A Soul Suffocation Within A Body

Freedom Of Soul

I am a soul that wonders
Does souls have genders too?
Because at the end of the day
All it really matters in a person is,
The Soul that they have

So if you say that a soul,
Is free from the discrimination
Of the gender
Then why do you bound me,
To behave in a certain pattern?

Just because I am,
A soul locked in a girl’s body
You automatically expect me to
Confine myself as a girl?
A mannered perfect girl?

Spare me,

When you find me sitting
On a chair, facing backside
Or upon a sofa
Not with crossed legs
But hanging on the side 

Spare me,

When you hear me burp
When you see me on roads
In my sleeping pajama
With hair that has not been
Combed for ages unknown

Spare me,

If I walk on the streets
Absolutely unfeminine like
Or when I laugh loud enough
To startle the neighbor’s baby
And make him cry

Spare me,

When you see me
Eating mouthfuls of food
While dropping food on my clothes
And cleaning my mouth
From my sleeves

Spare me because sometimes
I do not want to be a man or a woman
Confined to rules of the gender
I just want to be a soul
Not suffocating within a body

– Aisha

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10 thoughts on “A Soul Suffocation Within A Body

  1. Fighting for the rights of women? :p

    • Haha. For the rights of our soul 🙂

      • Late at night? :p 3:14 Am ? 😀

        • WHAT THE AHEM AHEM :S :S :S

          I am amazed because this 314 is haunting me. :S :S :S
          I hardly check time, but whenever I accidentally look at the time, it will be 3:14. ALWAYS.
          This number is haunting me now everywhere :S :S :S
          And today u just mention it. Its weird and its getting weirder.

          :S :S :S

          • Lol :p Probably, you might have memories attached to this time AHEM AHEM :p 😉

            • Oh nae nae. Not that I remember any. And its not just time. Its the number 314 that comes in different forms. Idk whats with this number.

  2. bob

    The bible says that there is no color, class or gender in the next world.

    • That explains the next world. But what about this world? Do our souls have gender?

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  4. You are right Aisha, Souls do not have Gender 🙂 Souls are free from this tide 🙂 Lovely mind’s dance. Congrats!

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