Mind Power To Heal Others & Yourself

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Hi scrapyarders and my mind power blog readers.

I have been wanting to this topic for a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy long time. (See what I did there. Did you see. I used multiple “y” to show I meant a really long time. I am such a genius, isn’t it. *sarcasm intended for self*)

Okay, now that I had my bullshit talk (Why does there always have to be a stupid bullshit paragraph in each of my blog. Gotta learn how to do less of that..Or may I do not have to..who knows).

Okay Okay. So on with the blog.

Healing yourself and others with mind power.

To start things off, I have spoken about how you can change your life and physical attributes with Mind Power. I have also spoken about how you can attain contentment and a good life (job, happiness, beauty, money), basically everything, with mind power.

What I did not emphasise in all my blogs was how you can use your mind power for healing purposes. I feel bad now because this is something I should have mentioned in all my mind power blog, but better late than never. Here I am today, ready to devote all my time to talk about healing with mind power. 

Do you remember when you were a child and you got hurt, your mom/dad would kiss the paining area to make you feel better? Somehow that make you feel better?

Do you remember the time when you have a headache or your arm pained or you had a high fever, and your parents stayed up all night long, keeping their hands on your head or arm or doing the cold presses?

Do you remember when you had a bad time going on in your life and someone gave you a BIG TIGHT HUG, a hug that nearly crushed your ribs but you felt that warmth, that strange strange strange soothing, relaxing feeling?

Have you experienced this?

What was all that about? Why did a kiss from your loved ones on a paining finger made it hurt less? Why did a headache felt less when your parents placed their hand on your head? Why did you feel better when someone that loved you gave you a hug?

They all transferred their energy to you. They transferred their feelings of love, care and affection with you. They transferred their POSITIVE ENERGY into you.

And that is exactly how you can heal yourself and others using mind power. You can even CURE yourself and others using mind power.

There have been miraculous stories about curing and healing people from major diseases such as cancer. There are people who even claim to cure you of any disease through mind power.



I read one story of a woman who had tumor and got healed with mind power. And do you how they did it?

A group of people just surrounded the woman. Her tumor was being monitored on screen. They said AFFIRMATIONS such as ” You are cured. You have a healthy heart. You have a healthy body.” They kept saying this over and over and over for as long as 3 hours and the tumor started shrinking. You could see the results on the screen.

If tumor and cancer can get healed with mind power, imagine healing yourself and others from depression, from headaches, from fever, from stomach ache, from flu….

Wouldn’t it be so much cooler if your child or sibling or anyone you loved had a headache and you simply kept your hand on their forehead and their pain went away?

My Personal Healing Success

This was 3 years back. I took a 3 level course to learn how to heal using mind power from Prof. Dr. Abdul Samad. In a class full of 200 people (it was a huge 3 day seminar), They picked 3 healers to come onto the stage to heal others. Then they asked for 3 volunteers from the crowd who had some kind of illness to be healed.

I was picked to heal. I do not know why I was picked but anyway I was. The person I was supposed to be healed was a man with throat sores. He said he had throat sores for a long time.

I did what I had learnt in 3 days. ( Usually you are supposed to place your hands on the area but I did not want to touch another man LOL) so I just closed my eyes, I focused all my energy onto his throat. I focused that his throat was better. I started giving my energy towards his throat. 

At the end of 5 minutes, after I opened my eyes, this man was asked to tell what he felt. To my utter shock, this man said that he felt a SOOTHING COLD on this throat. 

If I could do that in front of 200 people ( I WAS NERVOUS AND SHAKING) FOR A STRANGER, for whom I had no personal affection, then imagine the possibilities of doing it at the comfort of your home and for a loved one.


In those 3 days class, I learned that what I was being taught in VERY EXPENSIVE CLASSES, was something I could do on my own. I knew most of the things that he was saying because I had already read sooooo many books on mind power. And that’s when I decided, I didn’t need to take any more expensive classes.

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