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The Real Face Of The Muslims

The Real Face Of Muslims

The oppressed and illiterate women who bows down at every wish of the men and are forced to wear hijaab ( head scarf) or Nakaab ( Cloak that covers the face as well).  The conservative men who brutally curse and beat the hell out of the women at very little incident. The girls who are never let to study and are forced into marriage at a very young age to a much older man.

That’s the face of the muslims. Continue reading

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Media Is A Religious Discriminator And I Object It…

Muslim Extremist News Headlines

(Pun Intended)

This brings me to yet another blog on religion (something I don’t really like to do since I believe a person’s religion should never be a matter of discrimination).

I don’t really feel like saying much right now. I guess I am out of words or may be I am just thinking if it is going to make any difference at all or perhaps I am not sure why this really happens. It makes me sad really and I am truly heart broken today.

I was doing a blog on Glamzzle, “Lady Gaga Banned In Indonesia – Wrong Or Justified?” and previously I had done a similar blog on  “Lady Gaga And Others Banned In China“. 

As I was finding out information to frame the story, I realized how things had been quoted earlier for Ban by China And Ban By South Korea and how different they were quoted for Ban by Indonesia.

I am going to show you how one website quotes the story differently. Continue reading

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I Am An Evil Blood Sucking Monster

Girl Looking At Reflection In Mirror

I live under your skin
Under the skin of every human
A blood sucking monster may be?
May be I am a demon

I have my red eyes fix on you
And it goes where ever you go
I watch your actions profoundly
And note whatever you sow

Where ever you go, whatever you see
How so ever you are striving
I have an evil plan in mind
And know that I am writing

And when I have watched enough
It’s my turn to play a game
You have no idea what I can do
What I can proclaim Continue reading

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But Nevermind That, Lets Ban Hijaab

They say a Muslim women is oppressed of her rights
She is forced to wear hijaab,
She is forced to wear nakaab
And they only want to protect her rights
So they make a law
A very special one

Let’s Ban The Hijaab

Its ironical if you see
How they enforce a law
In order to protect her freedom of right
But what if she chose the hijaab herself
What if she likes wearing it?
What if it were her own freedom of right?

But nevermind that, lets ban the hijaab

Going on a beach on a sunny day
In a 2 piece bikini is normal and respectful
There is nothing disgusting about that
Today’s women has the rights
To wear what she likes and loves

But nevermind that, lets ban the hijaab

Lady Gaga wearing obnoxious dresses
Sometimes almost nothing at all
Having nudity at their highest level
Displaying it out in public
Well, its a free country, I say
Woman can wear what she feels confident in Continue reading

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Your So Called Religion Ain’t No Religion After All

Humanity Is My Religion

I have been a JFL (Just For Laughs) addict ever since I was a child. I remember I used to watch them with my family and the giggles that would fill the room. Recently I was watching few JFL videos from youtube and I must confess sometimes I feel chained. I move from one video to another and keep saying just one more until I have spent 3 hours.

Anyway, this is not what the blog is about as you can read the title.

It so happened that I was watching one of the JFL videos and they were as usual pranking people. One pregnant lady would ask their victim to look after her 3 kids while she went to the Public Toilet and after sometime she comes back with a baby in her arms. Now among those people one was a girl in Scarf. Yes she was a Muslim.

Apparently she wasn’t a terrorist, had no guns and neither was she harassing, abusing, torturing the kids while the pregnant lady went to the toilet. She was smiling, talking to the kids and looking after them.

When I moved to see the comments, there were no laughs. There was a battle going on over Religion. Some people swearing, cursing or talking about Islam and others swearing and cursing back at them for having said so.

There was another JFL video where there were 2 Nuns who asked for charity and when their prank victim gave them coins, they would buy themselves a drink. Again the comments were full of some people swearing at the religion while the others swearing back at them.

You know what? Continue reading

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