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Sarcastic Quotes & Phrases Coz Sarcasm Rocks :)

I see what you are doing here. You are self praising. That’s okay. I know yourself is the only one who can possibly praise you. Just for your sake, I hope you don’t lie to yourself.

There are 2 facts about you which I should let you know.
1. You are a self praiser.
2. You lie to yourself.

Why did the chicken cross the road? “The chicken saw you coming and said, Oh boy here comes an a**hole life sucking donkey…I better cross the road before he catches me.” I should have crossed the road too.

The ones with pretty face may not have a pretty heart and the ones with pretty heart may not have a pretty face. But there are exceptions. Like you have none and I have both. Continue reading

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My Dearest Haters And My Loving Enemies…

Just Be Yourself - Quotes On Enemies

My dearest Haters and my loving Enemies,

I remember so much about you and I remember so much that you have done to me. Although I may lose count of your numbers because there were literally so many of you that it seems countless but I remember every little thing that you did to me.

Oh, haters and enemies, you have given me so many memories. So many painful, heart-wrenching, agonizing , excruciating and unforgettable memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

You played nasty tricks on me, you betrayed me disguised as friends, you won my trust and then slaughtered it, you were friends but were more closer to people who ruined me, you did scandals in office and put the blame on me (very heroic dude), you spread rumors in school that I cannot even mention here (is it okay to say Slut on wordpress?), you called me names when I passed by, you looked down upon me, treated me like trash and most of all, you believed that I couldn’t do anything in my life.

Ouch…. That hurt me. Does that make you feel happy? Continue reading

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Why You Can’t Complain To God

Flower Between Rocks

You can’t complain to God for things he hasn’t given you because Continue reading

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Media Is A Religious Discriminator And I Object It…

Muslim Extremist News Headlines

(Pun Intended)

This brings me to yet another blog on religion (something I don’t really like to do since I believe a person’s religion should never be a matter of discrimination).

I don’t really feel like saying much right now. I guess I am out of words or may be I am just thinking if it is going to make any difference at all or perhaps I am not sure why this really happens. It makes me sad really and I am truly heart broken today.

I was doing a blog on Glamzzle, “Lady Gaga Banned In Indonesia – Wrong Or Justified?” and previously I had done a similar blog on  “Lady Gaga And Others Banned In China“. 

As I was finding out information to frame the story, I realized how things had been quoted earlier for Ban by China And Ban By South Korea and how different they were quoted for Ban by Indonesia.

I am going to show you how one website quotes the story differently. Continue reading

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I Am An Evil Blood Sucking Monster

Girl Looking At Reflection In Mirror

I live under your skin
Under the skin of every human
A blood sucking monster may be?
May be I am a demon

I have my red eyes fix on you
And it goes where ever you go
I watch your actions profoundly
And note whatever you sow

Where ever you go, whatever you see
How so ever you are striving
I have an evil plan in mind
And know that I am writing

And when I have watched enough
It’s my turn to play a game
You have no idea what I can do
What I can proclaim Continue reading

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