, they don’t understand the technology around you.

Then your family comes in the picture and your own family has their own needs, wants, wishes and lifestyle which never tends to meet the needs, wants, wishes and lifestyles of your parents. Your parents are simply a burden on you.


Old Age Homes, Nursing Homes, Rehab Centers, Second Homes.

PERFECT. Continue reading

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Consciously Awake Makes You See Things That Others Don’t

Little Boy Walking Into Light From Darkness

What does consciously awake really mean?

Nothing extra ordinary or high-tech words. Consciously awake means you just have a GOOD COMMON SENSE. That’s all. Really.

So why am I stressing so much on being awake if it is just having a good common sense? Because having a good common sense is what is absent in most of us. A good common sense gives you an edge over the people around you who take everything around them for granted.

My conscious awareness saved a little boy yesterday from injuring himself and I am still just starting to be awake. How? Keep reading.

Sometimes when you eat something, you suddenly know that the taste of that food isn’t normal and then you inspect it to see if it is stale. How did you make that difference? Sheer common sense. But if the same food was given to a person who never was conscious while eating that same food before would never be able to make the difference.

That is the power of being Consciously Awake.

How good is it and how far can you go?  Continue reading

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