How The Universe Works With Your Mind Power

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I have been talking on and on and on about Mind Power, telling you that your thoughts make actions, anything you think triggers an action in the universe to get you what you have thought of. And I have been telling you how you can change your physical self with Mind Power and basically get everything, all with a simple thought.

I get a lot of questions asking if you can get perfect eye sight with Mind Power, if you can get a clear skin with Mind Power, if you can lose weight or increase weight with Mind Power, if you can change your teeth or grow a teeth with Mind Power.

To all these questions, I say, YES, YES and YES.

Practically or logically thinking, many of you will doubt it. I don’t blame you. How can you grow back a teeth with Mind Power, right?

Today, I want to show you how this all works out. How does your Mind Power bring about major changes?

To begin with, Here is an example that I give all the time.

Quotation-Aneta-Cruz-imagination-attitude-mind-power-inspirational-Meetville-Quotes-87419Suppose you want an apple. That’s what you have been thinking about. How will the universe give it to you? It’s obviously not going to magically appear in your hand. That would be some sort of sorcery LOL. So the universe will trigger a course of action upon your thought. It might signal your husband/father/friend/aunt to bring apples. It might make a wrong apple delivery to your door step. It might send your neighbors to your doorstep with apples because they have quiet a lot of apples that they do not need.

This is what the universe does. It triggers a course of action that would eventually end with you getting what you have been thinking.

To explain things further, let me explain to you with my own life experience. I have told this to a few of my followers in comments or in emails, and it is a perfect example to show you how the universe works.

I got my crooked vampire teeth fixed with Mind Power.


brain-powerFor years I have had vampire teeth that were so crooked I would either keep a hand on my mouth while laughing or keep my lips shut in photos. We do not get any leverage on Medical facilities in our country and dentists are too expensive. So asking for a treatment just to look pretty seemed like too much to ask. Something against my own belief. Something my own consciousness wouldn’t agree with – wasting huge money just to look pretty.

So 3 years back, I started meditating and in my Alpha stage, I would chant the words (affirmation), I have perfect set of teeth, I have a perfect smile. Everyone compliments me on my smile.

Apart from this affirmation, I would always think that a guy would love me for who I am and will accept me with all my flaws and imperfection.

Within a month of these meditation session and affirmations, I got engaged. I got engaged even with my imperfections, with my crooked teeth. 

The very next day of my engagement, a severe tooth pain took me to a dentist where I was told that getting an ortho treatment was now a necessity. And where our health necessity comes, my father wastes not a minute in taking action even if it costs him huge bills. This necessity also gave me a guilt free conscious.

Somehow he arranged for the treatment and within that week I had my braces on.

I started meditating and affirming again saying the treatment will end sooner than expected and it happened. The orthodontist estimated at least 2.5 years for the severity of my case and I got my braces removed in 2 years and believe it or not, my orthodontist was surprised at how quickly my treatment was going.

Let me also remind to you the fact that both my affirmations came true. My fiance first accepted me with my imperfections and then later a turn of events got me my perfect teeth.

That’s how the universe worked to get me what I wanted and exactly how I wanted. 


Mind power works in very mysterious ways. So if there is anything that you want, it will trigger events that would lead towards the achievement of your goals. If you start meditating and affirming to get a car while you can’t afford it, Mind Power will trigger events for you to win it in a lucky draw or perhaps as a gift from work.

That is how mind power works.

Mind Power Works 🙂

If  you have any questions, or queries, throw them all in the comments. You can also contact me, if there is anything you want personal help with.

And oh, don’t forget to share.

Take care…Stay Positive…Believe


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One thought on “How The Universe Works With Your Mind Power

  1. G-C

    I watched a documentary about this, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Glad I could find this web page here!

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