How To Burn People… I Know You Really Want To

Match Stick Fire

Are you surrounded by your so called friends, peers and foes who leave no chances to insult and embarrass you anytime and every time? Do you feel like burning or stabbing them down? Aaah I know that feeling.

So today let me show you how you can actually burn them down.

First, keep a lighter with you. Second, soon as they make a nasty comment, take your lighter out and BURN THE B**** down. Oh no no I meant bunny. Ppppft what did you think? 😛

Anyway, Just kidding, Although I do like this method more. Its quick, easy and the results are 100 % guaranteed. But you can end up in jail and you have to share a cell so its not a good idea.

Here is how you can burn people who try to mock or make nasty comments to you.

1. Is that the same dress from the last season party? 

Ans. Yeah. Pretty sad eh? But I love those shoes you are wearing. My grand ma had one in her early 20’s. So adorable ain’t they?

(Look convincing that you actually love her shoes). 

2. You look so fat girl. You need to shed some weight. 

Ans. (Look really sad) My boyfriend is so bad. He takes me to new food places every time and enjoys looking at me while I have a heavy appetite. Your lucky you know. Your boyfriend is so picky about your figure and makes you watch it inch by inch.

3. You look so weak and dull. Is everything okay hun?

Ans. The guy you have a crush on since past 6 months, proposed me last night. I was awake all night trying to tell him that he is just not my type you know.

(Enjoy the look on her face but make sure you look sympathetic) 

4. Do you normally don’t talk that much?

Ans. Ummm No. Not really. I just like to talk to people with some standards.

(Look absolutely arrogant) 

5. You chew too fast.

Ans. You chew too slow. What do you do in your mouth? Separate the peas from the rice and the bread from the butter first and then chew them?

(Look confused as if you are imagining the process) 

6. Omg, you laugh so loudly and you are a girl. 

Ans. *LAUGH YOUR LUNGS OUT* and then say “oops I meant LAWL (LOL).”

( I get this one a lot. What is just wrong with people :S.)

7. Your hair look so messed up today. 

Ans. No I did that on purpose. Just wanted to know the feeling so I could understand you more.

(Look down to earth)  

8. I am sorry I am talking a lot today. 

Ans. That’s really okay. I am a multi-tasking person. I can look like I am listening to a person while at the same time I can think about all the other important stuff in my life. Please carry on talking as I still have to think about the gigantic theory of ridicule sociopath.

9. You know what? You are really a very rude person. You think you are very smart while inside you are the dumbest person I have ever met. You should just be left alone coz you are not a social person………. *after 10 mins of rude comments*

Ans. *Yawn* Oh did you say something?

10. You are such a liar. 

Ans. Busted. Now you know why I always tell you that you are beautiful.
Ans2. Oh so that explains why I always compliment you.
Ans3. Now that the truth is out, you know where all the previous compliments for you came from.

11. How’s your day going? 

Ans. Was perfect until now.

12. You did not come to my party last night. We need to talk. 

Ans. I didn’t have my cup of coffee today. Are you sure you want to talk?

13. I went to this party yesterday and everyone said that I could be a fashion model. 

Ans. Don’t worry darling. Some people just love to lie without thinking how much it can hurt others. I understand.

14. You don’t even seem to hear me sometimes when I speak.

Ans. Did you say something?

*Smile with an angel ring on your head*

15. I think….. 

(Interrupt them)

Ans. Haha. Nice one. For a minute, You really got me.


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18 thoughts on “How To Burn People… I Know You Really Want To

  1. uzma


  2. hahahahahah just perfect!! will help me when those busy bodies come to me. sticking their ugly nose in my personal space
    u rock aisha 🙂

    • As they say…Words can hurt where sword cannot….Good luck girl… I hope you burn em all down… 🙂

  3. D Slick

    haha.. aisha, u really rock and I’m going to use this whenever i need to, because it is so easy to memorize 😀

    • I still prefer using the lighter over words 😛 Lol.

      Good luck. Burn as many people as you want with your words 🙂

  4. Paola

    Number 9,10,11,12,13,and14 will help me a lot

  5. Thank you soooo much! I have this girl in my class who is ALWAYS insulting me. Its really annoying. Hope you get lots more veiws cause your awesome!

    • Paola

      I have one too but she talks rumors about someone….and sometimes insults me and my BFF

      • That’s exactly the same with but the person is my “BFF” who I have recently fallen out with (yet again) and she is always insulting me. Great friend I have!

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  7. nika

    Please please I’m begging I need more of these stuff
    inbox me

  8. these are really good. but the person i use them on would pick up on it straight away, yet shes the one that insults me all the time. she says she gets insecure and shes bipolar but it still hurts when shes nasty and because she can manipulate me with her words and shes an English literature and language student so shes very smart. She’l make out shes an innocent poor victim and she has been in some situations but she still has no right.

  9. Thanks for the advice really helped I will make sure they get burned but not with a lighter

  10. Aidan

    I will know how to call 911 when I hear one of these.

  11. Lucius

    Thanks for the “Burns”.

    So here’s a military guy that I want to burn. Do you have some(any) military burns? I would like some.

  12. Lighter

    It’s good!!!

  13. Simone

    There’s a lot of garbage on the floor …there there there and you

    Answer:I’m garbage your the one that has a garbage life.

  14. nikki

    You’re such a piece of shit!
    Ans: and you are the rest of it… *BURNT!!*

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