12 Days – No Poo Experience & Experiments.


Ae oo ladies. Once again we are on a no poo conversation. Few days back I told you how a bad haircut led me into going no poo, finally.

I proudly tell you girls, I am loving the no poo experience. And for those who have been going no poo and have had to go through the 1 month to 3 months transition phase of being a greasy, grossy and dirty ball of hair (did that sound ridiculously dirty?), well, I feel sorry for you because with my no poo method, I DIDN’T HAVE THE TRANSITION PHASE AT ALL.

Yes, I am not kidding. For the past one week, I haven’t used shampoo or conditioner at all and I haven’t had a day when I wanted to tie my hair into a bun.

The proof?

In this past one week, I have had dinner parties, all of which included my in-laws. If you are a Pakistani girl, you will definitely understand how important it becomes for you to look like a beauty queen with flawless EVERYTHING because, let’s admit, you are someone’s fiancée, you are someone’s soon-to-be daughter-in-law and you are the pride of someone’s house…so my point?

My point is, after your engagement, you are on the spot light where ever you go. Seriously, if you were hospitalized for a 3 second heart failure and you risk going paralysed, you would still be worried if you are LOOKING PRETTY for when your in-laws come to meet you.

YES I EXAGGERATED THAT TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL. I have broken my own record of exaggeration. Thank you thank you thank you. (<—— Self praise ;) )

**Slaps back to come to the point**

**Rubs her red swollen cheek**

**Comes back to the point**

So, all these parties with my in-laws, my hair looked so great that I kept them open. I have got praised for having lovely hair and the so ugly haircut, well it turns out I can pull it off. IN YOUR FACE BAD HAIRCUT. Continue reading

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My “Damn-It-I-Should-Go-No-Poo” Moment

***No pictures in this blog post. Blame my internet. YES YOU SUCK PTCL EVO WINGLE.***

I love beginning the blog on a good note :)

Hello Ladies.

Only ladies? Yes, Because this blog is not for the guys. So any male inhabitant of the world reading this blog, please read something else. I am sure I have tons of other “non girly” stuff for you.

So ladies, I have decided to go no poo. I have been thinking of going no poo for a long time, literally long time but never had the courage to go through “the transition” phase. I love having clean, bouncy and shiny hair all the time. I am guilty of being a shampoo addict. I shampoo and condition my hair EVERYDAY. 365 days in a year and I shampoo my hair 360 days. Those 5 days when I don’t shampoo are the days I am too sick to move from bed.

For those who are not aware of no poo method, holly shmolly, are you smurfing kidding me? Continue reading

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Dilemma Of Being A Content Writer

So you get a job as a content writer, you can work at home at your own working hours. You don’t have to get up in the morning, take a bath, iron your clothes, dress for work, catch a bus and go to the office….You practically can just get up from your bed and start working (unless of course the nature calls.haha)

Sounds amazing isn’t it?

When I got a job as a content writer at Dubai based company- Global Business Solutions, I was head over heels happy. I even did some crazy dance moves (no not really).

The first few days of my content writing job, I was excited, happy, energetic and full on. It was a dream job (it still is) but after a month, reality stuck its face right up to mine and said “SUCK IT UP AISHA.”

It’s been 2.5 months and let me tell you all, CONTENT WRITING JOB IS HARD… Let me rephrase it. CONTENT WRITING JOB IS EFFING HELL HARD. Continue reading

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Junk Thoughts For Your Mind

Junk Food - Desserts

Here are some quotes, statements or thoughts that have been accumulated in my mind for a few days. So I thought why not share the some junk thoughts with you because let’s face it, we all love junk food over healthy food :)

1. “I don’t believe in suicide… I believe in murder… Murder of the reason that is making me think about suicide.”

2. “Never bath naked… You never know when you make a major discovery and have to run out screaming EUREKA EUREKA.”

3. “When your parents don’t give you permission for a certain thing, Continue reading

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Let’s Learn The F Word & Teach It To Our Kids.

Chef Gorden Ramsay's F Word

The F word.

You ask me why. But I ask you, why not?

I know it may seem very hard in the beginning but trust me, once you have used this word when you are angry, you will feel a sudden gush of deep inner peace that nothing in the world can match. This deep inner peace will be so amazing that you will want to experience it over and again.

Such is the power of the F word that anger will never be too long inside you. You will be able to, not just control, but enjoy the pleasant feel of letting go every bit of anger inside you. All with just one F word. Continue reading

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