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Sometimes, I Just Want To Be Meeeeeeee


Sometimes I wake up in the morning,
Well better call it afternoon.
And feel like I want to do nothing at all
Nothing that really soon.

I don’t want to brush my teeth
I don’t want to bath today
I don’t want to do anything
That’s how I want to spend the day Continue reading

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Random Stuff/Questions I Am Usually Told/Asked By People

Random Questions Fairy

Today when I was asked another out-of-the-blue-strange question by people (strangers), Friends (none) and Foes (everyone), I decided I would do a blog about it. These are random stuffs that people keep telling me or ask me (IDK WHY).

Sometimes I answer them, Sometimes I insult them and sometimes I just ignore them depending upon who the person asking me is.

Here I go, Continue reading

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My Extremely Clean Work Table Or Second Home

Messy Desk Cartoon Image

I just rolled back myself on the chair and glanced at my work table where I spend 90% of my awake time everyday. The rest of the 10% is small breaks for call of nature, call of hunger and call of mother. LOL.

I WAS TOTALLY SHOCKED when I looked at my table. For some reasons I can say that its cleaner than it always is :S Now that’s something weird.

Lets take a look. Continue reading

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There Was An Earthquake… There Really Was…

Few days back I finally decided to unpack my stuff. Yeah, almost after one month of travel. Well, I can give you plenty of reason for the delay.

To start off with, It’s really very handy to have all of your stuff in a suitcase. You just keep your suitcase open all the time and whenever you need anything, you can just pick it up from there or if you want to keep back anything, just shove it in.

Secondly, It saves a lot of time in finding stuff when my clothes are in place of the closet, while books are in the other section, jewelry and make up in the other side and my hair brush and hair accessories in the closet drawer. So you see, in a suitcase, they are all in ONE PLACE.

Thirdly, Duh I will be travelling again in next 4 months or 5 so why unpack and then pack all over again.

Fourth, would of course be my energetically challenged soul 😦


So few days back I finally neglected all the good sides of keeping your stuff packed even after travel and I took the initiative of putting all my stuff back into my closet.

I neatly carried my folded clothes from suitcase and stacked them into my cupboard. Jeans here, long shirts there, short shirts here and summer scarves over there. Socks neatly set in folds inside my socks bag. Books on that side and ummmmm yes the gift items can stay there for the moment.

Aaaahhhh all done. *wipes sweat*

Now that looks good.

Unfortunately, right after 5 days of unpacking, when I opened my cupboard, I was speechless and taken back.

“What The Hell Happened Here?”  Continue reading

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Waking Up With A Heavy Head…

Girl Full Of Thoughts In Her Mind

Reading books over books and filling my brain with new stuff to process. Remembering to remember the reality checks and practicing it all day. Looking at my area around with new awareness.

The things that I used to see before with ignorance, I now look at them with full awareness, like the smell of my moisturizing cream, the feel of the water on my skin, the mountain sight from my balcony, the sound of the cars going by and the taste of the mustard sauce.

errrr mustard sauce?

Well, I read that Mustard sauce helps facilitate the Lucid Dreams and to my luck I had that Failed Lucid Dream exactly the night I had Mustard sauce. So now I make sure to have it before I sleep. (Don’t worry I love mustard sauce although I have found to be allergic to it. haha)

Okay then there are more google searches and more articles to read and I realize oh it’s already 4AM. I better go off to sleep (Lucid Dream).

So I go to my bed and keep my mind awake while trying to put myself to sleep. Keep telling my mind about Lucid Dreaming and keep telling it to stay awake and keep telling it to WORK because there is no sleep for you HAHA.

That’s basically the entire weeks routine and I realize my brain has been working and processing all the extra burden Continue reading

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