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WTF Aisha? Why Don’t You Write Like You Used To?

Crazy Writer Screaming

Writer’s block? Nah…. I definitely don’t have any writer’s block yet I am not writing.

So the reason may either be that I am just too lazy (if working my ass out on household errands doesn’t count) or I don’t have time (if being on YouTube for 3 hours and watching JustForLaughGags doesn’t count).

Yeah so you pretty much get the picture.


Before you start questioning my existence as a writer, Please be sure that I do have a genuine reason which I have found recently and which has shocked me and which seems like a really stuck in the ass sort of reason.

Here I am writing the reason down. Why? Because my billion subscribers are really desperate to know (I wish) but mainly because if you are a writing, something on your conscious gets cleared only if you write it down. So no matter how many times I admit the reason to myself, my conscious is like “oh yeah bitch, you degrade your profession as a content writer in front of everyone and apologize in private….dafuk.”  Continue reading

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I Need An Inspiration To Write, To Work & TO LIVE

Hey people…

It’s been 2 months and 2 days (yes, I counted) since I published a blog on scrapyard. Does that mean I stopped writing? How about I tell you I have about 40 drafts, some with only titles, some with only images and some with a few paragraphs. Does that explain anything?

It certainly doesn’t make any sense to me, at all.

Why would I have 40 incomplete and unfinished blogs? Why would I start something and not finish it? Why would I even begin writing a new blog when previous is lying half dead.

And you know what, I am uncertain if this current blog is going to find its way to the “Publish” button or will it end up with “save draft.”  Continue reading

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Picture Worth Your Words Contest # 3 : FORBIDDEN

Ready or not here I come 🙂

So I present to you another contest….

For those of you who have not participated in my previous contests, These contests are just to bring bloggers together. I have met so many new bloggers through these contest and they are now my favorite.  So jump in. Let’s discover other bloggers and let’s be discovered as well.

Personally, I love this contest because I get to read some awesome and wonderful stuff haha 🙂 🙂 🙂

For a rough idea, check out my previous 2 contests :
Picture Worth Your Words Contest (Closed)…
Picture Worth Your Words Contest # 2 : The Tide Of Time

Continue reading

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Those Embarassing Moments When…

when you write “I want your lic” instead of  Continue reading

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I Am An Evil Blood Sucking Monster

Girl Looking At Reflection In Mirror

I live under your skin
Under the skin of every human
A blood sucking monster may be?
May be I am a demon

I have my red eyes fix on you
And it goes where ever you go
I watch your actions profoundly
And note whatever you sow

Where ever you go, whatever you see
How so ever you are striving
I have an evil plan in mind
And know that I am writing

And when I have watched enough
It’s my turn to play a game
You have no idea what I can do
What I can proclaim Continue reading

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