How, When & What To Use As Subliminal In Mind Power.


Hello my wonderful readers.

Here’s hoping and believing that you all are as wonderful as you all are in my mind (seriously in my mind, you  are really cool and awesome).

I get a lot of queries from people who are too stressed/depressed/tensed in life that it makes practically impossible to relax. Most queries ask for information on Subliminal so I thought it’s time to guide you through this topic as well.

I don’t usually recommend the use of subliminal as many of my faithful readers know but here everything you need to know about it.

You can use subliminal to give a kick-start to your mind power.

One of the most common complain I get is feeling locked up in a negative bubble so much so that any positivity coming towards you either bounces away or turns negative. Your negative bubble can be anything. It can be a bad job, bad grades, bad health, joblessness, failure in love, under appreciation or loneliness. It can be a mix of all.

Now, being relaxed and being free are two major components of positive living. If you are not relaxed and you do not feel free then you will never feel happy and positive. Which also means you are never going to reach the alpha stage.

You try meditating, but since you are so locked up in your negative bubble you cannot relax. This becomes a very difficult situation because you are unable to relax even in your meditation.

This is where you can use subliminal audio and videos to at least get the ball rolling. Continue reading

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Letter # 2 : Dear Little Bundle Of Joy

Dear Little Bundle Of Joy,

I have been complaining about my severe back pain specially in the sleepless nights as I toss and turn in bed to find a position that would pain less. I tie rolls of bandages on my legs because otherwise my legs hurt me to tears. I hate going to the hospitals with screaming pains only to find that now I have to do several tests and exams.

I suddenly came under depression. I thought I cannot go through all this. I thought I cannot do this. I thought I would crash soon.

But you know what???

Yesterday, for the first time, I felt your movement very clearly. I felt it once. Then again and then again. My pure little angel, those 3 distinct movement, I cannot express to you how wonderful they were. They were so distinct and so clear and I knew it was you.

Today I felt you move again.  Continue reading

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So I Lost My Job…What A Bummer!!!

Here I am with a back pain so severe that feels like someone is hammer breaking my entire spine, My belly is growing big and heavy that petite body cannot really handle and my entire body hurts…

I am having severe mood swings and poor hubby has no idea how to deal with it.

What else could happen, right?

Well, to top it off, I just lost my job….YAY what a perfect timing!!! This is the first time in 6 years, I am out of work and it sort of feels a little weird. Like a part of me is lost. Like I am missing something. Like I don’t even know how to function as an individual.

Anyway… Should I be upset? Not really. Everything happens for a reason. One door closes and several others open. I have already applied to 2 places, so there is lots of hoping and believing and positive thinking.

If anyone is looking for a content writer, do let me know 🙂
Here is my linkedIn profile :

Chao 🙂

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The Perfect Trick To Making 100% Effective “AFFIRMATIONS”

maxresdefault (2)

Hello everyone.

I have been telling many of my readers in the comments or emails to make affirmations or chants or mantras, whatever you wish to call them. So I decided I should probably do a detailed blog on it with the correct trick that is 100% sure to work. Before I begin,

Affirmations…What exactly are these?

Linguistically speaking it means the process of reassuring or confirming something. Declaring something. In the same sense, affirmations in mind powers is a practice of having a positive lifestyle, thinking and attitude by using daily positive sentences. 

Positive forceful sentences that you can repeat everyday to maintain a positive look on your life and thoughts.

The method and way of affirmation I will be talking about today is my own personal way of making affirmation that has helped me a lot specially because I am not good with visualizing. So I use affirmations quite a lot.

There is 1 step to making an affirmation which is to say your desired result in a statement, like “I have green eyes” or “I have brown hair” but, to make 100% effective affirmation, you need to make a good affirmation, use it correctly and apply it in 2 ways.  

First, let’s make an affirmation.

How to make affirmations for something specific?

Suppose, you want to change your hair color to brown, have grey eyes and be beautiful. Write your affirmation down on a paper. Be open and use good words instead of just the basics.

Example :  Continue reading

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Letter # 1 : Dear Little Bundle Of Joy,

Dear Little Bundle Of Joy,

Hello there little one. This is your mommy. This is the first time I am officially talking to you because I read that now you can hear me and feel me.

I just want to let you know the day we found out that we are going to have you, It was the biggest day of my life.

I remember it so clearly….26th of January….My birthday… And the greatest gift that I could get was the blood report in my hand that said I was going to be your mommy. Your daddy, well his reaction was priceless. I saw tears fill his eyes and the strength it took to roll those tears back because mommy was already crying and daddy had to hold her in his strong arms, just like he is going to hold you.  Continue reading

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