Random Stuff/Questions I Am Usually Told/Asked By People

Random Questions Fairy

Today when I was asked another out-of-the-blue-strange question by people (strangers), Friends (none) and Foes (everyone), I decided I would do a blog about it. These are random stuffs that people keep telling me or ask me (IDK WHY).

Sometimes I answer them, Sometimes I insult them and sometimes I just ignore them depending upon who the person asking me is.

Here I go,

  •  1. So…. (long pause indicating an out-of-the-blue question coming)What exactly do you do on Glamzzle?

Ans. A site doesn’t run on its own unless its an automated site that picks blogs from other sites based on the keywords given to it. I pretty much have a lot to do on my site and one of the tiny “a lot” includes something called “MANAGING.” I have dedicated, talented and wonderful writers to write original articles. So if you can think, you would know that it’s not automated and it definitely needs managing and then there are technical terms which I am sure would be a waste of use.

  •  2. Ummm. What do you do when you are not on your laptop.

Ans. If I am not on my laptop, I am sleeping.

  • 3. What do you do all day.

Ans. I spend my entire day with my husband (laptop).

  • 4. You do need to involve yourself in other activities of life.

Ans. Thank you very much but I am quiet happy within my cocoon of isolation.

  • 5. It’s really strange that you eat at 3 or 4 A.M.

Ans. Probably because my stomach doesn’t have a watch. I am sure yours does. Lucky You.

  • 6. You forgot to drink your tea lying right next you YET AGAIN. Next time don’t even ask me to make you one.

Ans. * embarrassed and annoyed at myself*

  • 7. (At any wedding, party or someones house) What’s so important in your cell that you have been into it for like EVER? 

Ans. Apparently its way better than giving fake smiles at every dumb thing that everyone says. And FYI, not interested in one of your did-you-know stories.

  • 8. Is that a  sleeping pajama you are wearing to my house? 

Ans. I am sorry I didn’t know sleeping pajama’s weren’t allowed in your house. I’ll remember that next time and avoid coming to your house at all.

  • 9. What’s the use of having a blog page. Does it earn you anything? 

Ans. Yes, It earns me presence of mind, pleasure of heart and peace of soul. Just like your daily gossips does to do.

  • 10.a.  (at weddings) Am I looking good?

Ans. Yeah!

  • 10.b. Oh c’mon you are lying, isn’t it. 

Ans. As a matter of fact, Yes I am.

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7 thoughts on “Random Stuff/Questions I Am Usually Told/Asked By People

  1. Asko Nõmm

    Great minds think alike (I mean we think alike, because I obviously own a one-of-a-kind mind, ego powwa!). My job (when I still had one) was also being around the laptop constantly and when I didn’t do that, I was either at some bar getting wasted or sleeping. Now I’m just sleeping. I usually eat a few hours after I wake up (sometimes it’s 1am, sometimes it’s 1pm) then about 3 to 4 hours later and then before going to bed (sometimes it’s 11am, sometimes it’s 11pm). Oh and sometimes I don’t eat all, which is probably the reason I’m underweight.

    But, enough of me. I have a few questions of my own. Do you embrace junk food like it’s your youth potion? Do you look like a zombie who got ran over by a huge truck and an airplane and an elephant with horsers in the morning? Are my questions weird? Should I not comment so long comments?

    • Hmmm lemme try to answer those:
      Junk food are my energy drinks. The more I have of them, the better I feel.
      I wouldn’t disgrace the zombie by comparing myself to it you know. I respect their feelings.
      Your questions and weird…Nope. Just too real and valid.
      You may comment as long as u like but as long as your fingers don’t hurt.

  2. Maybe you should try the ‘Best me’, an interesting set of questions. The best me . Try it out when you get a chance.

  3. wow how did the wedding go with you and your laptop (now husband)? 🙂 hahaha!

    • My husband is really the best husband in the world. I couldn’t have it any other way 🙂

  4. Most of those out-of-the-blue-questions are really stupid. If people think twice before asking them they’ll probably notice how funny they’re 😀

    BTW, the “laptop” point reminds me with one of my friends who considers her “laptop” as her babyy 😀

    • LOL. Laptop is my Hubby and my mobile is baby. All my people know this and usually when they want to have my mobile or I ask them where my mobile is, they would be like “your baby is with his granny or with his aunt.”

      Once when my mobile was malfunctioning, I even asked my mom to pray 🙂 . I told her my baby is ill, please pray for it to get well soon. HAHA 🙂

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