What If Gordon Ramsay Answered Your Google Searches

Hell's GoogleThe other day (well not the other day to be precise but I like the sound of it), my friend and I (yes you would be shocked that I even have a friend) were talking (not arguing coz you would think I am that sort of person who just argues).

Aaaahhhh let me repeat without the brackets before my whole blog gets ruined.


The other day, my friend and I were talking and for some reasons our conversation led up to us discussing how Google would answer questions if it were a human and with all the stupid questions people ask, as a human, Google would get pissed off.

My friend then suggested that I do a blog on it so here I am and this is my blog about how Google actually feels as a human and what better way to describe its feelings than through our very own Gordon Ramsay.

So here is “What if Gordon Ramsay Answered Your google Searches” and you definitely know where this blog is going haha. Continue reading

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So What’s With The Rapunzel Theme?

Yesterday, for God knows which many time, I watched Tangled again. Then  I watched it again. And today, I plan to watch it again. My laptop wallpaper has been changed into the moment when Flynn Rider kisses Rapunzel on the boat. My mobile wallpaper has been changed to the moment when Flynn Rider and Rapunzel are holding the flying lanterns. My Whatsapp profile pic is Rapunzel looking at Flynn Rider when he tells her about his story of becoming Flynn Rider.

Today, I also changed the theme of my ScrapYard to Rapunzel.

Is this an addiction with the movie. No. Yes. May Be.

Is this an addiction, passion, obsession for Flynn Rider. Yes. May Be.

Has this got to do anything with MIND POWER? Definitely yes.

You see, I love Rapunzel’s hair. Not when they tail tag her on the floor but I love her hair when they were tied in a braid and decorated with flowers.


Oh they are so gorgeous. They are healthy and thick and shiny and so damn long. It’s freaking hard not to want to wish having such beautiful hair and then the light bulb lit over my head. Who said you can’t wish and who the bloody hell said you can’t have such hair. Continue reading

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Why Parents Should Not Text :)


Hahaha. This is hilarious. Loved the part of “We love you no matter what kind of coming out you do” haha

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Meditation – The Easy Method Of Reaching Alpha Stage Of Mind


First of all, I am definitely very happy that my Mind Power blogs are helping so many people. I pray that everyone can find peace of mind and true happiness in their heart with what they have in their life. Being content is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

Today’s blog is going to be about meditation because many comments have pointed towards it.

Why meditation, right?

I want you to take a pause right now. Stop what you are doing. Just sit back and think, when was the last time you felt “Elevated.” Without the drugs of course :P

I am talking about that moment when you were not in a hurry to go somewhere, to be somewhere. A moment when you were only you and not someone somebody else wanted you to be. The moment when you didn’t bother to check your mobile for any social update as if one second delay would cause a nuclear world war. A moment when you didn’t worry about cooking, or assignments, or projects or love, or family or money.


Non of us can remember that time because we have become robots in the hands of time, time which we do not have enough of. Everyday, we are trying to run as fast as we can. Running behind work, money, happiness, family, friends, love and what not.

Meditation gives you that moment. My experience of meditation cannot truly be explained in words. I felt like I was above the ground. Floating in the clouds. I had nothing to worry about. I was not running. I was absolutely CALM. My body was relaxing. My mind was full of peace and my heart felt that sudden warmth of contentment.

Now, personally, I am a type of person who cannot just sit in one place doing nothing which makes meditation all the more a tough task for me. I want something quick, easy and fruitful. If only there was an app for that haha :)

I read many books on meditation and I loved one method the most. It helped me focus, was simple and did not bore me at all. And I would like to share that method with you all to help you reach that state of mind so you can experience the same contentment that I did.

This is a 7 week program. And after these 7 weeks, you will be so trained and in control of your mind that you will be able to reach your ALPHA stage of mind within 10 seconds. Continue reading

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Letter From Earphone To Humans


Dear Humans.

My name is Eerefone. Sometimes I am called earpiece, hands free or even headphone. First of all, let me tell you that I am not headphone at all. Headphone is actually my big brother. He is strong, big, masculine and has a built. I don’t understand how someone could confuse my smart, slim and pretty body for a masculine one? Stop calling me by my brother’s name people. That’s just insulting to my figure. That’s racist.

Having cleared that, I would appreciate if you would CLEAR your ears before effing putting me in. It’s a mountain of ear poop in here. It’s not a treasure to keep okay. Have you not heard of my friend, Eerebud? God bless her poor soul but she does excellent work and she is the reason I can make it everyday.

Do you have any idea how I feel when you just shove me inside your disgusting ears? Oh the torture. And to make things worse you just keep me in there for hours and hours.


How long does it take for you to realize that the song you were listening to has stopped an hour back?

I still forgive such people but the ones that make me angry the most are the people who plug me in and forget to put on a song. SERIOUSLY? And then I am like just hanging in your ears doing NOTHING but making you  look like you are listening to something.

YOU PEOPLE DISGUST ME. Continue reading

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