Dark Feelings

My Dear Grand Children (Feb 05, 2075)

Grandmother's Treasure Box

My Dear @PunkRocker Ruby & @DareDevil Sam.

Howdy grand kids? You must think your old grammy is so out of touch with the technology that she wrote a letter to you on a paper using pen. You may be laughing as well.

I am sorry kids, I do not know how to use one of those that you have. It looks like a photo frame. I wonder why you keep poking it with your finger. Continue reading

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Mirage Of Happiness

Mirage Painting

Walking towards my school where my social life is. My friends are standing. A wide smile spread over my face, sparkles in my eyes and shoulders held tight with confidence, strength and grace that most people would die for. 

Meeting my friends and talking to them is such a wonderful feeling in itself. Ain’t it? Continue reading

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The Mud Man Is About To Crack

Cracked Mud Man

When it all began, he was just a pile of sand. Invisible in the eyes of people. Everyone came and walked over him because he was too soft and gentle to fight back. He was hurt and was sad deep inside, but he was too good to say anything to the people.

As days went by, he added a little water of strength and attitude to himself so that people would start noticing him. And so it did happened. People came by and he simply trusted every person who came to sit by him.

Soon he realized that the people only came to have fun with him. They came, molded him into the shape they wanted to see him in, had fun and before leaving, they would crash him down back in to the pile of sand.

This went on for quiet a while. People walked in, took his help and then broke him down before leaving. Continue reading

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Each Time You Give Another Chance…

Bleeding Wrist Of A Girl

“You should give it another chance you know.”

How many times do you hear this statement in your life when you resolve to close yourself on doing what you always do. Like closing doors on your friends, Locking yourself from the world, Declaring not to make up with the guy who shattered you, Stopping yourself to care about others because no one actually gives the same back to you and more blah blah blah.

Well basically what I am trying to say is, in life, you face situations where you give something or someone a chance and it or they totally blows it off. So then you make a resolution to yourself that you wont give it/them another chance.

That’s it.

You are done.

But people… GOSH!!! They just don’t understand anything, EVER.

They keep telling you that you should give it another chance. urgghhhh.

Sometimes, you yourself find loosing the grip of resolution, Because you feel that may be you are being too hard. Not hard on others. But being too hard on yourself. Punishing yourself for the faults of others so there you go.

You break free your resolution and give it another chance.

Only to find, Continue reading

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They Pull Me Out To Throw Me Back… Deeper Into The Hole

Falling Into A Black Hole

It’s a very strange world that I have seen.

I am a person who is basically falling deeper into the black hole every moment of life, slowly and gradually although. This black hole is getting deeper and darker as I keep falling into it.

In the start I was afraid that I would fall down and get hurt when I hit the ground. But that fear has vanished as I realize that this hole is endless. It just keeps going deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper.

Having realized that, I am certain that there will be not instant pain or hurt as I shall never hit the ground. I will only deplete, erode, bruise and burn  myself slowly as I keep falling deeper into it.

What’s funny is, every now and then, I see a hand from above , trying to help pull me up. But I am not sure if I should actually socialize with that stranger/friend/person who is trying to help me. I trust no one and I need no one is the policy.

In the same policy I have passed so many hands that have come to me.

Yet, once in a blue moon, I set aside my policy of trust no one and I need no one, and I give that stranger/friend/person a chance to do what they seem to be doing, help me?! I guess, For that’s what they show.

They stay by my side even though I keep warning them of everything I am jinxed with and that I am evil Continue reading

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