Journey Through A Pakistani Girl’s Wedding – “The Attention Tention”


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Hello Everyone…

In my previous blog “Journey Through A Pakistani Girl’s Wedding – The Rasam, I took you along with me to a Pakistani girl’s rasam i.e a pre-engagement event. So what next?

Before I tell you what happens next, Let’s introduce the stereotype of Pakistanis being married within the family.

Now you must have been meeting this guy and their family since your childhood as they are your relatives. You must have been practically been raised by his parents and don’t even start me on the fact that as kids, you both played hide and seek and HE ALWAYS PULLED YOUR PONYTAIL FROM BEHIND LIKE IT WAS HIS GODDAMN PURPOSE OF EXISTENCE ON THIS EARTH. 

You hated him for doing it.

You both stayed up late nights playing board games while your parents chit chatted in other room, you both had millions of fights and you little miss not-so-innocent always sneaked up for his candy……


You become his fiancée. His parents become your in-laws. And now, everything changes. All the matrixes of your life changes. Continue reading

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WTF Aisha? Why Don’t You Write Like You Used To?

Crazy Writer Screaming

Writer’s block? Nah…. I definitely don’t have any writer’s block yet I am not writing.

So the reason may either be that I am just too lazy (if working my ass out on household errands doesn’t count) or I don’t have time (if being on YouTube for 3 hours and watching JustForLaughGags doesn’t count).

Yeah so you pretty much get the picture.


Before you start questioning my existence as a writer, Please be sure that I do have a genuine reason which I have found recently and which has shocked me and which seems like a really stuck in the ass sort of reason.

Here I am writing the reason down. Why? Because my billion subscribers are really desperate to know (I wish) but mainly because if you are a writing, something on your conscious gets cleared only if you write it down. So no matter how many times I admit the reason to myself, my conscious is like “oh yeah bitch, you degrade your profession as a content writer in front of everyone and apologize in private….dafuk.”  Continue reading

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Hi Everyone… 

It’s been a while since I wrote. I was being too lazy. But today… I feel like if I don’t speak out, my heart will stop inside my chest with the guilt of silently letting all that is happening pass through my eyes. 

Have you seen pictures of Gaza? Have you seen those pictures with little kids lying around covered with blood. Have you seen the picture of a dad holding his 2-3 year old son whose head is half blown away? Have you seen the picture of a mother bidding farewell to her 2 year old daughter? Have you seen a dad looking at his 3 kids aged 1 to 5 lying on the floor, DEAD? 


2129 martyrs in gaza holocaust

I do not want to share those images here. I simply can’t do that. I do not have the heart nor the strength to see them again.  Continue reading

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12 Days – No Poo Experience & Experiments.


Ae oo ladies. Once again we are on a no poo conversation. Few days back I told you how a bad haircut led me into going no poo, finally.

I proudly tell you girls, I am loving the no poo experience. And for those who have been going no poo and have had to go through the 1 month to 3 months transition phase of being a greasy, grossy and dirty ball of hair (did that sound ridiculously dirty?), well, I feel sorry for you because with my no poo method, I DIDN’T HAVE THE TRANSITION PHASE AT ALL.

Yes, I am not kidding. For the past one week, I haven’t used shampoo or conditioner at all and I haven’t had a day when I wanted to tie my hair into a bun.

The proof?

In this past one week, I have had dinner parties, all of which included my in-laws. If you are a Pakistani girl, you will definitely understand how important it becomes for you to look like a beauty queen with flawless EVERYTHING because, let’s admit, you are someone’s fiancée, you are someone’s soon-to-be daughter-in-law and you are the pride of someone’s house…so my point?

My point is, after your engagement, you are on the spot light where ever you go. Seriously, if you were hospitalized for a 3 second heart failure and you risk going paralysed, you would still be worried if you are LOOKING PRETTY for when your in-laws come to meet you.

YES I EXAGGERATED THAT TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL. I have broken my own record of exaggeration. Thank you thank you thank you. (<—— Self praise ;) )

**Slaps back to come to the point**

**Rubs her red swollen cheek**

**Comes back to the point**

So, all these parties with my in-laws, my hair looked so great that I kept them open. I have got praised for having lovely hair and the so ugly haircut, well it turns out I can pull it off. IN YOUR FACE BAD HAIRCUT. Continue reading

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My “Damn-It-I-Should-Go-No-Poo” Moment

***No pictures in this blog post. Blame my internet. YES YOU SUCK PTCL EVO WINGLE.***

I love beginning the blog on a good note :)

Hello Ladies.

Only ladies? Yes, Because this blog is not for the guys. So any male inhabitant of the world reading this blog, please read something else. I am sure I have tons of other “non girly” stuff for you.

So ladies, I have decided to go no poo. I have been thinking of going no poo for a long time, literally long time but never had the courage to go through “the transition” phase. I love having clean, bouncy and shiny hair all the time. I am guilty of being a shampoo addict. I shampoo and condition my hair EVERYDAY. 365 days in a year and I shampoo my hair 360 days. Those 5 days when I don’t shampoo are the days I am too sick to move from bed.

For those who are not aware of no poo method, holly shmolly, are you smurfing kidding me? Continue reading

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