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I Sure Do Love Getting Awards… Em A Awardoholic :)

YipppppyyyyyyyyyyInspiring Blogger Award

*Dances like a maniac* 
(Probably like the jungle tribe people would…. OR WORSE)

*Annoyed with the small hair strands from bangs that keep coming on her face*
*Too lazy to get up and pin them up*


So Art Epiphany gave me a chance to have the red indian dance once again by awarding me with “Very Inspiring Blogger Award.” Thank you so much for giving me a reason to dance. And more than that, thank you for a wonderful award that is going to get displayed in my collection of awards 🙂 🙂 🙂  Continue reading

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Some Of My Favorite Bloggers On WordPress :)

Writing Book With A Pen

I have been wanting to this from a lot of time but being consumed within my own mind, I wasn’t able to.

Today’s blog is dedicated to all those wonderful bloggers who come up as my favorite. It’s like whenever I find a new post coming from them, I just have got to read it or else my world will come to a crash. Haha

These bloggers are not just wonderful, they are realllllllly wonderful. Their words hit you right in your head, spread a smile on your face and make you think “man this blog is funtalicious. I have just got to read more of this.”

The following are my Favorite bloggers and why : Continue reading

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Sunshine Award… A Sunnilicious Award

Sunshine Blog AwardWhat’s with all these award? No seriously. No matter how many I get and how many times I get, they never EVER fail to make me as happy as a child having an ice lolly in his hand.

Here I am jumping once again, Thanks to Art Epiphany who has given me a sunny little Sunshine Blog Award.

Go check out the blog page for all the nitty witty fun in words that will give you ample of good reading stuff. Make sure you follow, subscribe and like. That way you wont miss any updates and all the good stuff waiting for your eyes to read and mind to understand 🙂  Continue reading

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I Am Officially A Spammer In The Eyes Of WordPress :( :( :(

Little Blue Sad Robot

I don’t speak rude, I take bath everyday, I pay my bills on time and I always always always make healthy posts then WHY OH WHY does wordpress hate me so much?

What did I do to it that it hates me so much.

I am heartbroken. I am sad. I am blue. I am hurt and now I want my MOMMMMYYYYYYYYYY.

WordPress has officially considered me as a Spammer. So whenever I make comments on blogs that I love, I know my comments have gone in spam because after the comment has been posted, it neither is on the blog page nor it is held for moderation. It is directly sent to spam.

And unless the blogger checks his spam folder and un-spams me, my comment is going to stay there for eternity. Continue reading

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After 8 Hours Of Searching – Why Specific Site Wont Open…

Angry Men With Smoke From The Ears

Its more than a week since I have been having issues with my wordpress blog pages. Not just mine. The other blog pages on wordpress too.

I thought it was my network issue and I complained to them. I must admit that they had been wonderful in this regard and tried to find out the root cause. At first I was satisfied that it was a Network issue and as soon they fixed it, I would be good to go.

Until today they called and told me there was no Network issue. The site had been running on their end flawlessly.

And since they seemed to have been on my site to check it, I would like to thank them for their support and co-operation.

Anyway, so that hadn’t solved my problem so I set myself on the hunt to find the solution. I googled the problem and TABS OVER TABS I opened and read millions of problems and solutions and tried them on (no exaggeration). I have been reading solutions since past 8 hours.

I am literally erupting smoke and my eyes have popped out due to excess reading. I have told my problem to so many ppl that if  someone asked me AT THIS MOMENT to explain my problem, I AM GOING TO THROUGH A SUCKER PUNCH AT THEM because I am totally out of my mind but more than that I AM TIRED of having told my problem to everyone and having tried solutions but no one seems to have solution and nothing seemed to work.

After hours and hours of reading and experimenting, I have kind of found the root cause.  Continue reading

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