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Prayer & Thoughts – How Fast & Strong This Power Works



I pray your power of thoughts is realized and increasing with every moment of life.

I used the term pray because I would like to tell that prayers are actually positive thoughts. When your mother blesses you, what is she doing? Those blessings are positive thoughts. When you say “best of luck” to someone going for interview or exam, it is a positive thought. When you pray for the health of your friends and relatives, you are sending out a positive thought.

When you send a positive thought to the universe, The positive thought is a prayer and the universe is the God.

Today, I just want to tell you about a little yet a very strong incident that happened to me yesterday. It will give you an idea of how power of thoughts/ prayers work in mysterious ways and it also will show you the time it takes to make your thoughts turn into an action.

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How To Actually Get Everything That You Want – Part 2 (Power Of Thoughts)

Power Of Thoughts Hi everyone. This has been the long awaited part 2 of How To Actually Get Everything That You want. I am honestly very surprised at the sort of feedback I have got on my previous blogs. And I am also happy that some of the comments have been stories of success. I know many of you are still struggling with achieving the Alpha stage or getting their mind focused on positive. It takes time to clean up a messy library and organize it into a clear order. So please don’t give up. I know you can do it. Anyone who has the will and courage to take this step into a happy life, can do it. In today’s blog we will be talking about POWER OF THOUGHTS. I have been talking so much about having positive thoughts. Thoughts that will change your reality. Thoughts that will give you what you have been thinking.

So how do you achieve your desired goals?

The only way to alter your reality, turn thoughts into action and get whatever that you want is through a connection with the universe, the universe that runs everything. As a religious person, this universe is what we all consider as GOD. Let me explain. The universe or the force that makes your reality/future, has a frequency. In order to make a change, you have to reach that frequency. That frequency is what we call The Alpha Stage. Sounds simple isn’t it. You would think it’s difficult to do but it is as simple as it sounds.

And how do you connect with the universe?

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Negative Bubble – Reason Why Your Mind Power Is Slow Or Not Working

Positive Thoughts

I have been getting a lot of questions and queries that mind power is not working or it is taking a lot of time. Which is true. I mean you don’t want to wait 1 whole year just to see the results, isn’t it. We are all impatient little cheesy heads. We want results ASAP. Heck, we don’t even like waiting when an application is getting downloaded on PlayStore. We just wish it would be a click and go sort of a download.

Then why wait one whole year for something to start showing results. Right?

What if I told you, you don’t have to wait one year. You don’t even have to wait a month. Depending upon what you are doing using your mind power, your results should start showing within 24 hours, if you get the hang of mind power.

Of course, something will take time, like trying to get the love of your life. You can’t expect to find love within a few hours of your Mind Power. But how about getting a good job? That will be quicker. Really quicker.

So it all depends, but be sure that for things such as good health, good job, good body etc, results have to be quick. That’s the point of mind power.


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How I Changed My Hair Color Just Through My Mind Power

Power Of Thoughts Quote

So if you have checked out or just gave a glance without bothering to click on “Mind Power” section of my blog page ( yes it’s that tiny little section in my menu), you would know that I do talk a lot about mind powers and what it can do.I have a few blogs written on the subject already and feel a little guilty for not having the time to write the rest of the blogs I planned to.

Actually it kinda needs to have my full focus when I am writing on such subjects so that I can put down all information without missing out anything and lately I am not finding that focus. 

Today while talking to a friend of mine ( you would be shocked that I have a friend but I just called her a friend coz I know she will read this LOL), I told her how I changed my hair color through my mind power. 

That’s when I realized, I should have shared this success story of mine with all of you. To show you what your mind can do. What powers you hold and what your thoughts can do for you. 

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How To Actually Get Everything That You Want – Intro ( This Can Change Your Life)

Break Free To Achieve What You Want

Hello Everyone,

Today’s blog is a very important blog. If you read and understand it, this would really change your life for the good forever.

I am going to give away my knowledge of what I have understood through much reading. The knowledge that I have cherished is not much of course but it is not less than a treasure to me and I wish to pass this treasure to all of you so that you may all use it to get everything that you want in life.  

This is an introductory blog where I will first explain to you how things work. This is important because a strong base is very effective when you have to build a huge building over it. 

I shall try my best to explain things so that you may all be helped too. Please feel free to ask me anything you want and I will try to answer them.  Continue reading

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