Mother Of Mine… (Part One)

Image Of A Mother With Child

Oh mother of mine,
When I was too young to speak
You understood what I needed
With just a little cry or squeak
Even when I blabbered
With all my toddler words
Saying gaga googoo
You knew what I was saying

 Each time I looked at you
I saw a beautiful young women
An early 20’s glowing face
And perfectly flawless skin
The touch of your hand
Upon my naked body
Making me feel special
With your tender touch

Oh mother of mine
Today I am young and can speak
Yet I complain to you
That you do not understand me
When the greater fact of the matter is
God made me and you nourished me
I dare say, But I will
Not even I can know myself like you do

Your face is wrinkled now
And it’s getting wrinkled everyday
Your hands have got course and rough
With many cuts and bruises
When you touch me now
I can feel the hardness of your skin
Every cut of your hand
And every dry flake of your skin

But how can I ever let you know
That the warmth of your hands
The glow of your face
And the tenderness of your touch
Is not the same anymore
For it is now immeasurable
There is so much more warmth
More glow and more tenderness

I may apply face packs everyday
And have sea salt baths
Yet the glow of your face is distinct
The touch of your hand, unique
And the warmth of your being
Cherishing, loving and wonderful
My unwrinkled skin is defeated
By every wrinkle of your hand

– Aisha

I feel like I did total injustice to the topic of this poem :(.

A 6 paragraphs poem of 8 lines and still I feel there is so much more to write and then there is that feeling that I was not able to write down exactly what I was feeling.

Initially I just wanted to do a free verse poem with 3 paragraphs of 8 lines. But as I kept writing, words kept coming and within seconds, there were many thoughts surrounding me and each of them was like, “PICK ME”, “NO NO PICK MEEEE”, ” NO I AM A BETTER THOUGHT, PICK MEEEEEEEEEEE.”

lol 🙂

So now I will have it in parts, I guess, may be.

So much more left unwritten…

**ouch that hurts**


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2 thoughts on “Mother Of Mine… (Part One)


    Your poem just reminded me of my mother who is far away from me.

    • Mothers have this very special quality. Whether they are near or far, they always keep us close to them in memories, prayers and blessings. So your mother is as close to you as your heart 🙂

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